Women's Crop Tops


Blending comfort with chic, the carefree spirit of youth with the latest fashion trends, a crop top t-shirt is the perfect wardrobe staple in your wardrobe. A crop top is one of the most versatile pieces you could have since you can wear it virtually anywhere and in any season if you style it accordingly. A pool party with your gang? A sleepover with your girlfriends? Attending a super happening music festival? Out on a chill date? Cropped tops can be your ride-or-die outfit choice through all of that and more!

We at Bewakoof bring you an exciting range of crop tops online! From solid colored cropped tops in the prettiest of neutrals and pop-y colors to ones with quirky graphics and quotes, we have it all! We also have some minimalist Marvel, DC, and Disney merch women’s crop tops to satiate your inner fangirl and add some pizzazz to your outfit. Whatever the occasion may be, you can find a safe bet in the Bewakoof.com stylish crop tops.

Sounds too good to be true? 

Read on for styling inspiration to make the most of the cropped tops in your wardrobe:

  1. A Summer Affair

    Crop tops for women are conventionally considered a summer staple. While that may be true, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot sport stylish crop tops all year-round. You need to find the right way to style it without freezing over. A crop top t-shirt which is slightly on the longer side can make a great pair with high-waisted dark denim and a classic jacket thrown over to keep you warm. The key to styling women’s crop tops through the year, is finding the right proportion of layers to go over it. You can also pick a crop top to fit the season- for instance, bright mustards and earthy khakis for the summer, pastels for spring, and reserve the dark, moody hues for the autumn and winter. Bewakoof.com has a great shade-range to pick from for your crop top.

  2. Dress for the Occasion

    Ladies crop tops, contrary to popular belief, are versatile enough to work as both party-wear and pajamas- and everything in between. While you might prefer a loose, boxy, soft cotton crop top t-shirt to wear to bed, a party would call for one in a more snug fit, silkier fabric, and darker color. Graphic-printed crop tops for girls are perfect to wear to college, perhaps paired with a high-rise light-wash denim and converse. You could try a more boho-chic look for a music festival by pairing them with cut-off shorts! You can try the versatile graphic cropped tops at Bewakoof.com to stylishly carry you through most occasions.

  3. Explore the Quirky Ethnic Route

    Pairing a crop top with an ethnic-printed flowy palazzo or wraparound skirt is a funky take on indo-western combinations that will make you stand out from the crowd in college while still adhering to the dress code. The higher waistlines of palazzos and wraparound skirts ensure your cropped top ends right at the waistband- making your legs look longer and keeping your midriff covered. Ladies crop tops in a neutral tone with minimal embellishments work really well if your palazzo or wraparound has bright and busy ethnic motifs, alternatively, you can choose a crop top in a solid color that complements the colour-scheme of your bottoms. Some beaded or tassel jewellery and a jholi bag will elevate the look further. Try out Bewakoof.com’s single colored crop tops for girls to find the perfect colour for your outfit.

  4.  An Unconventional Blouse

    Want to turn heads during pujas, or formal-wear events that mandate a sari? Be a trendsetter by wearing quirky ladies crop tops as a blouse. The youthful combination will make you the breath of fresh air in any room you walk into. A solid linen sari is a perfect combination with funky women’s crop tops like those in the Bewakoof.com inventory, but you can also experiment with the textile, print, or embroidery in the sari over a solid colored crop top to match your vibe. Add some oxidized jewelry, and your look is complete.

  5. Peppy Chic

    Crop tops for girls pair perfectly with skater skirts or shorts with a structured silhouette, like the trendy paper-bag waist, for instance, to give a peppy put-together look that channels your inner Blair Waldorf. Experiment with fun hair accessories like hair bands, scarves, and clips, and chic bags. Pastel converse or sandals complete the look. Remember, in this outfit, the details can make or break the deal. Keep the overall colour palette pastel to make the most of the lovely pastel colored cropped tops available on Bewakoof.com, and incorporate interesting pearl or rose-gold accents in your accessories to lend that girly-yet-sophisticated charm. Make sure your crop top is from a harmonious color family as the rest of the look's elements, but given the wide range of color options here at Bewakoof.com, you shouldn’t have a tough time finding the right shade.

  6. Romantic Allure

    Spring and summer are the perfect time to channel the romantic, dreamy vintage-inspired aesthetic. Flowy maxi- or midi-skirts in muted or pastel colours, light, breathable palazzos in neutrals or earthy tones pair beautifully with crop tops. You could go the basic route with a neutral crop top t-shirt, or amp it up with one of the stylish crop tops in minimalist aesthetic designs in the appropriate colour scheme. Regardless, you should be able to find your perfect match in one of the cropped tops in Bewakoof.com’s collection. Brown sandals, neutral slip-on loafers, or even chunky white sneakers go well with these looks. Keep your jewellery minimal and based on gold or rose-gold hardware. You can add a touch of youthful chicness to the look in a small leather or cloth backpack. Ensure the hardware on your bag, shoes, and jewelry do not clash as this could ruin the entire harmony of the outfit.

  7. Covering Up

    While crop top t-shirts are usually the perfect length to pair with high-waisted bottoms without worrying about your midriff showing, it is understandable if you would prefer more coverage. As with any other clothing article, confidence is key if you want to carry the look well. Squirming to avoid a wardrobe malfunction is going to do you no favours. Especially considering there are so many ways to remedy the situation. Layering up is a no-brainer here- shrugs, denim jackets, semi-formal blazers, and endless options. You can also opt for a wider belt, or a stole around your neck to help you feel more secure in the outfit.

With all those cool outfit ideas for women’s crop tops, it would be a shame not to experiment with such a versatile clothing item. The market is flooded with crop tops for women, and if you are looking for more niche designs, you can explore crop tops online. On Bewakoof you can find ladies crop tops with unique prints that you can conveniently browse through your phone and have delivered right at your doorstep.

We at Bewakoof believe in presenting the chicest and most stylish crop top for girls, and you will definitely enjoy our collection if you are looking for something that is more individualistic than what the market typically has to offer.