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We can't imagine our lives without our phones today. They are no longer used just for calling or texting. Today, phones hold all the information and functionality of the world in them. We access social media, keep up with news, video call with family and friends, attend online classes and even work from our phones. This has especially been true during the period of lockdown across the world, where people have been stuck at home quarantining, and phones have been their steady companions.

Therefore, we invest a great deal in buying the most premium smartphones that are full of features, such as the Samsung A71. However, it is important to ensure proper protection for your smartphone so that it can last a long time and maintain its look and aesthetic. For this, it is important to use tempered glass on the screen and a mobile cover on the back.

Why use a Samsung A71 back cover?

Without a mobile cover, your brand-new smartphone is likely to get scratched and even cracked. Nowadays, most phones have a glass or glossy back that can get scratched quite easily. This ruins the aesthetic of your new phone and makes it look old. A flip cover offers good protection but makes your phone look boring and can be quite annoying to use.

This is why most people use a back cover. This is a lot less intrusive into the aesthetic of the phone. It also provides good all-round protection. The back of the phone is the area that is always in touch with a surface, such as tables and desks. When we keep our phones in our pockets, the back gets scratched by keys and coins. The screen is protected by tempered glass. The back needs to be protected by a back cover. It is among the most essential mobile accessories.

If you have bought yourself a brand-new Samsung A71, then why not pair it with a cool and quirky Samsung A71 back cover? If you have used your phone for a while and want to switch up the look a bit, then a back cover is a good stylish option. will leave you spoiled for choice because there are a variety of options to choose from. Your phone is always with you, and having a cool back cover that represents your personality is a good way to get compliments and strike up conversations.

Why buy a Samsung A71 case from

Bewakoof offers Samsung A71 mobile covers at extremely affordable rates, and the quality is not compromised. The delivery is also quick along with a convenient 15-day return policy. The massive variety of designs available makes this the best the best option for choosing a Samsung cover.

Features of the Samsung A71 mobile covers on

  • The covers are made of extremely durable hard plastic.

  • The covers are impact-resistant and protect the phone from scratches and drops. The covers do not break due to impact or upon being dropped and protect the phones well.

  • The covers are extremely lightweight and have a slim profile. It does not make the phone feel bulky or difficult to hold.

  • The cut-outs are placed strategically and pose no hindrance to accessing the buttons. The cut-outs are absolutely precise and tailored, keeping in mind the device it is made for.

  • The front bezel is raised to provide extra protection to the screen.

  • The covers have a matte finish that feels good to hold.

  • The printing on the covers is of extremely high quality. This ensures that even after daily use, the prints won’t fade away or chip away.

  • The quality feels premium as there are no sharp edges or seams. The finish is smooth and rounded.

  • The price is extremely affordable. For most Samsung A71 cases, the price ranges between Rs. 199 to Rs. 225.

If you are unhappy with the design or quality of the covers, then there is a 15-day return and refund policy. Affordable pricing makes it possible to buy two or more Samsung A71 phone cases at once. You can keep switching between the cases if you get bored with one after some time.

What kind of designs will you find on

There is something for everyone on Bewakoof. You will be spoilt for choice. No matter what your personality or preference, you will find something that reflects your personality and choices here.

  • Simple: If you want a simple and uncomplicated design, then you will find many cases to suit your preference. You can go for a camo pattern, check pattern, or a wooden texture pattern. These cases are also perfect for the office.

  • Patterns: Everyone loves patterns, and this looks good on a back cover. Bewakoof has some very cute Samsung A71 back cases. There are Among Us designs, Halloween special designs, mandalas, cute animals and many more.

  • Sports: For all the sports fans out there, Bewakoof has something for you too. There are some covers paying tribute to iconic players like Dhoni and Messi. You might also find some covers with designs of your favorite team like Kolkata Knight Riders.

  • Indie: If you are someone who loves reflecting your love for culture in all things, then Bewakoof has some great options for you. There are quotes and designs in vernacular languages like Hindi and Bangla.

  • Weed: If smoking up is a big part of your lifestyle and you want to show that off, then you will find many cool covers on Bewakoof doing just that. From sayings to artwork about weed, there are many options to choose from.

  • Pop culture references: We all love showing off our love for our favorite movies and TV shows. What better way to show it off than to have it on your back cover? Everyone sees your phone when it’s in your hand, and a cool pop culture reference always gets appreciation. Bewakoof has a collection in collaboration with Marvel, and the designs include Avengers, Iron Man, and Spider-Man. There are also pop culture references of our favorite cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Tweety.

  • Scenery: For nature lovers, the most appealing designs are those with trees and mountains. There are several Samsung A71 covers with serene and calm art representing scenery.

  • Floral: Some people are in love with florals and love putting them everywhere. On Bewakoof, you will find some gorgeous and classy floral covers with light and dark backgrounds to suit your taste.

  • Cute: For those who love to add a dash of cute into everything they do, you will be spoilt for choice on Bewakoof. There are cute cats, penguins, elephants, unicorns, pandas, and dogs. There is something for everyone who loves cute, cuddly animals and all things cute. These are perfect for gifting to kids who are getting their first phone.

  • Quotes: If you are someone who loves inspirational sayings and motivational quotes, then you will find several options on Bewakoof.

  • Music lovers: If you love music then you will surely want to go for the Bob Marley tribute case or a Marshmello design

Bewakoof is a homegrown online shopping brand that has gradually grown to become a household name, known for its cool and quirky designs. The products feel premium at extremely reasonable and affordable prices. If you sign up for the Bewakoof TriBe membership program, you get a further discount on mobile accessories as well as other collections.