Redmi Note 7 Back Covers & Cases

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This year’s must-have accessory is the Redmi Note 7 back cover. An accessory that speaks volumes about today’s trend. Don’t agree? Let us tell you how and why are mobile covers the new must-have. At the very moment, which of the following is the closest to you? And which of the following is with you all the time?

Your keys, your wallet, your bike, your phone?

Most likely, the answer is your phone. The phone has become a necessity of life that you can never be parted from, even for a couple of hours. The phone is the new world’s wallet. You can do most of the things via your phone, such as shopping online, ordering your favorite food, transferring money, and so on. Hence, you don’t need a wallet anymore. The phone is your new companion that is in your field of vision all day long. 

This is the reason that irrespective of age or gender, we are obsessed about buying the most beautifully designed smartphones like the Redmi Note 7. This phone features an all-glass design from front-to-back. This is Xiaomi’s first launch in the Redmi lineup, and everyone’s eye is on this super-stylish smartphone.

You save your pocket money and cut off other necessities just to buy this dream phone. You know it takes a little extra expense to take care of that most-used device so that it may not get scratched. You want a bold and beautiful case that can protect your new mobile phone against all the scratches, scuffs, drops, dust, and debris.

Thankfully, you can do it easily by just spending as little as INR 175 or as much as INR 349. Yes, you read it right. We at Bewakoof, understand your needs and also the pain of spending big on expensive mobile accessories right after you have invested big in buying the latest smartphones. That’s why we bring to you the ultimate collection of Redmi Note 7 cases!

“Which is the best Redmi Note 7 back cover?”

“Could you suggest a good Redmi Note 7 case?”

“Where do I buy my favorite Redmi Note 7 cover from?”

These are the most common questions that most of you often have when looking to buy a trendy case for Xiaomi’s most loved launch, Redmi Note 7.

Well, the answers to all these questions can be found right here at Bewakoof. We are a one-stop solution to all your needs, when it comes to buying the best Redmi Note 7 back cover. 

Why Buy Our Premium Redmi Note 7 Case?

Shockproof Round Corners: Our wide range of premium Xiaomi Mobile Covers give 360° protection to your device while maintaining its original beauty and all-glass design look. The unique round-shaped corners of these back covers make your phone crash-resistant from all sides in a fall.

Raised Edges for Camera Protection: Slightly raised edges protect your phone’s camera from all sorts of scuffs, scratches, and rugs without making your phone look bulky. The excellently designed raised edges to extend a bit to give extra safety to your phone’s camera on a drop and when kept on a flat surface.

High Definition Matte Finish: Our every Redmi Note 7 cover comes with unique quotes, colors, funky designs, timeless texture, etc. with high definition matte finish on the backside. The matte finish not only makes your phone stand out but also creates a style statement for you. The all-glass design phone with the matte finish back covers, what a unique combination to add oomph to your personality!

Unique Collection: If you are picky with your choices and are looking for something to match your mood and personality, your quest ends at our exclusive collection of Redmi Note 7 back covers. We have plenty of unique options inspired by nature like our Mountain Wanderlust Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Mobile Cover, travel, stars, stripes, denim, animals, cartoon characters, music, emojis, etc. No matter if you belong to the ‘Blue Genre’ or ‘Pink Genre’, we have got you covered. 

Perfect Fit: Our all exclusive range of Redmi Note 7 phone covers are specifically designed for Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 7 so that they fit perfectly to your phone and take care of even the smallest details like camera, speakers, sensors, buttons, etc.

Bold & Beautiful: Whether you are in love with some quirky quotes like “Don’t Mess With The Best”, “Apna Time Aayega”, “Aao Kabhi Haveli Pe”, “Bulati Hai Magar Jane Ka Nai”, “Work Hard Dream Big”, “Live Life Loud Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Mobile Cover”, “Bad Choices Make Good Stories”, or Superhero themes like Avengers, Spiderman, Batman, or anything in between, our online inventory showcases a wide range of cases with quirky quotes and superhero symbols. Just explore our matchless collection and find your favourite pick now. 

High-Quality Material: Our Redmi Note 7 covers are made of high-quality material polycarbonate hard plastic that is odour free and non-toxic. So, it neither affects your health nor the environment, unlike other cases. Also, it is pretty flexible and far from the fear of losing shine. So, this little investment can help you protect your phone for years to come. 

Pocket Friendly: With Redmi Note 7 back cover range starting from INR 175, you need not bother about budget anymore. This mobile’s temptation will never dig a hole in your pocket. So, now the year’s must-have accessory is within everyone’s reach. 


The Redmi Note 7 is the most selling smartphone from Xiaomi. It has set a new benchmark in the segment of affordable smartphones with an all-glass unibody design and a whopping 48 MP primary camera. On the pros side, where the phone looks chic and classy, on the cons side, the device is fragile, which can easily get scratches and break down. Adding mobile covers are the perfect way to safeguard your beautiful devices from normal wear and tear.