Xiaomi Poco F1 Mobile Covers


Classy Covers For The Classy Phone

Accessorize your phone with beautifully designed back covers for your smartphone and personalize your dear lifeline, your beloved mobile.

Gorgeously designed mobile covers not only give your personalized touch to your phone but also add to the protective layer to your smartphone to prevent you from any heartbreak and that gut-wrenching feeling when you drop your bae.

Shop from a wide range of exclusively designed Poco f1 back covers, starting at just rupees 199.

Abstract Teal Block Back Cover

Abstract never fails to leave us awe-struck. Abstracts never fail to captivate our eyes and keep us hypnotized in those symmetrical designs we just cannot take our gaze off. From the likes of Picasso to Van Gogh, we’ve realized that abstract art never fails to swoon us away with its special magic that makes us get lost in the symmetry of the patterns. Feel energetic with the Classic teal shock, and express the cradle of love you have for the beauty in the aesthetics of art. Get your abstract teal abstract design cover for your poco f1 for just Rupees 199, for the best quality.

Get your Ph.D. degree in Pubg with exclusive designs

Poco f1, without a doubt, is the most powerful flagship phone at the best possible and unimaginable price.

The flagship smoothly conquers the graphics and smooth flow of heavy games for the gamer heads.

One of the most loved and trending games at this time is at an unimpeachable position and is continuing to conquer the market for more than a year now.

I’m pretty sure you’re just as big a fan of that game, like everyone else, the game is none other than the people’s favorite, Player Unknowns, Battlegrounds, or PUBG.

Wait! You’re a pro at it? I guessed it right! So what are you waiting for? You have the perfect phone, the perfect game, you might as well complete the look and get your professional PUBG degree as well. Customize your gaming beast with your passion for gaming showcasing as a certificate on your phone’s back. Get the Ph.D. in PUBG Poco f1 cover for rupees 225 and showcase to the world, your passion for gaming.

We love you 3000, Tony!

Admit it, all of us cried at the last scene of the endgame. Iron man, a.k.a Tony Stark conquered our hearts ever since his first appearance in the Marvel Movie – Iron man; and ever since we just cannot deny how awesome he made it for us and how he got us head over heels for him in no time.

Tony stark has a worldwide fan following not just because of his lifestyle, it’s simply because he’s plain awesome.

Show your love for your favorite, Iron man with specially designed Iron man Poco f1 case and geek out with your stan gang with the Iron man phone cover collection.

Lift thor's hammer and Rule Asgard

Who all ever dreamt of lifting Thor's hammer? We’ve all pictured ourselves there. Well, you can now prove yourself worthy of the throne of Asgard with the classic designer Thor back cover. Flaunt it to your friends, flaunt it everywhere Odin son, your throne awaits you. Make sure you’re worthy by getting your hands on the special poco f1 back cover and declaring your throne out to the world by rocking it with your phone. Not just stylish and appealing in design, but also as tough as real thor’s hammer on the outside, the specially designed Thor's hammer back cover collection for all the marvel freaks in the house is just what you need to add to your marvel stan starter pack, at just a small, high yielding investment of 299 Rupees!