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10 Indian Fashion Bloggers To Watch Out For in 2021

In the digital age of social media and influencer marketing, the online blogosphere has become saturated with names and faces that bring your style inspirations home, on the small screen of your smartphone. There are some Fashion Bloggers though, that manage to stand out in the crowd with their sartorial style choices and unique panache.

Fashion is not merely clothing or a style statement. It is one of the most basic needs and instincts of every individual. Shaped by culture, time periods and the larger zeitgeist, fashion is an expression of the times we live in, as well as our individual interpretation of who we are at that point in life.

Often jokingly termed as fashion ‘influenzas’, these style mavens are making a much deeper impact than is commonly believed. They are resetting the fashion landscape and making statements of their own through their clothing and aesthetic. Today, top fashion influencers stand for so much more than mere style advice. They are expressing who they are, where they come from and are even participating in important social dialogues that are shaping the way the youth perceive themselves.

So with all that in mind & more, let us take a look at Indian fashion bloggers who are worth your attention and a follow - scroll on!

1) Komal Pandey

Well known & widely loved for her sartorial style choices, Komal is the crème de la crème of the digital fashion community in India. Her bold, vivacious, and experimental style has gotten her on the map of some major players in this field. Often making a statement about the value of choice and mutual respect through her content, Komal has been spearheading a formidable movement within her online space.

One of the most prominent fashion bloggers on Instagram, Komal’s style revolves around her fashion styling videos, which she calls ‘fashion therapy’. Always coming up with creative pairings and turning fashion styling into performance art, she is certainly a digital goliath to watch out for.

Steal their style: When it comes to stealing Komal’s style, you must look at your clothing differently. A skirt is not always a skirt - it can make for a superbly chic dress. A plain white chemise can be inculcated into an elaborate lehenga look with the right accessories. A simple blazer can be creatively layered for a one-of-a-kind statement. Get inspired, and get out of that box!

2) Santoshi Shetty

Santoshi is always quintessentially herself. She is one of the top fashion bloggers in the online space and often puts an interesting spin on the simplest of smart casual looks. She exudes her signature cool girl vibes through all of her content on Instagram, and is often spotted chilling by the sunset or vibing out to music.

Edgy, chic, and super relatable, Santoshi’s style choices are every Indian college girl’s bible. Comfort oriented, yet cool and eccentric, we are big fans of her style stamp.

Steal their style: A cool graphic tee, ripped denim, statement sneakers or high-tops and wavy free-flowing hair will give you the exact vibe you need to imitate Santoshi’s style. Don’t forget to add a pair of chic and futuristic sunglasses for those sun-kissed Instagram photos by the beach!

3) Karron S Dhinggra

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A big name amongst men fashion bloggers - Karron is a menswear style expert. A lawyer by profession, his suave style is a comprehensive guide to curating a dapper wardrobe for men. Encompassing luxe fashion, casual wear, business-casual attire and everything in between, Karron’s style statements are timeless.

Prominent on his Instagram page as well as YT channel, Karron S Dhinggra is the ultimate go-to for style inspo and information amongst male fashion bloggers, if you are planning a major shopping spree.

Steal their style: Keep it simple, classic & chic. Pay close attention to your color choices and choose versatile pieces that you can mix-n-match often.

4) Scherezade Shroff

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A beloved OG YouTuber and an influencer who has dominated the space for the longest time, Scherezade, lovingly referred to as ‘Sherry’ by her followers, is a well respected name in this space. Her bubbly, cheerful and bright personality undeniably shines through her style choices.

An awesome influencer to follow if you like to keep your fashion quirky and unique, while still keeping things uncomplicated; Sherry’s effortless style will inspire you like no other. Often inspired by her travels and her passion projects, her clothes reflect her charismatic personality to the T.

Steal their style: Make your childhood keep-sakes or your travel souvenirs work in your favor by incorporating them into your style. Use your life experiences as a base inspiration if you would like to rock it as Sherry does.

5) Spardha Malik

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Spardha, a well-known stylist & consulting editor for the multi-designer offline and online shopping platform Ogaan, Spardha is a rising star in the influencer game on Instagram. One of those super-rare fashion bloggers, who stick to their lane and have a curated style that is uniquely their own - Spardha’s Instagram page is full of striking visual fodder and art.

Often drawing inspiration from interior design, vintage items, retro fashion and unique art, we love Spardha’s unusual take on the subject of style. It is often said that style is not merely clothing, but the evocation of an emotional aesthetic. Well, Spardha is a maestro in this department.

Steal their style: Make a list of all the things you truly love visually. These could be anything under the sun. Now try to spot patterns of color, aesthetics and textures that find a common thread in all those things. Use this new-found information to curate a style that is uniquely your own.

6) Anya Gupta

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It’s 2021 after-all, and after the year we have had, the fashion world’s attention has majorly shifted to eco-friendliness, upscaling and ethical consumption. Of all the Instagram fashion influencers who subscribe to this new-age and necessary lifestyle, Anya stands out for her relaxed aesthetic, curated lifestyle and informative guidance.

With a searing focus on reducing the individual carbon footprint, making eco-conscious choices and being at one with all living beings; Anya is one of the fashion bloggers we recommend for a follow if you are looking to make a serious shift in your consumption patterns for the sake of our planet. Often showcasing her love for animals and charming her audience with her deep connection to nature, Anya’s Instagram page is filled with eye-catching fashion photography, shot amidst the greenery.

Steal their style: Go green in your lifestyle choices & keep things simple as well as organic to steal Anya’s effortless style. If you are embarking on this mission, make sure to do thorough research and have fun with it!

7) Siddharth Batra

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A true pioneer when it comes to androgynous fashion and breaking gender stereotypes, Siddharth is one of the few male fashion influencers who fearlessly wear exactly what they please - be it a pant-suit or a skirt and poncho. One of those blessed style mavericks, who can pull off absolutely any look with panache, he is a rising name in the digital fashion space.

If you need seriously quirky and one of a kind style inspiration, Siddharth is your go-to influencer. Always mixing it up, and giving his audience some truly iconic fashion moments, he is the one to watch out for in 2021.

Steal their style: Fashion bloggers generally have their own signature styles - however, this is hyper-true for Siddharth, as his choices are genuinely original in nature. Look for unique additions to your wardrobe if you would like to imitate his style.

8) Sakshi Sindwani

An advocate for fitness and body positivity, Sakshi is an absolute fire-starter. Oozing with confidence and spunk, she is an energetic force in the influencer game. A curvy model and a formidable digital content creator, her style is chic, affordable and very relatable to the average Indian woman.

Making a statement with every look and every styling video, her fashion choices make her a cut above the rest. Offering genuinely useful style advice and awesome recommendations, Sakshi is a force to be reckoned with. We’re keeping a close eye on her inspiring growth in 2021!

Steal their style: One of the top fashion bloggers in India - Sakshi is a joy to watch. What makes her style truly pop is her bubble, spunky attitude. Sometimes, it's not what you wear, but rather how you wear it. Be it a Diwali look or a simple casual outfit, wear it all with a smile. Giving us seriously glamorous girl-next-door vibes, Sakshi is one of the main fashion bloggers who exemplify this philosophy.

9) Masoom Minawala

Let’s be honest - this list would be woefully incomplete without Masoom. Topping the lists of top fashion influencers 2020 - 21, Masoom has managed to make an indelible mark on the digital fashion landscape over the years. Her consistency, great taste and hard work shines through every post and every collaboration.

One of the best things about Masoom is that she utilizes her vast reach and visibility online to promote, shout-out, and support home-grown Indian fashion brands. Always ahead of the curve, even her incredible luxury styles can be easily imitated with a few clicks on any shopping app thanks to the relatability and relevance of her style choices.

Steal their style: Masoom is a connoisseur of home-grown Indian brands. Her styles can be luxury or affordable - however, they are mostly from upcoming and lesser-heard Indian brands. Eschewing fast fashion and shifting to these smaller local businesses has a lot of merits, and can be the first step towards creating a unique wardrobe that reflects your personality as well as your culture beautifully. Leave behind Zara dresses and opt for a sleek dress from one of the brands listed under her famous shout-out posts instead. Fashion bloggers like Masoom are rare & well-loved for their chic and responsible style signatures.

10) Neha Parulkar

The average size of women in India is L-XL and there is a huge cry for more relatable representation on the influencer stage. Filling a necessary and important gap in the blogosphere, Neha is a pioneer in encouraging women to embrace themselves and their bodies with love and acceptance. Always popping up on the Insta feed with stylish choices and a personable charm, Neha is the kind of influencer you feel a close sense of kin-ship with.

Often sporting fluid, comfortable, and chic silhouettes; Neha’s style signature is a testament to her good taste and excellent fashion sense in a landscape where plus size fashion is largely ignored. We love it when fashion influencers in India stand firm on their stance and break societal stereotypes with gusto. More of Neha, and more like her in 2021, please!

Steal their style: Wear your confidence boldly, and the clothes will wear you in good grace. Neha’s style also features bold and charming colors in flowy mono-chromatic looks. Keep hair and make-up low-key and stylish to match her simplicity. Neha may be one of the rising names in curvy fashion and one of the most charismatic plus size fashion bloggers on Instagram - but her aesthetic is versatile enough to suit any size, shape, height, and skin-tone.

Move over lists of Bollywood style icons and Hollywood fashion inspos - Let’s get set for the new age of fashion influencing through social media. We love each name from the list above and hope you enjoy their content as much as we do in 2021!

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