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Jeans for women has always been a bit of a hot topic in the fashion world. Time and again, new jeans designs and styles were introduced that flooded the market reaching almost every corner of the world. One of the main reasons behind the popularity of jeans pants is their insane durability. In the last decade, jeans have become extremely popular in India, especially among youngsters.

Buying Jeans for women online

At Bewakoof, we understand women’s fashion and have listed a collection of handpicked jeans that should have a place in every woman’s wardrobe. These jeans pants are both stylish and comfortable to wear. Also, the most important thing, they are very reasonably priced. Check out our collection of denim jeans to pile up your closet with the perfect pair of jeans. 

When it comes to jeans for women, Bewakoof is the ideal shopping platform to visit. We offer a diverse selection of jeans, including both baggy fit jeans and slim fit styles, which are currently in fashion. Distressed jeans have always been one of the most sold jeans. It fits perfectly with the legs and appears very attractive. You will find many variants when it comes to choosing the colour of the jeans pant as well. All our jeans for girls are made of premium quality materials so that they do not get damage. Also, the material is stretchable that ensures comfort when worn making the denim jeans a perfect option to wear during rough or rigorous activities like trekking. 

You can never go wrong with denim ladies jeans while going to a party. Denim jeans for girls are an extremely versatile option that can be worn to almost every place whether it is casual dining or a high-end gathering. Check out our tapered fit and skinny fit ladies jeans pants to flaunt a very stylish look. Wear them with a shirt or a formal top to pull off a formal look at the office or pair them with a crop-top for the ultimate chic look. Dress them with a casual tee when you hang out with your friends or go out on an evening walk. For a rugged look, wear the jeans with your shirt or t-shirt tucked in. A pro tip, prefer choosing contrasting colours while selecting the upper and the lower wear. 

Besides denim jeans, there is another bottom wear without which the women’s world of fashion is incomplete; Jeggings! These are the skinny looking jeans worn by many women across the country. They appear extremely fashionable and classy when worn with the right outfit. Jeggings are not very different from ladies jeans, they both appear the same. Although both the garments are very comfortable to wear, jeggings have a hugging effect and are comparatively lighter than jeans. One of the many advantages of buying a jegging is that it covers the tummy region and covers all the bulges making it appear completely flat. Similar to a ladies jeans pant, you can pair them with a t-shirt, shirt, or top. These lovely trousers are available in all sizes as well so that you never have to worry about finding the perfect item for your body shape. 

What to choose from jeans or Jeggings?

This is a very difficult question. Choosing between jeans and jeggings depends on personal preferences and tastes. Although quite similar, they both have a unique look of their own and can be worn with almost all types of clothes. Jeans and jeggings are available in almost every colour and pattern as well. Both options have an equal number of variants. However, if you dislike carrying things in your hand, a ladies jean pant is a better option as the jegging pockets are barely functional. Those tiny pockets cannot fit the gigantic phones used in modern days. 

Many argue that jeggings are a comfortable choice compared to jeans but that is a personal preference. Jeggings do have a soft and hugging effect but you can easily find many jeans online that are very stretchable and lightweight similar to legging. 

Jeggings will be a better choice for someone who is gaining or losing weight. As the material is more stretchable, they fit perfectly even after the body shape changes slightly. Jeans for girls may not offer the same fit if you gain or lose a few kilos. 

Where will you find premium quality Jeans and Jeggings at the best Prices?

Tired of visiting shopping malls and walking for hours to find that one perfect item? Bewakoof brings you an online shopping platform where you can buy premium quality products at very reasonable rates. Sit within the comfort of your home and scroll through our vast collection of tops, shirts, jeans, notebooks, and many more. Enjoy a swift payment process and get your product delivered to the doorstep instead of wasting time like millions of people waiting in the long queues for their turn. Our online store is never closed and delivers to almost every corner of the country. 

If you are looking for premium quality jeans and jeggings, look no further! Our collection has various colours including classic black, blue, and many other hues like mist pink, bright yellow, etc. Choose stylish tops like a black tank top, pair it with your jeans or jeggings, wear a good pair of shoes and you are ready to attend any occasion or event.

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