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4 Beach Fashion Looks That Women Will Love This Summer!

On the lookout for  clothes for beach season!? We are always in a state of doubt as to how to be line with beach fashion and coin a great beach look. But, not anymore! This article gives you a low-down on some trendy beach outfit ideas.

There are countless cute beach outfit ideas but today we will talk about the top four beach outfit ideas for women so that you can ace the beach fashion this summer. The basic requirement to decide what to wear to the beach is to identify the occasion, for example, you will not prefer the same dress that you would wear for a casual day at the beach to a company event at a beach resort. Perfect fashion can be defined as appropriate dressing as per the occasion while adding your own personality to the attire, to look stylish as well as respectable.

We will discuss four popular beach outfit ideas which can have a multipurpose use.  There are many looks that you can opt from like classic beach look, boho, sexy or conservative beach dress, party or casual beachwear and so on. Match your personality with the style and you are good to go.

Beach fashion is not confined to only bikinis and dresses.  Clothes for beach can be taken from other apparel categories as well. You will see how common day clothes can be used for a perfect beach day irrespective of the occasion. These ideas, however, are incomplete without basic accessories such as light flowy cover-up, a trendy hat, stylish and easy to carry bag for your essentials like sunscreen and phone, open light slippers or sandals etc. We would suggest minimalist pieces of jewelry in case you decide to wear any. Ensure that your attire and accessories are color coordinated. This will your presence noticeable.

Beach Fashion for Women - Essential Tips and Tricks To Keep You Beach-Ready!

Beach Fashion for Women
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On a hot summer day, nothing can beat a relaxed day at a beach. It doesn’t take much effort to put together numerous impressive beach outfit ideas which are perfect for your outing. Before discussing the beach dressing style, we’ll let you know about the few basic tips and tricks important for the women when it comes to beach fashion.

  1. Your swimming gear - Swimwear is very important for a beach outing and it’s important that you choose a comfortable swimwear in which you feel confident. Confidence enhances the look of any attire. Don’t go for a scanty bikini if you feel more confident in an one-piece option. Swimwear is the ultimate essential for a beach day so choose wisely as per your body type.
  2. Hats - Also never forget a hat as a part of your beach look. It protects you from getting bad sunburns on the face and also gives you an outstanding look. If you feel that the hat that you have is simple then you can up your game by adding pretty charms or ribbons to it. These accessories can be in contrast to the hat or matching the casual beach wear.  You could wear a lace-patterned hat as well, that could make pretty shadow patterns on your face.
  3. Eyewear - Goggles can only protect your eyes but an uneven sunburned face might make you regret your decision of not investing in a good hat.  You’ve got to protect your eyes from stinging salty water, right!?

If surfing on beach waters isn’t your thing, and you’re someone who likes to admire the waves from the shore, your sunglasses should never leave your face! Wear a pair that suits your face you’ll see how charming these look when combined with your sultry one-piece bikini. Make sure your beach dressing style is on-point!

Beach Outfit Ideas for all the fashionable water babies out there!

As they say – ‘people are more inclined to make an opinion about you by looking at your clothes before they even get a chance to know you.’ So always stay chic but true to your own self when making a statement with your fashion. So let’s get ready for the summer and read this article to get an initial insight for selecting a perfect attire –

  1. Shorts for Beach - we love keeping it short!

    Shorts for Beach - Bewakoof Blog
    Source - Just The Design

    Shorts are the best option for the beach outings as they offer you a variety of look when matched with various tops, jackets or cover-ups. They are very comfortable on a windy day also. Shorts for beach is a go-to option for many as it can go with anything such as bikini, short dresses, tankini, crop-tops, and so on. You can choose from timeless denim shorts or a classic lace decorated light fabric shorts. Both these attires are very popular and can fit perfectly on a day out as well as an evening party at the beach. You can sport an all matching outfit with a same color bikini top for a tropical look or add a deep long tank top over a contrasting or neon bikini for a famous California beach look. Plain off-shoulder tops can be paired with patterned or printed shorts for an awesome beach fashion statement.

  2. Dresses to Wear on Beach- fun and flirtatious choice for the beach!

    Dresses to wear on the beach - Bewakoof Blog
    Souce - Just The Design

    Printed maxi dresses are to beaches like a bee is to honey. There are many options when it comes to select dresses to wear on the beach. They are so popular as they are easy to match with footwears or overalls. Floral, stripes or tie and dye patterns are very famous in dresses to wear on beach. Neon colored dresses are like a ticket to get all the attention. If you are not shy to flaunt your style then go with this color and pair it with trendy glasses and flip-flops. Boho look is another amazing option for a colorful beach fashion look.

  3. Beach Party Wear - Let the party begin!

    Beach Party Wear - Bewakoof Blog
    Source - Outfit Trends

    Party or casual beach wear can include cute shorts with a trendy cover-up.  Cover-ups are necessary as they will help you to protect your skin when you are not taking a nice dip in the water. Sun-screens are always recommended when going out in the sun but on the beach, an extra layer of protection from the sun comes handy plus it gives your look a flowy and stylish look. Common ideas for cover-ups are long tunics, sarongs or cotton Kurtis. The length of the cover-up is your preference. Long cover-ups are very popular and common however short length lets you flaunt your tanned legs. Crop tops and embroidered jackets also make gorgeous beach party wear. Add a platform heel or flip-flops to this look and you are ready to dance on the sand. You can try a neon colored or printed boho dress also on a warm day at the beach to stand out from the crowd.

  4. Other Beach Costume Ideas that make for cool Beach wear!

    Beach Costume Ideas - Bewakoof Blog
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    You shouldn’t think that you’ve exhausted all your options by now, because the party has just begun!

Trying these beach costume ideas mentioned below can be a creative way to experiment with all the available beach wears for ladies. Large varieties of clothes for beach are available for everyone and you can opt for any of the mentioned styles –

  • Maxi dress or long dress beach Look
  • Boho dress look
  • Matching or contrast bikini look
  • Crop-top or Off shoulder look with Shorts or loose pants
  • Laced or see-through cover-ups
  • Cotton or denim jumpsuits
  • Bikini with shorts look

Our personal favourites are the Kaftan shirt or a long comfortable dress. Kaftan shirts are a great beach clothing option to wear over a bikini or halter neck top. They flatter the figure and are very comfortable. You can match them with shorts or a distressed denim pant.  If you are into long flowing beach dress then you can add a stylish belt to flaunt your curves while enjoying the breathable attire. Belts can also be accompanied with jackets and hats to get a pompous maxi dress for beach party.  

So here was our list of various beach outfit ideas to help you flaunt your beach look this summer. Let us know if you have any more outfit ideas on your mind to ace the beach fashion.

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