V Neck T-Shirts


The classic T-Shirt style is all about keeping it fresh and funky while maintaining a modest level of sophistication. Few wardrobe staples are always in sync with the latest trends! The V-Neck tees at Bewakoof best substantiate this notion. Available in a wide array of colors and options, these simple tees are a must-have in any wardrobe. T-shirts may be one of the most common casual outfits, but this comfy piece of clothings never really leaves the style arena. With the right kind of pairing, you can totally rock a t-shirt at the workplace or even in a party. Apart from this, t-shirts always stay in trend and this is why investing in a quality piece of t-shirt is always lucrative. Out of all trendy apparel, the men's v neck t-shirts are always able to nail it for looks and all-day comfort. The T-shirt style may vary, but there are specific staple varieties that would still hog the limelight. The V-Neck-T-shirt is one among them. So, let’s have a glance at the dos and don’ts to keep in mind while wearing a V-Neck-T-Shirt brought from Bewakoof. 

DO: Dress up in a V-Neck T-Shirt under your favorite blazer

Most of the time, our fantastic collection of T-Shirts go well with blazers. It gets even better when you have to style a V-neck t-shirt as it emphasizes your collarbone area and complements your hairstyle. This is the type of look where the selection of accessories for styling will be your judgement call. Changing necklines is a better option to render your look a bit of sophistication. These T-Shirts are also appropriate where professionalism dramatically matters. 

DO: Wear as a layering piece

There are like hundreds of ways to wear a V-neck t-shirt for both men and women. You can either pair it with a casual pair of pants and simple shoes or you can layer it up with a hoodie or a jacket. In fact, you can also experiment with a cool scarf to jazz it up a little. They are also an apt choice to wear on warm days where you need extra ventilation. 

However, a Bewakoof V-Neck-T-Shirt can also be worn as a layering outfit. It is beautiful top-wear to have as an option during cold weather conditions. V neck T-Shirts full sleeves look best when they are left undone or buttoned halfway. Certain winter wear outfits go well with V-Neck T-Shirts.  

DON’T: Wear it Baggy

Wearing a baggy or oversized V-Neck T-Shirt can be a significant blunder. When you dress by having a particular occasion in your mind, you should lay proper emphasis on the fit. In other words, the V-Neck T-Shirt you are wearing should snugly fit around your upper torso. A shirt which is too baggy looks sloppy. Moreover, the neckline of the V-Neck T-Shirt won’t lie flat against your body if it is too big. Well, there is nothing wrong with wearing an oversized t-shirt when running errands. However, when the context is about looking beautiful, ensure that your shirt fits correctly. 

DO: Choosing the appropriate fabric

The T-Shirt quality is never associated with the appearance of the T-Shirt. It would help if you always chose full sleeve v neck t-shirts for men’s made of cotton. Fabric made from 100% cotton is a preferable choice while buying V-Neck T-Shirts. On the other hand, blended cotton tees are also a good option. A modest quantity of elastane or stretchable fibers can help maintain the perfect size of your T-Shirt. Quite interestingly, the cotton-polyester blend is moderately priced and facilitates stress-free maintenance. Here is the list of some standard fabric options you can avail with V-Neck T-Shirts. 

  • Pima- It is one of the best cotton fabrics available nowadays. It resists pilling, fading and stretching and becomes softer over time. 

  • Organic Cotton- It is usually more expensive than treated cotton. It is derived using less usage of chemical agents and fertilizers.  

  • Jersey- Usually derived from cotton and blend of synthetics, this fabric is quite flexible and comfortable. 

Out of all these fabrics mentioned above, Pima and Organic Cotton tend to be most prevalent in V-Neck T-Shirts.

DON’T: Too many V-Necks can spoil your look

Too many V-Necks can seriously spoil your style quotient. If you are on the lookout to wear a V-Neck sweater, don’t wear a V-Neck T-shirt under it. When wearing a shirt with a V-shaped neckline, adhere to wear a polo tee or a regular shirt. This would help you to exude a functional and trendy look. 

DON’T: Wear V-Neck T-Shirts that would stretch out

On extensive usage, your V-Neck T-Shirts would stretch out around the neckline. When this happens, you should immediately stop wearing them. You should avoid wearing them on occasions where you want to look at your best. It is usually because a stretched out v neck half sleeve t-shirt tends to reflect an out-of-style vibe. If your VE-Necks are past their prime, use them for lounging or doing household work. 

DO: Go Monochromatic

Tees with V-shaped necklines are flattering as they visually extend your upper body. In other words, this enables you to sport a slimmer look irrespective of your body size and type. Thus, if you are on the lookout to get the most out of the slimming effect, opt for monochromatic V-Necks. For instance, you can wear your desired tee with the same colored pants and boots to achieve a thin and taller look. Well, you can accomplish this look with V-Necks in any shade. However, the more dark colors you select, the chances of exhibiting a slimmer profile increases. 

DO: Spruce up your look with accessories

Accessories can really help you to style up when wearing a V-Neck. If you have a simple and laidback V-Neck tee, which is in great need of sprucing up, pair it with a leather belt. Instead of pairing it with an essential pair of pants, try wearing the V-Necks with regular or slim fir jogger trousers. Even cargo joggers complement the style and looks of the V-Neck T-Shirts. Always remember that V-Necks provides the perfect balance to people with long necks and narrow faces. 

Online fashion is definitely more accessible with Bewakoof. Explore the latest collection of V-Neck T-Shirts available in cool shades. If your wardrobe is longing for an overhaul, we at Bewakoof can definitely help you.