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Finding a perfect match for your outfit in the context of socks is certainly a global struggle faced by men of almost all age groups. Nevertheless, there is an effortless way to add a touch of elegance; no matter you are all set to go to your workplace or all set to enjoy your weekend. 

Socks not only protect the feet from an array of external stressors including shoe bite and beyond but if styled correctly, they can help you to strike a lasting style statement. There is no dearth of the impressive variety of socks on Bewakoof that are meant to grace different kinds of occasions.

From formal to casual, here comes a valuable guide to help you buy the best variety of socks for men based on your unique requirements:- 

Fashion Socks: These days, men are gradually developing a penchant for low cut socks that are up to the ankle bone. This fascinating ankle sock style has been witnessing soaring popularity as more and more sportsmen are falling for it. Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, is among the most preferred fabric choices in the category of Fashion Socks. It is indeed time to bid adieu to the generic socks. Shop at Bewakoof to wrap up your precious feet in the warmth of personality-specific fashion socks meant to bring the best in you. 

Branded Socks: Branded socks are much in vogue these days as it helps them to make an attention-grabbing style statement. Do you fancy being treated to the fresh and the latest style of Branded men's socks! Sounds exciting? Well, sure it is. Now embark on a thrilling journey of Sockswagon to experience the ultimate feel-good vibes by buying the best-branded socks. 

Classic Socks: Timeless knee-length sock style still rules through the roost in the context of the Socks for Men, especially in the formal men socks category. The reason being is that the workplace is indeed a place where the style aspect is compelled to take a back seat. Gray, White, and Black are a few most sought-after colors in the category of Classic Socks. Bewakoof takes immense pride in showcasing an exhaustive collection of classic knee-length Socks for Men. 

Pattern-driven socks: Pattern-oriented socks featuring checks or any other captivating pattern help you revamp your overall style quotient. After all, at times you do not get a second chance to create a lasting impression. To ease up your everyday pattern-focused selection for formal and casual requirements, Bewakoof offers the best collection of Socks for Men. 

Athletic Performance Socks: Such socks for men are exclusively engineered by integrating moisture-resistant properties. The variety ranges from the standard cotton low cut socks to tube socks empowered with strong sweat-wicking properties to especially revamp Lowers for Men look. Experience the maximum comfort offered by Bewakoof’s premium collection of Athletic performance Socks to take your sport-enthusiasm a level ahead. 

Dress Socks: When it comes to picking socks for formal occasions, the challenges regarding socks selection becomes although more perplexing, also in the context of Socks for Women. In such a scenario, it is recommended to opt for classic colors including Black, Brown, Charcoal gray, Burgundy and beyond. In lighter shades, Off-white, Beige, Cream are certainly the safest bets. In terms of pattern nothing can compete with a classic argyle pattern. 

Protective Socks: Protective socks as the name suggests are made of heavier weaves. They feature superior concentrations of insulating fibers. However, when it comes to performance and fit, you may have to comprise a bit. If you are all set to enjoy an adventure, it is recommended to opt for such protective socks to avoid any discomfort. 

Bewakoof: One-Stop Men Socks Destination that has Got your Soles Covered

Bewakoaf not only boasts of having the finest collection of socks in terms of fabric choices, but they have an extensive range of designs, patterns and colors in each fabric category. Men's Slub Party Ankle Length Socks to Striped ankle-length socks, from Marshal Stripes to color-blocking socks, the variety is certainly worth dying for.

Size and Fabric: These are two such parameters that play a pivotal role in imparting ideal comfort. Here gain more insights related to the most preferred Fabric choices in terms of socks for men. 

Cotton: Undeniably, a lot hinges on the fabric quality of socks. When it comes to the top list in the context of sock fabrics, cotton socks are believed to be the most ideal option. Soft on skin, breathable, extremely light-weight and utmost comfortable, they are adored by men especially in the summer season. Try one of our socks like Men's Pineapple Squash Ankle Length Socks and some more. Inexpensive, durable, when blended with a dynamic fabric like Lycra, it tends to conform to the feet providing remarkable fit. Adored for their low maintenance, sturdy performance makes them a clear winner for everyday use.

Cashmere Socks: Cashmere socks are adored for their exotic feel, comfort and softness. If you aim to spruce up your overall appearance, you must give wool socks a try. 

Wool Socks: Wool socks are a preferred choice in the cold winters since they are moisture-resistant. They are thick and coarse and hence even for travelling to cold places in summers like hill stations, wool socks are the ideal choice. Wool socks are often blended with synthetic fibers to further enhance their desirable properties including abrasion resistance and durability. Owing to their insulating properties, they can keep feet warm even in the extreme cold weather. 

Silk socks: Silk socks are certainly an expensive alternate when it comes to the men sock variety. They are ideally meant for formal occasions and are extremely delicate as it takes additional efforts to maintain them. Generally, such socks are blended with linen, cashmere, nylon, bamboo, spandex to attain ideal properties including durability, elasticity, comfort and performance. 

Synthetic Socks: Men socks made of a variety of synthetic fabric are wear and tear-resistant. The majority of the men prefer to invest in them, especially in the context of the formal wear or for everyday office use. 

Socks are undoubtedly the most sought after men’s accessory that enjoys extensive usage. Choose from an all-embracing engaging variety and patterns of socks right from calf-length to knee-length, from no show socks to ankle-length socks by browsing the collection offered by Bewakoof. All socks are made of superior quality fabrics spanning across Cotton, Wool, Nylon, Canvas, Polyester, and beyond. 

How are Bewakoof Socks Better?

Bewakoof is one such quality-driven online fashion brand that continues to preserve a sense of elegance in all its fashion product offerings. Its men's sock collection meant to exude the oomph factor is truly no different. However, if you belong to a clan of those gentlemen who appreciate tasteful albeit minimalistic designs, men’s sock collection on Bewakoof is certainly worth checking out. The biggest USP of this brand is that despite its elite brand standard, its prices are very much pocket-friendly. Furthermore, they offer a remarkable selection of colorful socks made of a variety of fabrics.


The bottom line

An appropriate foot care means a  happier you. From beating Monday blue to enjoying a relaxed weekend, Bewakoof has got you all covered. Soak in the most comfortable pair of socks by browsing through an exhaustive variety of socks for men and even socks for women to suit personalized fashion preferences. Check out our other categories like Laptop Bags, Frames and more to go bonkers!