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Sleeping at night requires a certain degree of comfort, rather than complete comfort. Whether you are a student or a working professional, a greater part of the day is spent in college or work appropriate attire, which can be anything from skinny jeans to formal wear or body cons for those Friday night parties. Women, for the sake of making a fashion statement and Instagram-worthy picture, often sacrifice comfort for style. But at Bewakoof, we believe that style and comfort should go hand-in-hand which is why Bewakoof’s wonderful collection of pajamas for women meets both criteria.

Pyjamas or pajamas, whichever spelling you prefer, are often the most underrated piece of clothing since the popular opinion is that it is donned only in the privacy of one’s bedroom. But don’t we all like to feel good about ourselves? And nothing does it better than when we look fabulous. When we sleep with a positive and happy mindset, we get up raring to meet the day's challenges.

Why Is There A Need To Have Pajamas for Women In Your Wardrobe?

Women are often blamed for having too many clothes (what's too many clothes anyway?), but why is there a particular need for dedicated sleepwear like pajamas?

  • Provides utmost comfort: sleepwear necessarily spells comfort- something that isn’t clingy and generally made of breathable material like cotton.

  • Prepares your body and mind for bed: as you slip into your favorite pair of pajamas, it signals your mind that it’s time to unwind and relax and that sleep isn’t far away.
  • Keeps you warm: unlike shorts or nightdresses, ladies pajamas help you keep warm in winter and aides in a night of restful sleep.

  • Aides in maintaining hygiene: our skin regularly sheds the upper dermal layer. The fabric of your pajamas catch them instead of the bedspread, so a quick wash and you maintain the sanctity of your bedsheets.

  • Good for lounging: whether you want to go for quick grocery shopping at your local store or just lounge with your friends at home, nothing is more apt than good old pajamas for women. If you are crashing at friends or relatives' places or any hotel, pack your favorite pair of PJs, and you are spared any unnecessary awkwardness.

The New Normal Demands For New Form Dressing

Post pandemic, we are all going into a new normal that would require us to spend a considerable amount of time working from home. This has led us to wear our leisurewear 24/7. As we log onto our Zoom calls, we might be looking sprightly waist upwards but waist down, we are lounging in our pajamas.

If you have been stalling buying a new pair or two of pajamas, then now is the time to invest in one. Bewakoof has an extensive range of pajamas for women. available from bright yellows, ravishing reds, subtle blues, peppy pinks, plain blacks, or brilliant maroons, and even in camouflage print. There is one color for every day of the week and something for all your moods. You don't need to sacrifice the latest trends just because you are at home.

Why Choose Your Sleepwear From Bewakoof.Com Over Other Portals?

Bewakoof is a name that has a huge band of loyalists since 2012. We were conceived, keeping in mind the chilled and laid back attitude of the youngsters who want to have their money’s worth without sacrificing their quirky fashion sense. The youth believe in making a statement with their attire, and at Bewakoof, we understand that DNA. 

Our Pajamas for women have an elastic band that gives a snug fit, "fits just right, not too tight," and has the essential pockets stitched in every pair. As women, not finding clothes with pockets is quite problematic, but not when you are shopping from Bewakoof. Women come in various shapes and sizes, and no one size fits them all. So we have sizes from XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL for everyone. Read the size charts for a better idea, if you are confused.

Indian summers are hot and humid, and let's be honest as much as satin and silk sleepwear might look sensuous, but they aren’t high on the comfort index. So, wear our 100% poplin ladies cotton pyjamas to bed and be assured of restful sleep!

At Bewakoof, we have cool and quirky boyfriend and half sleeves t-shirts for women that you can pair with our PJs and look amazing not only for the bed but also throughout the day.

The regular customers at are part of TriBe Membership, and that allows them to have their favorite items at a discounted rate and early access whenever a new collection is launched. With a 15-day return policy, return and obtain a refund for an item if you aren’t 100% satisfied. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority!

With online shopping becoming common, it is important to trust a name that you are buying from This is the mantra that we believe in and try to spread via every merchandise and apparel that we endorse and sell.


The term beauty sleep is often associated with women since a good night’s rest keeps those dark circles, under-eye bags, and acne at bay and makes the ladies look stunning inside out. Aiding in proper sleep is good sleepwear, and for that, you need to trust the best. 

If you haven’t yet made the purchase, hurry and buy a pair before the stock expires. Because ladies, you have got to be prepared for every eventuality, as you never know when your favorite celebrity crush makes an appearance in your dream!

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