Women's XL T-Shirts


T-shirts are considered to be a humble item in women clothing segments. No matter how humble, T-shirts are super essential pieces & also widely debated ones. Be it the petite ones out there or our board and beautiful women, we have a massive range of designs and patterns for everyone to choose from!

From unmissable graphics & striking colors, short length of T-shirts to long ones, Bewakoof has made quite a name for itself in the world of T-shirts for both men and women alike.

If you identify as someone who just can’t do without their daily fix of T-shirt & are looking for something extraordinary in the XL size t shirt category then you must check out our stunning collection.

Don’t be shy honey!

Yes, you read that right. Bring on all the sass you got and don’t be shy to make a statement in Bewakoof’s bold graphic tees. Check out our “Let's Break Up” Round T-Shirt & have no connection with stress whatsoever!

Whether it’s an XS size T-shirt or an XL size T-shirt, we’ve got them all. We’ve even added XXXL T-shirts for women to our collection coz tiny or not, we RUN THE WORLD!!! 

How to choose the best T-shirt for yourself?

There are a couple of pointers to keep in mind while looking for the right T-shirt. Although you are bound to not go wrong with our impressive range, we do understand that everyone has their own tastes and preferences.

So how do you go about choosing the right one for you?

Fabric that feels right: We all know that the right fabric matters a lot. Nobody likes wearing T-shirts that feel scratchy, or T-shirts for Women that make us feel hot and sweaty all the time. Come on now, being a hot clumsy-smelly mess is not a cute look after all!

This is when the right fabric comes into the picture. At Bewakoof, we use 100% jersey cotton which is not just lightweight but also opaque. No more “innerwear visible from underneath the T-shirt” scenarios!

What’s more? Our T-shirts feel extremely soft on your body, but at the same time do a great job at retaining their form. Typically speaking, this should be your go to fabric if looking good and feeling good is your topmost priority.  

Details lie in the scale chart!

Wearing the right size of T-shirt that compliments your body shape can make or break an outfit. We know the struggles that most women face! It’s not being able to find the right size with the right fit. Good news - our scales aren’t limited to a mere size S, M & L!

Like most websites on the internet our scale doesn’t stop at L. Our XL T-shirt collection is quite a hit & needs to be spoken of. Why just XL t shirt range for that matter? Our XXXL T-shirts for women are the first ones to go out of stock! Come on, get yours before these sizes run out. 

I’m in love with the Shape of you..

Sizing matters, but shape does too. Low quality T-shirts hold absolutely no shape whatsoever. They hang from the shoulders like a carton and look extremely unflattering. Now who would want to go around looking like a scarecrow, right? Be it our small size T-shirts or XL size T-shirt, they fit just right. Neither too tight nor too loose, that’s the stuff you should be putting your money on!

Love lies in the Length!

Ever searched for “T-shirt XL” looking for a lengthy T-shirt, even found multiple options, but they ended up letting you down because of the short length that most come in? 

We understand the importance of the right length. We know how much it matters! In fact, it is something that most of us take into consideration while making a purchase. 

You can now be carefree and buy long T-shirts only from Bewakoof.com. Team them up with those tight fitted leggings & rock the sporty look! Prints that withstand the test of time. Our graphic tees come in a huge variety of attractive prints and quotes.

However, nobody likes buying their favorite print of T-shirt and seeing it crack immediately after a wash or two.

Say no to cracking prints with Bewakoof’s high tech graphics. Just ensure to follow washing instructions mentioned on the tag. Care for your valuable graphic tees by washing them in cold or lukewarm water only.

Our Graphic T-shirts for Women are prone to damage if washed in very high temp water.

Delay no more & check out our wide variety of XL size T-shirt in our graphic tees segment right now! 

I wear my heart upon my sleeves. Got an XL T-shirt with sleeves that won’t even fit a kid decently?

Picky in the sleeves department? With our all inclusive range, choosing the right sleeve length is going to be a child’s play for you. Whether it’s an XL size T-shirt for women or for men, a sizely proportional sleeve is what you’ll get. Also with our different styles, be it cap sleeves or 3/4th Sleeve T-shirts, half sleeves or long ones, our collection of XL T-shirts is a total loot!

Multi taskers, that’s what our super versatile T-shirts are!

These XL size t shirts for ladies come in a massive variety of designs as well as styles. Whether it’s your jeans, skirts, shorts, loose pants or any Lowers for Women, you can pretty much pair them with anything & look your personal best. Bound to keep you hooked, our stunning extra large T-shirts are here to stay!

T-shirts are a must have and at a price point as low as ours, you can’t have just one. Switch up your IT quotient and wear different styles on repeat!

Suitable for all age groups, why just buy for yourself?

Spread love and joy by gifting your near and dear ones a bag full of happiness only from Bewakoof.com.

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