Nokia 6.1 Plus Mobile Covers

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In 2020, everyone’s most prized possession is their smartphone. We love our technology and invest in the best phones for our daily needs, like Nokia 6.1 Plus. We cannot survive without our phones, and therefore, it only makes sense that we want to protect our prized possessions. After all, our phones are with us all day and go everywhere we go. Accidents can happen anywhere, and if we drop our phone by mistake, it will surely get scratched or sustain some damage. Well, not if you’re smart enough to keep it protected.

Why do we need a mobile cover?

Nowadays, many phones come with a glass back, which means that the back will most probably shatter if it falls and has no protection. This is why it is essential to protect your fancy new phones with good Mobile Covers. There are high chances of our phones getting scratched and cracked if we accidentally drop them, or chip them against a surface. The front of the phone is protected with tempered glass. But what about the back that comes in contact with every surface we keep our phones on? 

Even when it's in your pocket, the back of the phone risks getting scratched by coins and keys. For each one of us with an expensive phone Mobile covers are absolutely essential. After all, most of us do not buy new phones every year, and no one wants to use a battered and scratched phone. Having a phone cover does not necessarily mean it will be boring and monotonous. If you try to buy a mobile cover online, you will see that there are many different varieties and designs available.

Another reason for choosing Mobile Covers online is that there are multiple options to choose from. We all love to express ourselves and our taste in whatever we use and do. 

Mobile covers are something that people will notice whenever you have your phone in your hand. A cool or quirky mobile cover can help you express your personality and make an impression on the people around. has some of the best mobile covers online and you can find countless choices in Nokia back covers too. The Nokia 6.1 Plus back cover is the perfect canvas for a good design because there is ample space. 

You can choose an outstanding back cover from Bewakoof that’ll give your phone all the protection it needs. Let us look at some of the genres of Nokia 6.1 Plus Case you can find on Bewakoof:

1. Artistic and aesthetic: If you are someone who loves artistic and aesthetic designs on your mobile accessories, then you will find multiple designs that match your criteria for a Nokia 6.1 Plus back cover. Bewakoof has several cases with very beautiful and aesthetic designs like scenery and sunsets.

2. Simple and minimal: If you are someone that wants a nice back cover for your phone but wish to keep it simple and formal, then Bewakoof has something for you too. You may want a minimal cover to put on your phone when you go to work or go for a meeting. These are perfect for people who don’t like over the top designs, and like to keep their mobile accessories simple.

3. Cool patterns: Many people love cool patterns on their back covers. The design can have something simple, like cute coffee or tea mugs with lines on it or pizza. These look quite quirky and you can surely find an awesome pattern that represents something you like for a Nokia 6.1 Plus cover. Chai Nokia 6.1 Plus Mobile Cover is one of them.

4. Cute designs: A lot of people love cute stuff like unicorns and pandas. If you love cute things and are looking for a cute mobile cover online, then Bewakoof is just the place for you. They have many great designs with cute and cuddly pandas and sassy unicorns. These designs are also great for teenagers and young adults.

5. Floral designs: If you love floral designs, then Bewakoof is just the place for you. They have some gorgeous floral designs for your Nokia 6.1 Plus Cover. Florals are extremely classy and understated. Bewakoof has several Nokia back covers with dark and light florals like Colorful Floral Pattern Nokia 6.1 Plus Mobile Cover. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a dark or light background for your floral case.

6. Pop culture references: Everyone has that one friend that absolutely loves pop culture references. Be it movies or TV shows or famous books or actors, we love knowing our stuff and even showing it off a little bit! Bewakoof has many great Nokia back covers with extremely relatable pop culture references.

7. Memes: Memes are the currency and we all love our memes. If you consider yourself to be a meme connoisseur, you’re gonna love a Nokia 6.1 Plus back cover with the latest meme references!

8. Quotes and messages: You might want a back cover with a simple message you believe in, or a quote that you feel has influenced your life. For example Stay Happy Smile Nokia 6.1 Plus Mobile Cover or Bad Choices Nokia 6.1 Plus Mobile Cover and more. You might already show these messages and quotes on your t-shirts and bags, but mobile accessories are a great way to do that as well, and we’ve got a collection of Nokia 6.1 Plus covers just for you!.

Why choose a mobile cover online from Bewakoof?

1. The covers are extremely budget-friendly. You can even buy three or four designs if you cannot choose one back cover. With the options Bewakoof has, you will be spoilt for choice.

2. The covers are made of polycarbonate and are hard. They won’t break easily and will protect your phone may be it of any brand from scratches and chips at the back. Bewakoof has a wide range of Mobile covers from Apple Covers to Vivo and many more brands.

3. The print is of amazing quality and will last a long time. It will not fade away after a few months.

4. The cases are slim and are not at all bulky. There is easy access to all buttons and ports.

5. The covers have a matte finish, which has a good grip when held in hand.  

6. The choice of designs will let you find something that expresses your choices and preferences in the best way possible.

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