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The pandemic has changed our lives significantly. People who had no idea about the Infrared Thermometers have now purchased one for safety purposes.Recently, the use of these thermometers have massively increased in the industries and companies. Not only the stakeholders but also among homeowners as well.

With the increase in this purchase, we have seen a decrease in availability of this device in the market. But, you do not have to worry. We at Bewakoof, have a broad range of thermometers available. So, that you keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Infrared Thermometer

Most of you might be unaware of this technology, so let's shed some light on it.

The advanced technology – laser and infrared – have set the foundation of these thermometers. The traditional and digital thermometers have been around for a year and still are used in several places. But, the infrared thermometers are less invasive and have a significant advantage over the traditional thermometers – they eradicate the need for direct contact and provide accurate readings.

The non-contact body temperature thermometer lets you measure the body temperature without impeding direct contact with your skin. The rise of COVID-19 cases has certainly defined their need in the present era. Apart from the healthcare sector, organizations, stores, food stations, homes should also purchase this instrument to quickly measure the accurate body temperature.

Places where the Infrared Thermometer is Used

With the clinical trials still going on, at present we cannot eliminate the risks but can reduce it. This can be done with the help of non-contact infrared thermometers which can screen body temperatures to inform about a person’s fever, before entering a particular place.

Some places where infrared body thermometer is essential:

  • Hospitals

    A hospital is the one place that acquires this infection the most, especially with the rise of infected patients. Several people visit the hospitals daily, so having an infrared thermometer for checking the body temperature will help with the first-hand examination of staff and visitors.

  • Airports

    With flying services being resumed, the airport carries an unexpected number of COVID-19 patients. As it serves as an interface of national and international boundaries, the individuals’ needs to be adequately examined. With the help of this thermometer, the suspected patients are checked for fever, and the ones with even minute symptoms are admitted to the care centre. Thus, the correct use of the IR thermometer is helping the nation to survive from this deadly disease.

  • Homes

    Visiting offices, bringing essentials, and online orders, we are almost back at the usual cycle. Even though we try to be completely protected, we still travel around, which increases the chances of getting unknowingly infected by the virus. Thus, having the infrared body thermometer at home will help you to regularly monitor the body temperature every time you step back into the house.


The infrared thermometers are extremely easy to use, though there are some important notions you need to take care of. Some crucial tips for handling Infrared thermometers from Bewakoof.

  • Keep the sensor covered when the thermometer is not in use. This small action will prevent it from any damage.

  • Don’t use the thermometer directly on the eyes, as the possibility of the laser and infrared beams can affect your eyes badly.

  • Use the thermometer from Bewkoof at the right angle as the reflective surfaces might affect the beam, which can hamper readings.

  • Ensure to keep the infrared thermometer a prompt job because if the limit exceeds or shortens, it won’t be able to check the core temperature.  

Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer from Bewakoof

The most popular and common in use L-shape thermometers are the first consideration by people as these are extremely easy to use. You can measure the body temperature right from the forehead, without having to touch the skin. After which it displays the accurate temperature on the screen.

Essential Features

  • The temperature can be checked from a distance of 15 cm

  • The thermometer has new-age microchip with a sensor to give quick and effective readings
  • The measured temperature is displayed within 0.5 seconds

  • The thermometer can store up to 20 sets of measured data

  • The thermometer is created with a high-sensitivity sensor to measure temperature
  • The thermometer provides dual temperature display for the body and objects

  • The accuracy of the infrared thermometer is ±0.2°C

  • For a clear and easy reading, the thermometer comes with LCD display

Why Purchase?

Infrared thermometer facilitates in making timely temperature measurements of body or object without having direct contact with it. These thermometers are extremely helpful for short to medium distances, as well as are easy to use.

Today, safety is the most important tool. Though the recovery rate is good, still the chances of getting in contact are extremely high. Thus, investing in the right instrument will help you to take adequate measures if you find yourself in jeopardy.

When it comes to diversity and the right products, Bewakoof is your answer. We have a broad range of thermometers, which will help you to get through this pandemic.