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Fashion trends are constantly evolving and heavily influenced by pop-culture. In the era of Millenials and the Gen Z youth, gone are the stuffy and uncomfortable clothing. Today, youth prefer laidback, semi-casuals that not only look hip but are also versatile. They want breathable clothes, classy accessories, and unique designs so that they can truly express themselves. The fashion industry is steadily moving towards delivering affordable, quality clothing that’s eco-friendly and stylish. This doesn’t just apply to clothing items, but also to footwear.

The biggest footwear trend that has taken the world by storm is the comfy and cool flip-flops. In India, Solethread flip flops are the winning option, offering lightweight and modern sliders for men and women. While there may be many ladies chappals and Solethread chappal for men available in the market, not many offer distinct and unique designs or pop-culture inspired graphics.

Bewakoof is known for its pop-culture-themed merchandise. With a mission to unite different fandoms with our offerings, we are delighted to bring you our quirky collection of flip-flops. From the Avengers fandom to the Friends fanatics, our sliders and flip-flops come in all different designs and sizes. Explore the collection and find the perfect pair of Solethread sliders for yourself!

Slide into Style

The ever-popular flip-flops have been around for a long time, from the casual slip-on to slippers one can wear at home. However, sliders are a versatile option, ideal as casual footwear. They are simple slip-ons with wide and comfy soles and a thick band at the front for support. Sliders are excellent footwear for urban and street fashion – a blend of funky designs and seamless minimalism. Whether you need a convenient pair of slippers for the regular day-to-day or you need a comfy pair for long travels, the flip-flop will surely be your best friend. For men and women alike, sliders have been gaining popularity and the trend doesn’t seem to disappear. It’s no wonder that flip-flops and sliders have become a staple in most people’s wardrobes.

What’s so Good about Flip-flops?

The beauty of Solethread flip flops for men and women is the ease and convenience of the footwear. If you’re in a rush and can’t seem to find the right shoes, simply slip into the sliders and head out of the door. There’s no need to deal with pesky shoelaces or frantically search for missing socks. 

The best part is that almost all semi-casual and casual outfits look great with flip-flops. A self-colored pair like black or blue will go with T-shirts or tops of any color. The funky sliders will add a pop of color to a plain outfit. Whether you need to go out for a supermarket run or a walk in the park, sliders and flip-flops will not let you down. If you need a good pair of slippers to wear indoors, the comfort that sliders provide is hard to beat. Versatile and hassle-free, if you don’t own a pair already, what are you waiting for?

The Funky Flip-flop Shop

If you own some Bewakoof merch, you already know that these flip-flops won’t flop! At Bewakoof, we have transformed the humble Solethread chappal for women into modern and eye-catching sliders. From the classy houndstooth pattern to geeky Star Wars designs, our sliders for women check every box for every type of personality.

To all the dudes, say goodbye to the bland, rubber chappal for men and take a pick from the uber-cool selection of sleek sliders. Choose from pop-culture inspired, Batman Red Symbol Men's Printed Sliders or the Tom and Jerry flip-flops. You could even opt for the pairs with doodles and illustrations on the band. With a vast option of colors and designs to choose from, Bewakoof’s funky flip-flop shop will surely have something for you. 

We’re the ones to beat

While slippers and sliders are available in plenty online, it can be difficult to find rugged quality sliders that will last a long while. This is where Bewakoof takes the lead. All the Bewakoof sliders have soft and flexible straps and bands which are far more comfortable than the hard rubber straps available in the market. The durable material promises comfort and resistance to damage. The thick soles of these sliders ensure that you can walk long distances with ease and the firm straps also provide good grip so that the sliders won’t slip off easily. From shoe sizes going up to size 11, there’s no doubt that you will be able to buy the perfect pair of slippers with the perfect fit. All of this is available at stellar rates that won’t burn holes in your wallet. Need we say more?

How to Style Your Sliders?

If you’re wondering how you might style, these flip-flops, then look no further. Bewakoof is here to give you a few pointers so that you can pull off this trendy footwear.

Wear self-colored sliders with prints and patterns. For example, a checked shirt or printed tee with a pair of jeans will look great with white, black, or blue sliders. Women can wear black sliders with shorts and a tee. A casual denim jeans outfit or dress with black sliders will also look fantastic.

Have fun with funky designs. Mix and match plain tees and shirts with some of the colorful pairs. You can even mix printed clothes and flip-flops together, but make sure they have common colors to balance out the look.

Remember to accessorize. Women can wear cute anklets and toe rings as the sliders will not interfere. Show off the pedicure in our colorful sliders. Men can opt for classy watches or sunglasses to complete their look. Bell-bottoms and flared pants also go well with sliders.

The bottom line is that sliders are so versatile that styling them is really a no-brainer. If we at Bewakoof can do it, then you can do it too.

Don’t Slide Away Just Yet!

Everyone loves pop-culture, from T.V-shows to books and movies. All the stories and fun-loving characters have no doubt played important roles in many young people’s lives. This is what inspires Bewakoof to keep delivering the best fandom merch to you. So, if you love our products then you definitely need to join our ‘Tribe. Membership’  

The TriBe is our membership that offers special perks and benefits to its members. If you like one of our products, as a TriBe member you will get special discounts and offers. Members also get the first sneak-peek of our new collections as well as priority service and care. So, if any of this sounds exciting, then join the club today.

Besides our Solethread slider for men and women, feel free to browse through other impressive range of products like the apparel collection, our range of mobile covers, bags, stationery etc. All products can be ordered in a few clicks online and also have free shipping. Our 15-day return and refund policy makes it easy for you to exchange products. 

So, get shopping and add your favorite products to the cart. It’s never too late to join the Bewakoof bandwagon! Check out our other categories like Small Backpacks, Laptop Bags, Graphic Boards, Notebooks and more. Happy Shopping!

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