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Buy Redmi Note 7 Pro Back Cover Online starting at Rs. 199.

Your mobile phone represents your personality wherever you go. The moment you take it out, it speaks about your preferences, lifestyle, and choices. So, for a product this important, you must take all the time needed to invest your money in the right place. Get the best range of Redmi Note 7 Pro Cover at Bewakoof. The store has everything to match your personality. 


  • Product Type: Phone Back Cover
  • Designed for: Redmi Note 7 Pro Mobile Phones
  • Brand: Xiaomi
  • Material: Polycarbonate hard plastic or Glass
  • Finish: Matte
  • Starting Price: Rs.225
  • Made by: Bewakoof

Features of the Redmi Note 7 Pro Covers

Durability, print quality, and the texture of mobile covers are the key factors that help you in making the right choice of a case for your smartphone. Anything less than comfortable is a strict no-no for the covers that you use every day. 

Bewakoof manufactures the highest quality products to match your style with the latest fashion trends. Professional designers utilize their expertise to design versatile designs to match your stunning personality. By combining with the modern technology, we offer premium-quality HD prints on the Redmi Note 7 Pro back cover that speaks in volumes about your wonderful preferences. You will become the style expert of your group in no time!

Here are the key features of every Redmi Note 7 Pro Case you see on this webpage. 

Impact Resistant: No more worrying about the accidental slip of phone. Bewakoof knows how important the protection of your phone is. In order to safeguard your hard-earned precious device, the covers are made with impact-resistant hard plastic material. Isn’t that a great deal? But at Bewakoof, not only mobile covers, mobile accessories too are made of high quality material.

Durable: These long lasting and flexible mobile phone covers have spectacular designs too. They look and perform well to make sure that every penny you’ve spent on them is utilized. Because hard plastic is used to make these covers, they last longer and fit like a second skin over your device. 

Rich Print: One look at these designs will make you grab one of these to show off at your next hangout with your friends. The High Definition (HD) designs breathe life into the patterns and make them look attractive, effortlessly. Circuit Board Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro Mobile Cover is one of the example.

Customized: The covers are specially designed to fit your Redmi Note 7 Pro mobile phone. The cover is cut at the right places to give room for the camera, flashlight, volume, and power buttons of your phone. You wouldn’t have to search for the buttons of your phone as they will conveniently be visible from the cutouts of the covers.

Trending Designs: You’ll always stay at the top of the game with the designs of mobile phone cases at Bewakoof. Our teams focus on the latest trends that match the different personalities of our buyers and give them the best services at the prices that don’t hurt their wallet. Offline Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro Mobile Cover is one such trendy design.We focus on creating products that give complete satisfaction like premium-products without being expensive.  

Types of Redmi Mobile Phone Cases at Bewakoof

Bewakoof has a garden of different types of stunning redmi covers. Keeping the latest demands of the fun and adventurous teenagers in our mind, we have created the products that stand the test of style. 

Listed below are the types of mobile phones at Bewakoof

Glass Mobile Phone Covers: Maximum protection is the main focus of the glass mobile phone covers. Dirt and dust will never touch your phone when a glass case is there to protect it. Bewakoof offers tempered glass phone covers in multiple designs and patterns like abstract, abstract glitters, superheroes, and space. 

With sleek rubber edges, the design smoothly fits over your phone like it never was a separate part of it. It provides a strong grip to your phone without changing its original shape. Take a look at Abstract Glitter Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro Glass Phone Cover and then no looking back.

Hard Plastic Phone Covers: Multiple possibilities of a great mobile phone case design await your touch. There is a cover to match the outgoing, reserved, charming, bold, and fun side of you.

In addition to this, you can choose from ‘Post It Up’ designs, Redwood, ‘Gym Karo,’ and Denim to match your mood for an occasion. 

Unique Shopping Experience at Bewakoof 

Bewakoof spins around to provide a 360-degree experience for young hearted people like you. To keep the spirit of fun and liveliness alive, every design of mobile phones at Bewakoof are made with the spirit of excitement at heart. The online store features special discounts to make the phone covers even more affordable. But in this process, the quality of the cases are never compromised. 

At these prices, not only can you get a cover for yourself, but you can also get one for your friend. Mix and match the cases to fit your mood. You can also make your friends get the same covers as you to make your group even more special. 

TriBe Benefits

Bewakoof offers special privilege to Tribe Membership audience. On subscribing for this program, you will never have to pay the full price of any product on the website. In addition to this, you can enjoy special benefits like an expedited delivery for every product and early access to the special collections as soon as they are released at Bewakoof. 

Buy Redmi Note 7 Pro Mobile Cover at Bewakoof

Made your mind for a mobile case yet? Great! Keep scrolling until the design that fits your personality and taste reaches your eyes. We are sure that the product you like will be available in the price range that you’re looking for. 

You will always feel like coming back for more products after using the products manufactured by Bewakoof. They are always the trendiest, exquisite, and versatile to fit the uniqueness of your nature. Buy Redmi Note 7 Pro Cover from Bewakoof to get the best products at a discounted price.

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