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Men's most basic accessory, Socks have finally managed to break free from the monotony as the variety seems to get more interesting by the day. Right from captivating colors to a multitude of materials, socks for men have indeed emerged as one of the most versatile pieces of men’s accessory to watch for. Deciding what color and pattern of socks to wear are one of the everyday challenges that a man has to face. If you are in the quest for the most fascinating socks aiming to take your style quotient a level ahead, Bewakoof is the perfect destination to discover just the ideal socks-for-men. Do take a sneak peek at the most inspiring socks collection available at Bewakoof, featuring the most jaw dropping prices. But before that, equip yourself with the most prevailing rules concerning socks.

Your socks must align with your bottom style

When it comes to creating a streamlined look while making no fashion blunder in terms of contrast, matching socks as per your bottoms is the safest bet. However, the ideal strategy concerning this rule is to avoid extremes in terms of experimenting and not experimenting at all. If you have equipped yourself with the tried and tested fashion tips, it is time to ditch the conservative dressing style by trying a few lively colored socks. After all, the eternal rule of color-co-ordination can help you overhaul your outfit. 

Socks must match the dress quality 

Imagine a gentleman wearing wool socks with a silk suit or wearing socks featuring sheen with gym wear. Not so impressive, right? Name it a common fashion sensibility or generic rules concerning socks; you must do a bit of homework regarding the place, occasion, and fabric of your outfit to avoid making serious fashion blunders.

Protect your feet from a variety of external stressors right from soreness to shoe bites as Bewakoof brings you the finest collection of socks meant to offer comfort. We recommend you add a few new pairs of socks, so that stressed feet become a thing of the past. 

As far as mens accessories are concerned, there exist certain regulations and rules, and men socks are no exception to it. Even if you aim to be a trendsetter, it is best, to begin with obeying these rules (especially in the context of conventional situations) and gradually bending the rules as you begin gaining confidence in making bold fashion statements. The basic rule of thumb suggests that sock color should align or closely match with the trouser color. It is the best strategy to dress smartly while adhering to the tried and tested fashion rules. 

Socks pairing with a Formal Suit 

If you are all set to pair socks with a suit, the color choice of your socks must be dictated by your environment. In the context of the professional dress code, it is ideal to pair grey socks with grey trousers. On the contrary, if you are all set to enjoy a casual evening, you may go ahead with coordinating your socks with a specific accessory or piece of attire. Sockless fashion or ankle socks are currently one of the most-sought-after trends in the gamut of mens socks.

With jeans or joggers

When it comes to pairing socks with a pair of jeans or joggers for men, there are no rigid rules and restrictions. By mirroring one or more of the pieces of clothing, you can pick the pair of socks. Even colour-blocking is an interesting experiment that you may try in the context of socks pairing with denim, joggers for Men, and pajamas for Men

With Tuxedo

Variation is allowed when it comes to pairing socks for men with the tuxedo-style Men’s clothing. However, it is suggested to opt for silk socks to create an elegant appeal. In terms of colors also, you may gladly ditch otherwise monotonous colors while opting for a rich color palette. They include forest green, deep plum, burgundy, and beyond. Moreover, socks matching is also about creative visualization. You must keep in mind your shoe style before matching socks. 

With Shorts 

Selecting an ideal pair of socks with shorts is certainly a daunting task for men. However, if styled well, it results in an immaculate closure to an outfit instantly. It is recommended to equip yourself with knowledge related to monochromatic and complementary color schemes to pull the entire shorts look well. 

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Right from offering protection from perspiration to abrasion, these humble socks go the extra mile in protecting your feet. After all, detailing is indeed the key to the new-age fashion sensibilities. Inferior quality socks paired up with superior quality shoes and attire can mar the entire overall appeal of your outfit. Bewakoof is best known for its less priced superior-quality fashion offerings, including mens socks. While the selection is exhaustive, it is meticulously curated with the best options. Even if you are looking for a few futuristic fashionable socks, you will not be disappointed. Striking patterns and colors are what form an integral part of the USP of Bewakoof. Express yourself not just when you are dressing formally, but also when dressing casually. If you are in the quest for superior-quality socks-for-men, look no further than Bewakoof. 

The bottom line

Bewakoof is well known for men’s fashion products. If you are toying with an idea to refresh your accessories wardrobe, you might desire to check out what is available for your Online Shopping at Bewakoof.