Sun Active T-Shirts


Do you want to see the magic? can show you that with the slight of a hand! Don’t believe us? With our Sun Active T-shirts that change color when exposed to the sun, you can see the magic happen every time you go in the sun. Ok, first thing’s first. 

Why go in for the wide variety of T-shirts on Bewakoof?

Let us help you with a few solid reasons to toss away your favorite shirt or your other tops (if you are a girl) and revamp your wardrobe with T-shirts instead.

  • Easy to clean and comfortable to wear. Absolutely no fusses; follow the basic washing principles of separating the whites from the colored ones (well, you don’t have a choice here, do you?), and you are good to go!

  • Mind-boggling varieties to choose from - at least if you are shopping online.

  • “Fit” is the fittest reason, you can’t go wrong with the sizes.

  • Works on “anybody, anytime, anywhere” logic.

  • Haven’t we given you enough reasons already?

  • T-shirts for Every Mood

    Formal or party? Happy or sad? Daily wear or special? College or office? Meeting your special one or ex? Sulking in the office or hanging out with your friends? Nostalgic or making new memories? Heading out for a run or sweating it out in the gym? Stepping out into the rain or relaxing at home? Want to make a bold statement or a low-key one? There’s a T-shirt for every mood.

    Oh, and of course, speaking of comfort, Bewakoof offers a wide variety of fabrics for you to choose from. Cotton mostly rules the roost here courtesy Indian climate, but you could still go in for polyester or nylon or even synthetic blends.

    Hmmm, so you are not the typical color-blocked T-shirt type? Well, don’t you worry, we got you covered. With an outstanding range of graffiti, designs, Plain T-shirts,  we even have something for the hardcore Bollywood fans and the head banging rock music types and well, anything under the sun that you can possibly think of (P. S. – If you don’t find one for your mood, tell us, and we’ll make it happen!)

    Wait, wait, did we forget the superhero fans? Iron Man, Captain America, Incredible Hulk, and many more superheroes find their unique place in Bewakoof’s inventory of T-shirts. In case anyone is missing in action right now, we promise to bring them on board soon.

    Getting back to the point - How Do These Sun Active T-shirts Actually Work?

    It’s quite simple – these specially designed colors changing T-shirts are made with our signature ink that bursts into different colors when exposed to the sun’s UV rays. Ok, enough of the nerdy stuff, these T-shirts are also called “magic T-shirt” because, well, you know the reason by now!

    Are Sun Active T-shirts Worth It?

    We’ll pretend we didn’t hear that question. They are worth every rupee that you spend on them. Who wouldn’t want to show off such a trendy and cool tee? And like Bewakoof’s other super-creative and quirky T-shirts, these Sun Active T-shirts are also one of their kind. 

    Whether it is rainy or windy or sultry, and whether the occasion is formal or not, these color-changing T-shirts are sure to look good on you and to up your “cool” quotient!

    What we are trying to say is that a T-shirt needs no formal introduction in anybody’s wardrobe and a T-shirt like this definitely is the latest trend going around.  

    For the ones not into online shopping because they want to touch and feel the fabric, let us assure you that these color-changing T-shirts stand for just one word – comfort! 

    Still not convinced if Sun Active T-shirts are the “In” Thing?

    Well, don’t have any doubts there. Feel free to throw all the mundane, boring T-shirts out of the window and bring on that jazz with a color changing T-shirt. Play hide and seek with the sun with our specially crafted T-shirts or perhaps just play a guessing game with your friends.

    Like we said before, these sun active T-shirts don’t compromise on comfort either just like all T-shirts from Bewakoof. They are made of 100% cotton that is classy and lightweight, almost like your second skin. These T-shirts are made to fit right, not loose, not tight - “just right”! And come in different Sleeves - Half and Full Sleeve T-shirts for Men and Women both. The Bewakoof’s Size Chart guide is your best buddy here.

    Have we forgotten to mention that there are filters for every criterion you are looking for so you can find your dream fit? Gender, size, fit, or sleeve type, these filters will save your time and unnecessary effort. 

    Then, there is the “Sort by Price” feature for you to start searching according to your budget. Trust us when we say, quality is the same irrespective of any filters or price. You have our word for it!

    Will the Magic Disappear If You Wash Your Sun Active T-shirt?

    Oh no, not at all. Just wash the magic T-shirt like any other cotton T-shirt. For best results, follow the wash instructions on the size tag, and the magic shall never fade (By the way, a strict no-no to iron designs).

    What If You Don’t Like What You Receive?

    Well, the chances of that happening are slim, but misunderstandings do happen! If you don’t like the fit or the color or the print or any other thing, we promise a 15-day refund period. Our representatives will make it a point to deliver to you the product of your choice. There’s no compromising there.

    What If You are Not Ready to Buy Your Color Changing T-shirt Yet?

    We won’t rush you because the best decisions are made with a lot of deliberation. Take your own sweet time and save the item to your wish list until you are ready to make the big decision. And, you never know, we may just add more things to confuse you. Ah, kidding! But we offer exciting discounts from time to time, so the chances are that you may get the same magic T-shirt at a lower price. Keep your fingers crossed and keep a tab on our collection!

    What Do You Get from Being Our Loyal Customer?

    “Bewakoof coins” that can be redeemed on later purchases! We firmly believe in rewarding our loyal patrons. Not to forget, discounts, and sales that will send your head in a frenzy. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your color changing T-shirt now. And don't forget to check out our other categories like Glow in the Dark T-shirts, Bags, Sliders and more.