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Have you ever lost grip on your new expensive phone and then watched in horror what gravity can do to it? 

We all hate Newton's law of gravity when instead of apple, our cellphone is shattered and is beyond repair. Gravity or not, spills, drops, and even moisture can ruin your phone, and it becomes mandatory to protect it from damage.

Mobiles are a necessity. They are your companion to stay connected with the world. You hardly go outside without your phone, so it makes us difficult to comprehend what if we lose our phone accidentally. To save ourselves from such misery, it is prudent to safeguard the phone. Back-cover cases help immensely in protecting mobiles from that dreaded fall that we all fear. At, we understand your concerns and have a wide range of back cases for you to select from.

What is so unique about Samsung Galaxy M30S back covers by Bewakoof? 

Samsung M30s back covers by are trendy, classy, and above all suits your style. Whether you want a meme or famous quotes from a distinguished person, all you have to do is scroll down on our website and search for the product. You can buy multiple essential and eye-catching Samsung M30s covers that give a new look to your phone every day.

It is not just the different types of M30S covers that are super exciting; we at Bewakoof have ensured the best quality to protect your phone from damage. After all, what is the point of having style with a compromise on quality? So don't fret amigos, we got you covered!

Different types of Samsung M30s cases.

You will be surprised to know the extensive range of Samsung M30s back covers at Bewakoof. 

Hard plastic cases:

The new Samsung M30s covers are made up of hard plastic that is impact resistant. The sleek M30s back covers make it easy to access the buttons and ports on the phone. Hard plastic covers are super stylish and made up of polycarbonate. The other features include high definition prints, matte finish, slim profile for comfort holding, and durability.

There is an extensive range of funky patterns and designs of M30s covers for you to explore. Some of the suggestions are:

  • Abstract graphic prints – We are going to spoil you with a wide range of our M30s cover collections with characters like the panda, Disney, or abstract art.
  • Humorous memes - Memes like ‘PHD in PUBG’, ‘DEKHTE HI RAHOGE YA NUMBER BHI DOGE’ are witty and adds to your style. These cool memes are an ice breaker among strangers and are fun to have on the back of your Samsung M30s case cover.

  • Inspirational quotes - At times when you are down, Samsung M30s back cover case printed with inspirational quotes can be a constant source of encouragement. You can buy multiple M30s back covers with famous life quotes.

The Samsung M30s cover cases have unique designs and patterns for our customers to drool upon. However, the M30 covers are formidable as the quality isn't compromised at all.

Buying guide for Mobile covers

  • Safety: Before selecting a cover case, make sure that the case is impact resistant. The Samsung Galaxy M30s phone back cover is made of polycarbonate that is durable and meets safety standards. You can trust our brand when it comes to the safety of your gadget.

  • Prints: We all appreciate different kinds of graphics or patterns on our phones. As mobiles are a piece of a necessity today, it makes sense to buy multiple cover cases with varied themes, prints, etc. However, one major problem that we frequently face is the fading of our case cover prints. To overcome this peculiar problem, a high definition printing process is employed for M30s back covers. The matte finish on the cover cases further makes them scratch resistant. Hence, prints do not peel, fade, or wear off quickly.

  • Perfect fit: A good quality cover should also be a perfect fit for your phone so that the buttons, ports, camera, etc. are easy to use. At Bewakoof, M30s covers are tailor-made for your device with neat cuts and smooth edges that fit correctly giving a smooth finish to your phone.

  • Weight: Before purchasing a cover case, make sure it is not bulky; otherwise, it is difficult to handle at times. Although, bulky cases may sound like more protection, Samsung M30s cover cases made of hard plastic is lightweight and is comfortable to use without compromising on the phone's safety. 

The above points can help you in selecting the ideal phone covers. At, we ensure that our products are tested to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers. 

Why buy phone back cover from

At, there is no room for complacency when it comes to taking care of our customers’ needs. Our team designs and presents a collection of high-quality phone cases that ensure no damage to your mobile. Most importantly, our mobile cases enlighten the mood, and the aura created is unmistakable. Recently, we have launched our new collection of Samsung Galaxy M30s phone back covers for our customers.

At, our customers are our pride and their unflinching support to our unique and innovative range of everyday products motivates us further. Our improvised design patterns set us apart from competitors and are our major USP.

The new Samsung Galaxy M30s cover cases are well appreciated by all, for their quirky designs as well as for smooth finish and high quality. Our customers who belong to different age groups and professions can select from a wide range of products that suit their needs. 

Another major factor in buying from is the 15-day return offer on our products. If you somehow find the purchased item short of your expectation, you can avail refund where the money will be refunded without question.

You can also get exciting discounts by becoming a TriBe member. 

Aren't these offers mouth-watering? 

So, what's stopping you from ordering your new Samsung M30s cover case from Hurry up!

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