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Women's Jackets

Jackets for women have come a long way from thick and heavy Parka jackets to light and casual bomber jackets for women. Traditionally, the jacket options were limited to winter jackets for women. But today, online storefront displays see a new trend. Due to India's climate variations, it becomes challenging to select a ladies winter jacket made of breathable fabric. To find a piece that complements your attire, you shouldn't have to settle for anything less than thin fabric, especially when you know about the Indian weather. 

You wouldn't want to end up drenched in sweat at your next hangout with friends, would you? 

Bewakoof has made the deal of selection easier for you. Whether you're looking for trendy puffer jackets that are always in vogue or the bomber jackets for an effortlessly cool look, you will find it in your size at Bewakoof's e-store. 

What are the Types of Women's Jackets? 

You should know your options to form the right perspective about the product. A women's jacket could be as simple as a classic plain bomber jacket or a puffy nylon winter jacket. Both are worn around the year as a fashion statement to complement casual trainers and T-shirts. You can walk to the nearest café donning the ladies bomber jacket or stroll around the park on a chilly evening with a Women's Full Sleeve T-shirt, slightly washed jeans, and a plain ladies winter jacket. 

Women's Puffer Jacket: You can never go wrong with a puffer jacket. They come in different shapes and sizes to complement your figure while providing the required warmth in the chilly winter months. They are good to go with casual, formal, and party outfits, which can be good for any day. Bewakoof knows you're looking for jackets that fit every type of outfit, which is why our puffer jackets are available in different colors that will complement all your different styles.

Women's Bomber Jacket: As India's climate is not suitable for heavy jackets with hoodies, you can always trust the bomber jacket in your wardrobe for a comfortable trip. It comes in various color options to blend with any outfit that you choose to wear. For last-minute get together plans, you can quickly wear your bomber jacket over any basic Women T-shirt to get an effortlessly put-together appearance. 

Are These Jackets Comfortable? 

Comfort is synonymous with the ladies jacket collection that you see at Bewakoof. These jackets are made with 100% pure material that feels smooth and soft on your skin and gives your body a pleasant experience when you wear them.

Let's learn more about the materials of your jackets

Cotton Bomber Jackets: The Bomber Jackets for women are made with 100% pure cotton so that it acts as a second skin when you wear it on casual days. Usually, blended cotton jackets are found at cheaper prices because they are inexpensive to make. However, pure cotton is a breathable fabric that prevents moisture from getting trapped. So our cotton bomber jackets are airy and leave you feeling fresh all day. Also, cotton is said to absorb water of about 1/5th of its weight before it starts feeling damp. This is good for the long days of holiday and outings with friends.

Nylon Puff Jackets: 100% Nylon used for making Puff Jackets are water-resistant. On the cold winter days, the full-sleeved puff jackets will help you feel warm even in countries with chilly winters. If you're at a place where it suddenly starts snowing or drizzling, the jacket will protect you against the water and keep you warm for as long as you're out. If you enjoy trekking and sports activities, wearing a nylon winter jacket will hold your body's sweat to keep you feeling warm throughout the day. These jackets are so light that the material's weight will not pull you down in the name of winter protection.

Will I Get the Jackets in My Size? 

While online shopping for winter jackets for women online, it must have happened many times that you selected two or three pieces only to get disappointed not to find them in your style. That wouldn't be the case at Bewakoof. We know the importance of finding the jacket of your choice in your size. It increases your confidence and makes you appear even more stunning than you might have imagined. 

You have the independence of selection, and we will make sure of our selection's availability. 

All you need to do is select your jacket's size from the filter near the search box. Every jacket available in your size will be displayed in front of you. Bewakoof has a stock of Women's Jackets in XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL for you to choose from. 

Available Color Options

Your clothing reflects your personality. Thus, you should never settle for anything less than 'you.' Bewakoof's online women's jackets section gives you the independence to select the color that projects your personality and mood. For an elegant, feminine expression, select the Panda Badge Zipper Bomber Jacket for women that comes with a Panda Badge on a pink and red jacket to reflect your personality's playful side. Choose from black, red, dark green, and blue bomber jackets to match your bottom wear and shoes. 

Styling Tips

  • Puff Jackets look flawless with a casual shirt, denim, T-shirt, and short and knee-length skirts. 
  • You can wear any of these combinations depending on the occasion. 
  • When shopping for a Bomber jacket, one looks for a plain style women hoodie-less jackets that blend well with elevated attire like denim, khaki, T-shirts, and button-down shirts. 
  • For the winter puff jackets, red and gray are the trendiest color in today's time. The women’s bomber jacket will bring a chic look to your personality.

Get your hands on your favorite pairs before the stock runs out, but do not forget to browse our other awesome collections like Dresses, Women Joggers and much more. Happy Shopping!