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Mobile phones were invented for the ease of communication, but it slowly and gradually surpassed its basic feature and became a multipurpose device with multiple advanced features like the camera, flashlight, music, games and many more. Today each pair of hands has a cell phone, be it a kid, a teenager, an adult or an oldie sitting back at home. 

But, cell phones are very delicate and require extra care and protection as they can be completely damaged if they fall from a height or are placed unsafely. The Redmi K20 Pro is winning the market, and it offers good value for money. If you own a stylish and trendy piece of technology like the Redmi K20 Pro, then you should definitely not miss out on the exclusive range of Redmi K20 Pro back covers available at, to protect your phone.

It Speaks of your Personality: The first impression is the last impression, and the truth is that nobody has the time and interest today to indulge in deep conversations to discover your unique personality. People will judge you based on your exteriors. With Xiaomi Phone Covers, you will be noticed everywhere you go, and the aesthetic and typo on your back cover will speak for you. You can go with a funny quote to make others around you comfortable or can have a sparkling glitter back cover to depict your cheerful personality. Bewakoof’s wide range of covers have it all covered.

The Design Variations: The world we live in is huge and is full of people having different needs and preferences. We very well understand the variety of design needed to cater to a wider range of customers.

Are you someone who enjoys being in a dreamy world while staring at the beautiful stars at night? Are you the one who has the funniest presence in the complete friend circle? Do you still love those Disney characters that used to transport us in the cartoon cosmos? Or are you the artist who finds a way to doodle their imaginations everywhere?

If you could relate to any of these questions, then you have come the right way. At Bewakoof we have all the possibilities in design covered when it comes to the Redmi K20 Pro back covers. The beautiful shades of colours with scenic views, solid coloured backgrounds with catchy one-liners, cool graphics and other forms of designs are all curated for the young and vibrant people at heart to boast their unique personalities in front of the whole world. 

Why do you need these? 

Our phones require protection from the outside world. These brilliantly made back covers are perfect for your phones as they provide long life to your costly phones, making them look trendier. You can also purchase multiple covers and keep changing them to eliminate monotony.


The cell phones do ring and inform when a person calls or when you have a reminder, but there is no prior information provided by the phone before it falls and breaks itself and your heart along with it. Prevention is always better than cure, and the Redmi K20 Pro covers at Bewakoof are made up of materials that are durable and save your phones from sudden breakages. 

The back covers have hard plastic materials in order to be resistant to frequent falls. The covers are made in a manner to perfectly fit all the inbuilt features of the phone, the buttons, the mic, the headphone slit and the charging point. The best part about the product is that it is very lightweight, making it easy for the user to carry it around in their pockets, adding the swag to your phone simultaneously. The prints on these covers are all high definition with a matte finish that makes the designs look classy and amazing.

Price Range: Not just mobile covers, but also mobile accessories at Bewakoof are a real catch you cannot afford to miss. The exclusive Redmi K20 pro cases range from Rs 149 to Rs 299. After all, you have a super sexy phone in your hands and having a cover that does not fit its style profile would be an injustice with your phone. These covers will perfectly match your phone’s standards and will differentiate you from the crowd.


Order the best companion from Bewakoof for your special Redmi K20 Pro phones and provide the care and protection it needs. The Redmi K20 Pro back covers are guaranteed to serve the purpose of protection as they are made of suitable hard materials and will also make eyeballs of your friends roll. Make heads turn with these super cool and fancy phone cases. Don't forget to check out our other categories like Laptop Bags, Notebooks, Graphic Boards and more.

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