Where the world is constantly battling for survival in this pandemic, we at Bewakoof are here with an essential solution for you all – the PPE Kit.

Keeping your place safe these days is a complicated task. You are always apprehensive, filled with a million thoughts just about getting in contact with germs. A PPE kit can help you to get rid of this overwhelming situation.

The protective kit has become an essential requirement for the healthcare department, frontline personnel as well as the individuals providing critical services. Everyone today knows the importance of safety gear. Which is why people who are traveling have this essential gear over them to stay protected from the COVID-19 adversity.

Purchasing the PPE kit can be complicated, but Bewakoof is here to help you out in selecting the right protection kit. The protection kit has known to be a shield in this hour of survival. It prevents transmission of coronavirus in the medical centers and other places like work, burials, home health check-ups, and other community care places related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

This is the time to protect yourself, and with the unlock process underway, we need these essentials the most. We at Bewakoof have made it easy for you to purchase with just one click, knowing how much these kits are important for survival today.


Due to the coronavirus, the demand of supplying PPE kits to the medical centers and frontline facilities have been high. This is why, not only medical staff but other departments have retained their focus to maintain a subsequent stock of gloves, face shields, body gowns, surgical facemasks, sanitizers, and many more to ensure that everyone is safe at this time.

One important thing about the PPE Kit is that before wearing it, you should properly sanitize your hands to ensure maximum protection from the virus. PPE kits ensure the elementary health protection of an individual. To minute the chances of direct exposure or contact with the infectious person or suspected one, wearing this kit is of utmost importance.

Using the PPE kit for awareness and utmost protection at the workplace has significantly reduced the cases in several departments compared to the areas where people were only wearing a mask. This is a protection kit, it will keep you protected, but will not eliminate the virus, so taking other precautions along with the kit is prominent.


PPE thwarts any contact against an infected person or body fluid. This is a gear that creates a hurdle between the possibly communicable virus and the person. With the news channels and social media spreading panic all around, you must be aware of the different variants, but let us put light through the essentials you will get in Bewakoof’s PPE kit:

PPE Suit

The most important component of the protection kit is the bodysuit. These cover-all bodysuits are designed with chemical-proof, non-woven and non-permeable fabric that aids in prompt protection from any germs. Bewakoof has a variegated range of PPE kits, all with the diverse sizes in the bodysuits. These suits are designed with back elastic to give a firm grip and retain flexibility.

Foot Protection

You can purchase the foot protective gear too (within the PPE kit) from us. These protective foot gears help you in fighting with the virus. You can tuck these boots over your shoes, above the bodysuit, to ensure maximum protection. For some health care units, shoes are forbidden, as they bring dust and germs as well, so if you are in that unit, the foot protection gear can be useful to stay protected from any germs.

Hand Protection

Your hands are the most exposed organs in your body, so keeping them protected always is crucial. The pandemic necessitates hand protection. Gloves are the most important unit of the PPE kit. Though you need to know that these are disposable gloves; this is because if contracted, you can dispose of them right after the use; keeping them will be an invitation to the infection.

Face Shield

Masks are surely, the necessity and trend too, but they can’t cover your full face. Thus, it is important to look for a face shield that ensures complete protection while communicating with someone. It minimizes exposure while diminishing the risk of infection. Our PPE kit comes with the face shield, which you can reuse after sanitizing every hour. 

Biohazard Bag

These bags offer an economical solution, so when it comes to disposing of the PPE kit, you place it in this bag and throw it in the bin. This is important because only then there won’t be any contact with the germs. As you wear the kit for an extended period, you never know whether you have been in contact with the infectious fluids. Thus, to maintain essential safety precautions, biohazard bags are a necessity. Our PPE kit comes with these bags, so you do not have to worry about disposing them.

Eye Protection

To protect your eyes from any fluid or foreign bodies when you interact with people, the eye protection gear has been designed. You know how dreadful this virus is. Thus, it is important to wear safety goggles. These are scratch-resistant, chemical-resistant, and are durable, depending on the type of kit you purchase.

Why Bewakoof?

In this hour of need, we want to ensure that you have all the protection gear and instruments. This is why we have collaborated with top pharmaceutical companies to provide you with all the essentials to fight the coronavirus.

This pandemic period is extremely critical, and with an extensive population, it has become tough to find the necessary instruments. So, whether you are looking for hand sanitizers, multipurpose sanitizers, hand gloves, face gears, masks, wipes, eye protection gears, or essential combo PPE kits, we have it all.

On the whole, we want that no one has to suffer due to lack of supply, which is why we always keep our stores filled and updated with the preventive care equipment and supplies. 

Considering the adversity and effects of the virus, we at Bewakoof ensure to provide quality PPE kits.

If you are looking for standard quality PPE kits, then Bewakoof is here to help.