Women's Orange T-Shirts


Home, office, chilling with friends, whatever may be the place, a T-shirt is one piece of clothing that works for them all. While there are basic colors that we all love, orange T-shirts are now gaining the affection and interest of a lot of women. From keeping it casual to feeling a little dressy, ladies orange tees will fit every bill. If you are in a mood for orange, at Bewakoof, you can explore a range of styles and prints and select the one that works best for you. 

Still, contemplating why an orange T-shirt? Or if it is even worth it? Read on and get inspired for a look you won’t regret wearing. 

Why an Orange T-Shirt? 

Well, let us start by telling you one thing ‘orange is the new black’, and we’re not talking about the TV show. Yes, the bold and vibrant orange is the new black because just like black, an orange T-shirt for women can be worn in multiple ways and coordinated with many colors. You don’t have to think much when dealing with orange, pair it with black, yellow, red, or even hot pink, and it will look just right. You will fall in love with this color over and over again. 

Orange and Psychology

The color orange is linked with many emotions and feelings. If you relate to the following, then orange is one color you will not ignore. Let’s look at what the color orange signifies.

  • Orange reflects the emotion of enthusiasm, excitement, and warmth.

  • It calls for attention. So, if you are the one who likes to be the center of attraction, this is your cue.

  • It gives out energetic vibes, if you are a sports fan, now you know why many sports teams are drawn to this one. 

  • The essence of beauty. Orange is the color associated with sunrise and sunsets; it brings calm and is associated with beauty, peace, and even romance. 

  • The color of autumn, and if you say you don’t like autumn, we refuse to believe you. 

Apart from this, the color orange is also bold and funky. Hence, it fits into the lifestyle and color palette of almost every type of person. 

One Color for Different Personalities 

Girls, we know you all are different from each other with different choices and different personalities. But, let us tell you this, a color as versatile as orange will compliment all your moods and personalities Let’s look at how you can style your orange T-shirt depending you your mood/ personality: 

The bold and beautiful: If you are one of those girls who like to look bold and do not hesitate in taking fashion risks, try on a plain orange T-shirt or a crop top paired with black shorts and chunky sneakers with some statement jewelry. 

The ‘feeling’ cute look: If you are in one of those moods where you are feeling cute or just want to have a nice girls’ day out, here is what you can do. Pick an orange T-shirt of your choice and team it up with a strappy white sundress. You can either wear it below or on top with a knot. Pair it with some cute ballerina shoes and cute socks if you’re in an ‘extra’ mood. 

For the quirky ones: Always trying to look apart from the crowd? Well, orange will fit you well. Pick a neon orange T-shirt and team it up with ochre yellow culottes or Women Track Pants. Add a pair of sheer socks and block heels. Add your favorite makeup and color block with a statement handbag! And get ready to knock people off their feet! 

Not Just an Orange T-Shirt 

At Bewakoof, we understand that one orange T-shirt might not be the one that is liked by all women. Hence, we bring you a collection of orange T-shirts that have variations of the color orange, from a lighter one of neon orange T-shirts for women to slogan tees and fun women printed T-shirts, whatever you like we have it all. 

At Bewakoof, you can find the sizes varying from XS to 3XL for all our designs. It’s not always about the size, it’s also about the fit. We understand that you might like an oversized tee to snug in or a slim fit to accentuate your curves. You can filter our orange T-shirts based on the fit that you like, regular, slim, or oversized. You might be wondering about the styles, well worry not we got that covered too. From Full sleeve T-shirts for Women to a cap, we have different styles along with different neck styles, so pick what you are comfortable in and slay the style game with ease. 

A T-shirt is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that can be teamed with any and every kind of clothes, be it formal blazers or basic joggers. While you can find it in many colors, orange T-shirts are gaining quite a momentum even on the runways. 

Bewakoof.com brings to you one of the most carefully curated collections of different styles, print, and patterns of orange T-shirts for women for you to choose from. We also give you an extensive list of filters to help you find the right one for you and make your shopping experience seamless. Not only styles, but we also make sure you get the best quality clothes and reasonable prices to help your wardrobe looks amazing without burning a hole in your pocket. If you are not satisfied with your order, we also make sure to provide you with the best return and refund policies. We make sure when you shop at Bewakoof your every decision is right. 

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