Men's Puffer Jackets


Puffer jackets are some of the most popular winter wear. Not only do they keep your body warm, but they also amp up your stylish quotient. They come in different styles and colors to fit everyone’s style, without breaking the bank.

Puffer jackets come in many different designs. Right from the classic puffer coat with a button front to the more modern style with the Velcro fastener, there are always options to suit all.

There is nothing better than puffer jackets for those looking for a dapper jacket for the upcoming winters. And, it does not matter if it is made of fleece or cotton - either way, you will feel blessed to own one during winters. Keep on reading to know all about puffer jackets for men, and turn into a pro while shopping for one for yourself!

Styles to Consider

Puffer jackets are stylish and durable, yet light-weight and flexible, and are known for their cool-weather protection, especially during winters. These Jackets for Men come in many styles, colors, and fabrics, including the high-collared leather ones with long or short sleeves, and the ones with long or short lapels, pleated sleeves with cuffs or zippers at the hem. To go well with a pair of jeans, you can choose jackets with short sleeves and a button-down shirt and a tie. 

The puffer-jackets-for-men come in various materials, ranging from leather, cotton, polyester, fleece, and even canvas, and available in all price ranges. You will find the same easily on our trendy online stores at Bewakoof. And don’t forget to avail the deals and discounts over the different styled puffer jackets. Get the know-how to buy better.

Lightweight: For light-weight puffer jackets for men, there are different options available from several brands. Each offers a different style of protection to the wearer. Many of these jackets come with a fleece lining to remain warm on cold nights. Of course, some jackets are made with thicker material and protect the wearer against both wind and rain.

You will come across many different styles while shopping for light-weight puffer jackets. Some of these jackets come with a single or double pocket and sometimes three pockets! And the light-weight and over-sized ones can easily be worn for both work and sports activities.

Winter-proof: In the past few decades, one of the most sought after Coates has been the winter-proof puffer jackets-for-men. Earlier, the elite and wealthy individuals preferred wearing the same. But in the recent fashion trend, the same stands familiar amongst most fashion-conscious casual to corporate men! It is the most versatile piece of outerwear you can find. The solid colors or the patterned ones, with added features, like a button-up or zipper-front, make them a desired choice. While purchasing a new one, look for the waterproof ones and their durability, so they should last for years.

Statement-Style: Statement-style jackets for men come in a wide range of colors and materials and stand perfect for most occasions. Whether you are going to the office, a wedding, or a formal dinner party, you can look and feel great with these style-statement stylish jackets.

These jackets vary majorly from the regular ones in terms of color shades and fabric. If you are looking to get a more casual look, choose a textured one, aided with trendy yet straightforward patterns, and wear over Half sleeve T-shirts for Men.

Though a bit on the higher side, the same will make you stand out. Visit Bewakoof to avail all the excellent deals.

Types to Consider: You can always experiment with the various puffer jacket types. For instance, you can use it as a warm jacket or dressing-up in some sports clothing such as a basketball uniform. You can even pair it with a stylish hat, Vests, and scarf that rock the fashion chart! So, stop wondering and read below the types of puffer-jackets-for-men for an easy way to dress it up when feeling lost!

Mountain-Man Puffer Jackets: One of the most trendy men’s fashion accessories that you can use for casual and formal wear. They come in several different styles and colors, making them easily accessible during every season. These stylish and functional jackets come with an exceptionally rugged look, which has been a hot trend in the past few years. 

They keep you perfectly warm and comfortable during extreme cold, owing to their high-quality and durable fabric. Thus, these jackets can stand up to the rigours of rough use. If you’re looking for a coat that has a rugged yet warm look, then this is the one you should be looking at.

They will certainly be an excellent addition to your wardrobe.

Office-ready Style: Nothing can be more exceptional when it comes to office wear than the fashionable and durable office-ready style puffer jackets. These jackets protect your neck, back, arms, and shoulders against the weather elements, and the perfect types you would wear when working on a computer or during an office meeting.

Office-ready styles come in different formal and informal varieties, right from leather, nylon, canvas, and other synthetic types. Moreover, these double-breasted and textured jackets have an affordable price-tag, suitable for both men and women.

On-The-Street Style: These puffer jackets are best-worn during cold and rainy weather, owing to their waterproof and breathable fabric. The same allows your body to breathe while still maintaining warmth. This coat type also allows you to stay warm in temperatures of zero degrees or below. The fabric on these jackets is very light-weight and very easy to care of, making it ideal for anyone who likes to wear something comfortable and stylish over Men Hoodies.

On-The-Street jackets come in basic two-button design with a moderate length, catering to one’s style statement. Some of these styled jackets also feature draw-cord closures, for an easy-wear. While others cater well for the rainy season, having a variety of features, all-inclusive the pocket zippers, Velcro fasteners, along with an adjustable waistband.

Rules to Wear Puffer Jackets: The Puffer jacket became famous as a ‘hunting coat’ and a ‘fisherman’s coat’ in the initial days. Later, owing to its style and service, the same created waves in the men’s fashion world. Read a+ few pointers, and wear the puffer jacket rightly! 

Thumb-rule 1 – Stick to your body stature

Puffers, known for their cute and attractive look, complement all men as they fit well to their bodies. They come in various colors and designs, like short sleeves with short waistlines, long sleeves with extended waists, zippered collar, hooded collar, etc.

These jackets for men, give the illusion of long and slender body shape. You can also use these jackets to wear with your Men's Denim jeans and Hoodies for a trendy look. If you have long arms, then you can wear them with your sweaters as well.

Thumb-rule 2 – Mix-n-match

The trick is not to look like a one-size-fits-all, but to try and find ways to break this pattern. Make sure you choose one that is a little more adventurous. Wear one to a formal event, with khakis or some other kind of Men's clothing.

Thumb-rule 3 – Layer it well

Layer a Puffer jacket when you are out for some adventure! These jackets keep your body warm in the harsh weather without sacrificing style and comfort. You can layer one like a pro underneath a trench-coat of different fabrics, such as fleece or canvas cloth. Just take a little time to browse through the numerous Puffer jackets that are available today, and you are sure to find the one that will fit your personal needs best.

Embrace Winters!

A handful of jackets are as warm and useful as the Puffer Jackets. Thanks to the men’s fashion world to have found a sweet spot between style, smartness, and sensibility this year. Head into our online store and sift through our large collection of jackets for each season and body type. Our vast collection will complement your budget while fulfilling your style quota.