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Having a smartphone in today’s contemporary and technology-driven era has become a kind of a luxury than a necessity. And with the growing urge of carrying your smartphone to all places at all times, the look and appeal of it matter a lot. Keeping that in mind, best phone covers prove not only to be a style statement but also a protection for the phone. Why would anyone want a mobile case that doesn’t depict their personality or style, not youngsters at least! So we at Bewakoof keeping this in mind, have introduced over 120+ printed back cover designs for almost 35+ brands at your disposal. The designs range from abstract and graphic prints to vintage and quotes and many more, you name it and we have covered you already.


Our exclusive phone cases online are made of highly reliable material- polycarbonate, which is an impact resistant and highly durable material to ensure that your phone doesn’t get rough due to a known or an unknown usage. All the mobile back covers on our platform have got the latest and modern designs and prints making Bewakoof.com the first choice for shoppers to shop for their stylish mobile covers online. Whether you’re someone who is an old school or someone who is an art fanatic, someone who’s a meme lover or someone who loves Marshmallow; we have something for everyone.


What makes Bewakoof the best site to buy mobile phone covers and how’s it different?


Our USP lies in the innovation of designs and graphics, with all the printing happening in-house for the entire collection of phone cases you see online. We brainstorm almost daily to come up with a versatile range of mobile case designs and prints to cater to the wide range of audiences. Lower costs of our phone covers and the absence of any middlemen makes it affordable for the entire range of printed back cover users.
Moreover, the HD print and matte finish make the mobile back cover’s designs last longer and look amazing. So grab one for your phone the next time you do “Mobile cover online shopping”.


Do mobile covers available online have to be costly to look amazing and new all the time?


No, not at all. Not with Bewakoof at least!
The entire range of covers for various brands like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Motorola, Realme and more is available at the lowest prices possible for the quality and design you can expect online. Our funky phone covers range from a mere Rs. 175 to just Rs. 250. And don’t assume low prices to be a compromise on the worth of the covers, instead just a way to make them accessible to anyone and everyone.


And as for the designs, you can expect an array of following varieties:


  1. Vintage- Gold can never be outdated and so do vintage antiques and souvenirs. If you’re old at heart but still wish to fit in the modern design world, then our classic vintage phone back covers are perfect for your taste. Floral wood, Denim, Floral prints and many more will surely add an edge to your vintage collection.
  2. Quirky quotes and graphic prints- Getting inspired from our fun range of tees and sweatshirts, we have also managed to print both old and latest quirky quotes and funky graphics on phone covers as well. From Dil Naram Dimag Garam to Baap Baap Hota Hai, from Go with the Flow to Gulabi Aankhein; we have it all.
  3. Abstract and artistic designs- Bring out the artistic you in front of the entire world with our Galaxy prints, Chinese lanterns, wolf moon, mooch and what not. Take yourself and others to an enchanting experience or unexplored adventure with us.


Do designer mobile covers serve the purpose of being both stylish and offering the best protection?


Yes, of course, why not!
Just imagine a situation when you board a fully crowded metro or enter a jam packed shopping store and your mobile drops or just get rubbed off against a harsh surface! If cover wouldn’t have been there, then there are high chances that your phone’s back might get scratches.


But what if we say that our phone cases won’t even let a scratch ruin your phone? But how? Because the covers manufactured at Bewakoof are made of polycarbonate which is a high impact resistant and durable material for making the best phone covers. It will help you protect your phone the next time it falls (un)mistakenly or rubs against something rugged and rough.


Also, our phone back covers don’t heat your phone even if you have been using it for a long time. Thus dual work, looking cool on the outside and protecting your phone both inside outside. Doesn’t it intrigue you to try one for yourself and confirm our claim? If yes, then go ahead. If no, then still try it for yourself once!


Which is the best material for the mobile back cover and which cover is the best?


The best material which you must go for when buying a case for your mobile should be the one which is made of polycarbonate. As it is impact resistant, nothing would happen to your phone in any scenario and it is also tough, lightweight and is even bulletproof.


Yes, polycarbonate is a bulletproof material. So now you know why it’s the most preferred choice for mobile cases besides being resistant to scratching, cracking and chipping.


Does spending on phone back cover work?


Yes, of course! Numerous situations can be seen when your phone will surely need a phone case to protect itself. And why invest in cheap quality and out-dated designs when Bewakoof.com is to your rescue. With an entire range of covers flooding our platform to strike a balance between functionality and ongoing trends, we’re not stopping any time soon.


And if you’re confused as to whether you’ll get mobile back cover of your phone’s brand and type, then let us tell you that we have had covers for almost all popular brands running successful amongst users across the globe. So don’t worry about that.