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Mobile phones are indeed the best way to stay connected with your friends and family. No matter how far you go, it always keeps you in touch with your loved ones. People are addicted to them as it has become a storehouse of entertainment and knowledge for people of all ages. An era without a smartphone is unimaginable. 


The brilliance a phone offers is spectacular. Additionally, affordable mobile phones are easily available in the market. If you love your phone so much and you are heavily dependent on this tiny rectangular device, don't you think, it must be protected? 


"Jaan de denge iske liye"! Isn't it?

Worry not! We care about you and your mobile phones. That is why we have dedicated special attention to mobile covers. We, at Bewakoof manufacture covers for almost all the top brands of mobile phones in the market. Name it and we have it! When speaking so much about phones, how can we forget about Redmi 6 Pro? 


Ah! The glossy finish! And a powerful performance!

But don't you think that you should protect this piece of beauty? You must. And you are here because you want that A+ security for your phone. Let's know why you should purchase a mobile cover for your Redmi 6 pro from Bewakoof. 


Why should you buy a Redmi 6 Pro mobile cover?


We all agree with the fact that the back cover of a phone is quite important. It not only prevents the phone from sliding off your hands but also delays the water absorption in the deep minute layers of the mobile. Back cases or covers are known for guarding the quality of the mobiles. Additionally, mobile covers are now made in a way to increase its functionality. They are designed according to the demands of mobile users.


But what we miss out is the brand we choose. We prefer to buy the first affordable mobile cover in the market. It might be affordable, but do you think it's durable? Or do you think it is the best that you deserve? (Hint: No)


If you are buying the best mobile for you, then why shouldn't you consider buying an equivalently best branded mobile cover? Here is Bewakoof’s range of Xiaomi mobile covers for you. 


When finding the perfect back cover, Bewakoof is the perfect place to be. Why?


Making an impact through a perfect mixture of innovation and quality is the first thing that we ensure while making our products. The Redmi 6 Pro Case variants available at Bewakoof not only focus on the durability but also the style. We make affordable Redmi 6 pro back covers with the best material available in the market. Our mobile covers like Samsung Covers, Oppo Covers, Vivo Covers and more, all are made of polycarbonate- a material that can guarantee protection from all kinds of external shocks. 

Additionally, the openings for the side buttons, charger port/dock connector, headset jack, and speaker are perfectly carved without having any sharp or uneven edges. While making these perfect mobile covers, we never compromise on the style. So, if you want to parade in front of your friends flaunting your jazz, then Bewakoof is probably the best option for you to consider.


Why should you consider Bewakoof?


Our firm was founded in 2012 to contribute positively to society. In one sentence, Bewakoof is "Distinctive fashion for the contemporary Indian". The recent seven years of 250+ team members are part of our family, more than 1 Crore products have been sold, with many in-process and more than 60 Lakhs users have downloaded the app, making the Ingrown Indian Platform shine bright in quality work. 


What are the varieties that you can find here? 


Bewakoof offers a wide range of Redmi 6 Pro Covers including the Designer Hard Covers that are hard to miss. They are light on your wallet just as they are over your phone and this makes them the best choice for your next purchase. It becomes difficult to ignore the variety of colors with dozens of unique designs we’ve offered in our store to you.. 


Are you a Marvel fan? Or, are you a nature lover?

We have everything! Be it simple patterns or cool dialogues like, "Bulati hai magar jane ka nahi" or "Apna Time Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro Mobile Cover", we always have something for everyone. 


All these cool and stylish Redmi 6 pro covers are available at a budget-friendly price. They are so stylish that you will never forget to flash it in a party.


Join the TriBe


You receive discounts on joining Bewakoof’s TriBe Membership which is again on a very affordable side. The 6 - months TriBe Membership costs you only ₹299 and the 12 months will cost you ₹399. The wonders attached to the membership are the availability of real priority-based customer service with early access to the exclusive collection, preventing you from waiting for days to fetch your style and of course, the unbeatable discounted prices offered. 


Should you worry about the hygiene and delivery of your product?


The delivery is safe and sound with proper measures taken care of as the team believes in transferring happiness which is sanitized with trust. And, as per the current limited offer, every TriBe Membership will get you 3 Bewakoof masks for free. Additionally, we have options for both online and offline payments. 


What if you are not satisfied with our mobile accessories? Do not worry. We have a 15-day return or refund policy in case you are not satisfied with the product.




Bewakoof is the best option to ensure safety and style. Wherever you go, the style and pattern of your mobile cover is sure to impress your family and friends equally. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Bewakoof Redmi 6 Pro Cover, ensuring the safety and durability of your smartphone, right now!