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Realme 6i  Covers Online India at Best Price

In the year 2020, phones are among our most prized possessions. With most of us stuck at home due to the lockdown for a major part of the year, our phones have kept us company. We have resorted to using our phones for work, entertainment, to stay in touch with our loved ones, and to keep up with the world.

Technological advancements have made phones premium performance beasts. Affordable phones come with great processors and cameras nowadays and pack a punch at any given price point. Most of us want to use our phones for at least 2 years. We invest a great deal in a good phone that will guarantee superior performance.

So, if you have gotten yourself a brand-new Realme 6i, why not get a Realme 6i back cover to go with it? Or if you have owned the phone for a while and want to switch up the look a little, buy a new and cool Realme 6i back case from It will definitely give a new personality to your phone. Mobile accessories always make our phones way more stylish, and a Realme 6i phone cover is the best way to make your device look cool.

Why should you use a back cover?

Without a mobile cover, your brand-new smartphone is likely to get scratched and even cracked. Nowadays, most phones have a glass or glossy back that can get scratched quite easily. Any marring of the surface ruins the aesthetic of your new phone and makes it look old. A flip cover offers good protection but makes your phone look boring and can be quite annoying to use.

This is why most people use a back cover. It is a lot less intrusive on the aesthetics of the phone. It also provides good all-round protection, as the back of the phone is always in touch with a surface, such as tables and desks. When we keep our phones in our pockets, the back can get scratched by keys and coins. While the screen is protected by tempered glass, the back needs to be protected by a mobile cover. It is among the most essential mobile accessories.

If you have used your phone for a while and want to switch up the look a bit, then a Realme 6i phone case is a good stylish option. Our phones are always with us, and having a cool back cover representing your personality is a good way to get compliments and strike up conversations. will leave you spoiled for choice as there is a variety of Realme 6i mobile covers on offer. 

Why choose is a homegrown brand that has gradually become a household name. We are known for our cool and quirky designs. Our products integrate a premium look, feel, and quality, though they are priced extremely reasonably and affordably. If you belong to our membership program, Bewakoof TriBe, then you get a further discount on products. We also have other mobile accessories like earphones. If you are unhappy with the design or quality of any of the mobile covers, there is a 15-day return and refund policy.

Features of the Realme 6i mobile covers 

  • The covers are made of durable hard plastic.

  • The covers are impact-resistant and protect the phone from scratches and drops. The cover itself does not break on impact or on being dropped.

  • The front bezel is raised to provide extra protection to the screen.

  • The covers have a matte finish that feels good to the touch.

  • The printing on the covers is of extremely high quality. This ensures that even after daily use, the prints won’t fade or chip away.

  • The covers are extremely lightweight and have a slim profile. They do not make the phone feel bulky or difficult to hold.

  • The cut-outs are placed strategically and pose no hindrance to accessing the buttons. The cut-outs are absolutely precise and tailored, keeping in mind the device it is made for.

  • The quality feels premium as there are no sharp edges or seams. The finish is smooth and rounded.

  • The price is extremely affordable. Most Realme 6i cases are priced between INR 199 and INR 225. Bewakoof Coupons can also be used for additional discounts.

What kinds of designs will you find on

  • Simple: If you want a simple and uncomplicated design for your Realme cover, then you will find many cases to suit your preference. You can go for a camp, check, or a wooden texture pattern. These cases are also perfect for the office.

  • Quotes: If you are someone who loves inspirational sayings and motivational quotes, then you will find several options on

  • Scenery: For nature lovers, the most appealing designs are those with trees and mountains. There are several Realme 6i covers with serene and calm art representing scenery.

  • Patterns: Most people opt for phone cases with specific patterns on them. On, you will find cute animal patterns, Halloween special patterns, sequins, and Among Us patterns, to name just a few.

  • Floral: People who love floral designs wouldn’t mind putting them everywhere, including their mobile covers. There are some truly gorgeous Realme 6i mobile cases with floral designs on a light or dark background. These floral cases add sass and class to your phone.

  • Cute: Those who love to add a dash of cute to everything they do will be spoilt for choice on There are cute cats, penguins, elephants, unicorns, pandas, and dogs. These are perfect for gifting to kids who are getting their first phone.

  • Desi: If you are someone who loves reflecting your love for desi culture in all things, then has some great options for you. There are quotes and designs in vernacular languages like Hindi and Bengali. From popular Indian sayings to the ‘Apna Time Ayega’ collection, you will find something quirky here for sure.

  • Pop-culture references: We all love showing off our love for our favorite movies and TV shows. What better way to show this love than to have it on your back cover? Among many other options, offers a collection in collaboration with Marvel. The designs include Avengers, Iron Man, and Spiderman. There are also pop-culture references of favorite cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Tweety.

  • Music lovers: If you love music, then you will surely want to go for the Bob Marley tribute case or a Marshmello design.

  • Sports: If you are a sports lover, you will find covers honoring your favorite players like Dhoni and Messi, not to mention teams. Following a collaboration with Kolkata Knight Riders, some special designs have been released.

  • Adventure lovers: If you love nothing more than long bike rides on an open road, then you will find something to represent you perfectly.

While there are multiple sites making mobile covers, is simply the best choice for many reasons. Our affordable price, premium quality, swift delivery, and hassle-free 15-day return make the online shopping experience easy and comfortable. Check out our collection now!

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