Sneakers - often known as runners, sports shoes, gym shoes, trainers and kicks are the shoes mainly designed for sports or other forms of physical activities involving running, jogging, or playing basketball. Initially, casual sneakers were spotted on athletes or the sports freaks but are now commonly used by both men and women in everyday casual wear.

Sneakers are primarily made from synthetic materials like rubber and canvas that enable the wearer to move their feet easily and enhance flexibility while walking or running. Iconic in its appeal and significantly versatile in nature, sneakers are one type of footwear that any man’s wardrobe would be incomplete without. 

Sneakers being the ultimate go-to shoes, often known as the “friendly shoes” are not just comfortable casual shoes but also the most reliable pair of shoes you can get your feet into.

Sneakers nowadays come in different shapes and styles, enabling the wearer to choose from a plethora of options according to their preferences in colors, weight, styles, lace patterns and more. 

Big & famous brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma & many more own the shoe market like none other. Keeping in mind the fast-paced lifestyle of today’s generation these players have been constantly innovating and experimenting with the way sneakers for men are created and designed. Over time casual sneakers have faced a revolution and are now available to us in a range of trendy hues, quirky prints, customizable weight and lengths depending on the purpose of the wearer.

With a lot to know about sneaker shoes, the following are the types one must know before purchasing a new pair.

  1. Plimsoll Sneakers - Often known as low top sneakers, these are generally used while cycling or spinning. These sneakers can be paired with rugged denim pants or your joggers and comfy tees.

  2. High Top Basketball Sneakers - Currently in trend, high top basketball sneakers are generally the best sneakers for basketball players as they are flexible and allow enough movement to the wearer. Nike’s Air Jordans is one of the most famous and best sneakers collections specially created for basketball players.

  3. Slip-on sneakers - Also known as the classic sneakers, these sneakers don’t have shoelaces and can be easily worn by slipping your feet into them. Primarily a comfortable pair, these are often spotted on the ones donning a casual look. A pair of white sneakers is something everyone loves to own and sport on a casual day out.

  4. LED Lighted Sneakers - The talk of the town, these sneakers have won the hearts of not just men but also women. They have an LED tube that runs on the outsole area of the sneakers. A bit flashy in nature, these sneakers are generally spotted on dancers and celebrities at parties and award functions. They are basically a style statement.

  5. Canvas Sneakers - Popularized by the famous brand Converse, canvas sneakers are comfortable and conventional. Heading out to a party or a casual hangout with friends, canvas sneakers are something you can pair easily with denim pants, dress, or skirts.

How to choose the right sneakers

With a lot of options available in the market, choosing a pair of sneakers that fits right and serves the purpose fully is really important. Here are a few things that one should keep in mind while purchasing sneakers.

  • Size - The most important aspect while choosing sneakers is the Size. As different brands have different size charts, it is essential to read the instructions correctly before ordering them online.

  • Purpose - Define the purpose of the pair that you are purchasing. Whether it is for walking, running, for sports or just casual. Once this is defined, it becomes easier to choose from the range of options.

  • Fabric - Another important factor to be considered while purchasing sneakers for men is the material or the fabric of which the shoes are made of. Opt for fabrics that are smooth on the skin and make you feel comfortable and allow enough space for the skin to breathe.

  • The Feel - The best sneakers are the ones that make you feel like walking on a cloud. Yes, that’s exactly how a perfect pair of shoes should make you feel. Soft on the skin, enough cushioning and an easy walking experience is something you should look out for before making a purchase.

Now that you have a fair idea of types of sneakers and their purpose and how to choose them, we are sure you are well prepared to pick the correct sneaker shoes for yourself from the wide range of options.

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