OnePlus 5 Mobile Covers

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Mobile phones are more than connecting devices these days; they carry our identity, and we depend on them for many life-matters. So there’s nothing wrong in treating it like an essential, especially if you own a device like the One Plus 5.

This high tech gadget will keep you on top of your digital game, so it’s your responsibility to keep it sound and safe. A stunning OnePlus 5 Cover is the least you can do to protect it and stand out in the crowd. At, we offer just what you need.

Is Back Cover important?

Don’t you take your phone wherever you go? Don’t you need your phone for almost everything, from calling to staying in touch with your loved ones? If you answered yes to these, there is every reason you should invest in a back cover. Here’s why;

Your back cover protects your smartphone from any possible damage. Be it unexpected falls that happen to everyone, or unseen bumps on the way to work; the back Cover will protect your phone from damage.

We see it happen to almost everyone. Sometimes you drop your phone in haste. Regardless of how it happens, you are overcome with a pang of guilt after picking it up and checking it for possible damage.

We’ve all been there. But, is there a way to prevent these from happening? The answer is yes! With the best back cover, you can keep your smartphone as good as new. You can also avoid uninvited scratches on your screen.

Bewakoof back covers and style

Your mobile phone speaks a lot about your personality. What you carry around gives the right perspective about you. Do you want to look like a perfectionist gentleman or make a bold statement to those around you? Whatever your motive, your phone’s back cover can help you achieve just that!

Your back covers become an extension of your device, available in a wide range of designs and graphics. It paints a picture of your personality. Remember, this is what you display to the world, and this is how the world will perceive you. Be careful about what you show.

Speaking of images, you’ll find a wide range of imagery in’s cheeky collection. It is for those who love the fantasy world and those who want to stand out.

What does bring to the table? offers OnePlus 5 back covers made of sturdy, collision-resistant plastic. We understand that our phones mysteriously slip from our hands, bags, and pockets all the time. So we’ve made these OnePlus 5 Cases to protect the life of your precious phone.

You don’t want a thick phone case that makes handling inconvenient. Instead, a slim cover will allow you to feel your phone better and handle it smoothly. This is why we offer slim OnePlus 5 Covers that also comes with your favourite designs. The thin finish ensures that your back cover does not add any extra weight to your phone. This makes handling easier.

Besides, offers flawless graphics and high definition print that highlights your phone wherever you go.

What are the features of OnePlus 5 Cases?

Do you want an adamant and funny quote to pull all eyes to your phone when you talk? You’ve landed in the right place. From cheeky jokes to catchy Desi lines, to adamant-sounding quotes to spice it up, you’ll find it right here in OnePlus 5 back cover collection.

Are you a die-hard Bollywood fan? We’ve got you covered. We have attractive back covers like Gennext, King Khan-themed ones, and Befikre picks to choose from.

If you prefer simplicity over fancy designs, there are several plain and smooth designs in our collection. Don't worry; we haven’t forgotten the fantasy buffs among you. We have a treat waiting for you! From Star Wars to Avengers to Batman to Superman, the collection is long. Give your One Plus 5 a stunning makeover with these little beauties.

Why Go for

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With the above reasons hanging above your head, why hesitate when you can buy from the best? Browse our versatile OnePlus 5 Cover collection and get ready to stand out in the crowd. With convenient online shopping options, multiple payment gateways, friendly refund policy, and phone covers that announce their presence, you can decide for yourself. Do you want to settle for the monotonous-low quality stuff? Or would you like to crank it up a notch? If you’re on the second ship, is your best captain.