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Bewakoof’s 6th Birthday E-Treat - What to watch out for!

Find out what’s in store for all of you on our 6th Birthday. There’s a lot to look forward to at our E-party so you shouldn’t miss out on the fun!

What comes once a year but makes you remember it forever? Birthdays!

This is why it’s important to make them as special as you can, so that you look back at them with a huge smile on your face, always!

Birthdays are made special with the people around you, and the things they do to make sure you have a great time. And we know they say that age is just a number and old is just a word, we’d still like to disagree. You get wiser with age, and Bewakoof has evolved so much over the last 6 years. That’s right; we’re turning 6 and we have you to thank, for giving us moments to look back and smile upon.

So this time around, we’ve decided to make our birthday an online gala for all of you who have loved and supported us in this amazing journey. And what do we have in store, you ask? Well, it’s Bewakoof’s Birthday E-Treat and you’re all invited to come on board! Read on to find out how you can make the most out of this party.

Social Media Enthusiasts - Put your thinking hats on!

Since social media is the go-to place for everyone these days, we’ve come up with some really fun contests to get your creative juices flowing. Keep an eye out for the prize while you’re answering, because that’s something you really don’t wanna miss. We have exciting vouchers for every winner, so keep trying till you succeed! Tune in to

Facebook -

Birthday Game - More the score, more cashbacks!

Isn’t it great when there’s more to something? Like a cashback along with the super fun games that we have for you? We can hear the celebration bells in your head already, and that’s how we’re feeling too. Our 6th birthday promises a cashback depending upon your score in the game. So make sure you’re on top of the charts!

Get playing, get scoring

*10% cashback + additional 1% cashback for every point you score. T&C applied

Entertainment Ensured - Watch Teenagers React To Old Superheroes

How about you chill with Bewakoof this weekend, instead of binging on the same old shows? Our video is sure to make you go LOL! Reserve your seats as you watch teenagers react to old Indian superheroes. Don’t forget the popcorn, because you’ll be playing this on repeat!

TEENS REACT - Ft. Shaktimaan, Aryamaan, Captain Vyom & Junior G

Starting Off Our Birthday With Live Cake Cutting As The Clock Strikes 12!

The best part about any birthday is the stroke of midnight as it is the most anticipated moment. Join us as we cut the cake at 12a.m. this Saturday night. Maybe even sing us the Happy Birthday song and we’ll save a slice for you? Watch out for us on Facebook and Instagram, and don’t be late!

Super cool return gifts - to savor the memories!

Every party has something you can take back, and this one just happens to have super cool freebies! For every order you place this weekend, we’ll have a little something to go along with it. Consider these as Bewakoof gifts with your orders this time.

#DOTD - Only the coolest ones make the cut!

Bewakoof’s Design of the Day will be featuring three best designs each this Saturday and Sunday! This means that you’ll have your outfits sorted for our e- party, while also looking like you own it!

Start picking your favorite T shirt Designs now!

Collaborating with the best, for the best!

We have tied up with some of the best brands this weekend to give you even more reasons to celebrate. Avail amazing offers on Ola, PhonePe and MobiKwik. Make sure you make the best of these exclusive offers for the weekend!

Make the best out of them right away!

Our year has been amazing, and what’s even better is that all of you have been around to witness it. We felt the love all year ‘round, and now we want you to feel the same. The Bewakoof family has grown, and we would love to see it keep growing.

So check off all the items on our virtual birthday to-do list; we promise you won’t regret it.

Head to Bewakoof's Birthday E-Treat NOW!

And right after you’ve checked off everything on this list, check out with a filled cart!
Happy shopping, and happy weekend!

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