Realme 9 Pro Plus Back Covers & Cases

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If you have recently brought a Realme 9 Pro Plus, the next thing on your wishlist must be Realme 9 Pro Plus Covers. It goes without saying, right? Mobile covers are quite a necessity today, considering how careless we can be with our mobile phones. Apart from the guaranteed protection and keeping your mobile phone as good as new, our range of Realme Covers provides a unique look and quirk to your otherwise basic mobile phone. 

That being said, here is a quick roundup of the benefits of having a Realme 9 Pro Plus Cover:

1. Enhanced Look and Feel: Mobiel covers enhance the look of your mobile phone. Your friends might have the same phone as yours but they cannot have the same case as you with our wide selection of mobile covers to suit all your moods. You can also add a phone gripper for better grip and add to the functionality. 

2. Ultimate Protection: A mobile cover is the only full proof way in which you can protect your mobile phone from external damages. 

3. Keeps Your Phone Looking New: When covered with a case, your phone looks as good as new thus giving you a better resale value. 

Who doesn’t love to spice things up a little and go the extra mile in making their mobile phones look all funky and sensational? Realme 9 Pro Plus Covers from Bewakoof do exactly that. But before you start shopping for mobile cases for your Realme phone, here is a list of things you must check off from the list:

1. Impact-resistant: Your Realme 9 Pro Plus Covers ought to be tough and hard enough to protect your mobile phone from accidents and damage. The material of the mobile cover should be chosen wisely for the same. 

2. Functional: Your mobile case shouldn’t be more problematic than useful. In other words, it should be easy to grip onto and not restrict you from using ports and other buttons. 

3. Durability: You obviously don’t want to invest in a new Realme 9 Pro Plus Cover every now and then. Hence, our range of hard plastic covers will be perfect for you. 

4. Finish: Your Realme 9 Pro Plus Cover should have a smooth finish and texture for a comfortable feel and classy look. 

5. Less Degradation: The mobile cover material should have less degradation. The cover should not degrade when exposed to UV radiation or else it defeats the purpose of protecting your mobile phone from potential damage. 

6. Water resistant: Make sure your mobile cover is either waterproof or water resistant so that it doesn’t allow water to reach into the nooks and corners of the mobile phone. 

A good Realme 9 Pro Plus Cover is a combination of good looks and useful features. While we have listed the essential features above, it's time we now talk about the looks. 

At, we have a collection of prints and designs fit for all your moods. Let’s dive into them one at a time. 

1. Solid Hues: Well, nothing beats the bright vivid colours that add a cheerful charm to your personality. At Bewakoof we have Realme 9 Pro Plus Covers in all colours you could possibly imagine. 

2. Disney Theme: Hopeless romantics where you at? Bewakoof has the perfect Disney-themed Realme 9 Pro Plus Covers for you all. 

3. Superhero Theme: Carry the charm and charisma of your favourite superheroes with our Marvel mobile covers and DC-themed Realme 9 Pro Plus Back covers. 

4. Quirky Quotes: When you want them to have a little trailer of your cheeky personality Bewakoof’s quirky quote typography mobile covers are the perfect pick. 

5. Anime: You deserve to carry the love of your favourite anime superheroes. Do so with our range of anime character-themed mobile cases

Stay up to date with trends and the funkiest designs with Bewakoof’s carefully curated range of Realme 9 Pro Plus Back covers. You are sure to find one that will best fit your needs and personality. 

Furthermore, you would need to take good care of your mobile cover to make it last longer. 

Here are a few tips to take care of your mobile cover:

1. Keep it clean: Your phone is protected with the cover for sure. But is it protected from the dirt and grim? Remove the phone case every once in a while to clean it. This way you will also be able to inspect if the mobile cover is serving the purpose or not. 

2. Use a microfiber cloth: While cleaning or mobile phone, after you take out the cover make sure you are using a microfiber cloth only. You should also avoid using any liquid or wipe to clean the phone. 

3. Clean the ports and seams: Once in a while you should also clean the ports and seams of the screen with a Q tip since these are not protected and can collect dirt over time. 

4. Take a break: We recommend you take off the cover and let your phone breathe a little.

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