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The Best Notebooks & Planners in India at Bewakoof

Are you tired of using those boring black and brown diaries that you get as a gift for every new year? Not to forget, most of them can only be used as a calendar or to jot down details.

As dull as it sounds, it only adds up to the blues in your life. This is why Bewakoof brings to you a wide range of notebooks to add sparkle to your life. Our diaries are fun, quirky, trendy, vibrant, and anything and everything synonymous to these words. Don’t hold back, buy notebooks online right here at Bewakoof!

Add Color to Your Life and Desk

Work desks and study tables can be quite messy. They mostly look like a poster straight out of those 90’s TV serials, all black and white and maybe even blue, owing to all those papers, notes, photocopies, a large pile of books, magazines, and even bookmarks. Does this make you dread work or studies? Of course, it does. It’s a no-brainer.

See, this is why you need Bewakoof’s notebooks on your desk and in your bag. But first, in your Bewakoof wishlist and cart. Apart from those colorful highlighters, sticky notes, and colorful pens, you ought to have these diaries on your desk to add some fun and quirk to your monotonous work and thesis. Notebooks like Hard Rock Notebook and Keynote Notebook will surely stand and are bound to steal the spotlight. You will not be able to resist yourself from stealing glances at it. Yes, it may distract you at times. Don’t blame us!

Get Motivated From Tacky Quotations

Who needs old, traditional philosophical sayings to feel motivated when you can get a high dose of motivation from some cool, funny, tacky, and real-life sayings that are on your personal diary? Definitely not you. Wait, what if you can actually relate to these wacky one-liners for once? Sounds intriguing, right? It’s a cherry on the cake. Check out Travel Around The World Notebook, awesome, right?

The front covers of our notebooks have corny quotations on them that will make you go wow! 

Do you have a confident personality? You will connect with ‘Make Music Not War Notebook’. Are you a procrastinator? You need Going to Get Shit Done Later! Notebook. Isn’t this one the most relatable? We know, right! Okay, next one, we promise this is funny and also a pun ‘I am so broke…. I can’t even pay attention.’ Did you laugh or roll your eyes? Or wait, even a cheeky smile would suffice. 

This is not all; we also have backbencher notebooks for those who are enjoying their college or school life to the fullest. We have a variety of diaries where you can note down all your evil plans and top-secret ideas and a lot more.

Spirals to Take Note of All Your Spiralling Thoughts

As a teenager, life can be tough sometimes. You know keeping your thoughts to yourself is not healthy, especially, if you have a tornado of thoughts swirling in your mind. You must let it out. What better way to release all your pent up energy than pouring it into words in your notebook? Let it all out on our notebooks.

Notebooks and diaries from Bewakoof have a spiral binding to help you write easily. There will be no fear of getting the paper torn or lost and losing your thoughts. Let it flow naturally. Buying notebooks stationery online at Bewakoof is the perfect choice!

Ruled Sheets to Follow the Rules

Are you a goody-two-shoes who always abides by the rules, are disciplined, and keep yourself in check? You never go out of line, do you? If the answers to these questions is yes, you are in the right place. Buy cheap notebooks online that have ruled pages, so that your OCD of writing in a straight line remains intact.

Also, we understand that there will be times when you will want to break the rules, step out of those goody-two-shoes and let yourself free. This is why, along with the rules pages, we have also provided 30 plain pages at the end. So, you do not have to worry about being in line.

Unleash Your Inner Shakespeare and Picasso

In the world of phones and laptops, we hardly get time for ourselves. Amidst all this, we usually lose our passion and neglect the little things that bring joy in our life. Does writing or sketching make you happy? When was the last time that you actually sat down to write peacefully or even doodle or sketch? A long time ago, right? 

What you really need is to not let your passion and talent go to waste. Pick up a diary from our online notebook station. The vibrant colors, beautiful sayings, and smooth pages will instantly make you feel at peace. It will make you feel at home. Then, without any further thoughts, start writing or doodling. Let go of your inhibitions and bring out your inner Shakespeare and Picasso.

Pen Down All Your School and College Secrets

We know that school and college life entail uncountable secrets. Right from your secret crush to your first heartbreak, to the friend that you no longer talk to, spicy gossips, shushed whispers, party secrets, bunking lectures to sit in the cafeteria and the list is endless. 

Ten-twenty years down the line, these memories will make you laugh and cry at the same time. But, will you remember all those intrinsic details that make these secrets beautiful? The best way to cherish these memories forever is to write them down in your notebook so that you can relive those happy and sad times whenever you want. Also, you can tell the stories to your grandchildren in the future.

So, what are you waiting for? Go check out our funny, colorful, quirky, and trendy notebooks!

Just FYI, we have a no return policy on these notebooks. Why? Because we bet that you will absolutely love these beautiful notebooks, so much so that you would never want to return it. In fact, you will end up buying more from Bewakoof. Nowhere else will you find such amazing as well as affordable notebooks online which are made of such great quality. Don't forget to explore our other categories like Laptop Bags, Mobile Accessories, Socks and much more.