Vivo S1 Back Covers & Cases


In today’s day and age, phone covers are the equivalent of apparels for smartphones. Just like the clothes you wear help in making a statement about your personality, a phone cover enhances your smartphone’s personality. And yet, so many of us don’t give them the attention they deserve. Think about it. We’re living on our smartphones in equal measures, if not more, to our offline lives. 


Be it for entertainment, directions, communicating with people, shopping, and so much more. Smartphones are practically our lifelines. So isn’t it essential to keep them protected whilst making them look trendy, in a way that they enhance our personality? It is! 


An adequate back cover should not just shield your beloved smartphone from potential falls or dents but also enhance its features, and your personality as a result.


The S1 is one of the first smartphones under the S range from Vivo to launch in India. Coming from a series that focuses a lot on style, one can’t deny that the S1 does, indeed, look stylish. With an eye-catching look, a phone as stylish as this one surely deserves to be accessorised with Vivo Covers that’ll help in making it stand out. 


A Sturdy and Durable Companion for Your Smartphone 


When it comes to Vivo S1 covers, the market today is packed with options. One can easily choose from various designs, material, and personalisations, and get themselves a decent cover. However, the struggle begins when one is looking for sturdy and durable options. Some of them are stylish but not great quality. Some are of great quality, but not all that stylish. At the same time, some are both stylish and of great quality but not affordable. 


That’s where Bewakoof comes in with its massive inventory of designs with precision moulded coherent matte finish, devoid of any sharp edges. These Back Covers are made of impact-resistant hard plastic with a raised bezel at the front, that gives your phone screen extra protection and durability. 


Rigid and durable polycarbonate used in these covers, protects your phone against rough use as well. 


Increased Accessibility


One of the major concerns that customers usually have regarding mobile phone covers is to do with their design, especially the outer surface. Customers look for cases with room for all standard ports and buttons (Power and Volume buttons), charging ports, earphone ports, etc. And more often than not, they end up getting disappointed. 


Also, a lot of companies offer similar phones, but with varying specifications and ports. So it’s important to provide customers with cases tailor-made for their smartphone range. And that’s exactly what the Vivo-S1-back-covers-cases from Bewakoof deliver. Ourback cover collection be it for Apple Covers or OnePlus Covers or Samsung Cover or any other brand, will provide your smartphone with a stylish and sleek profile, devoid of bulkiness. 


Ease of Pairing 


Our catalogue of cases varies from minimalistic, quirky, niche-oriented to solids. So go ahead and find the ones that fit your needs. 


Diversified Collection 


Here at Bewakoof, we know that every individual is different. Everyone has their likes and preferences, everyone is passionate about different things. And that’s why we have curated our collection in a way that there’s something available for everyone. We offer a variety of designs so that you can find a Vivo S1 cover that matches your preference. 


For the Superhero Fanatic: Do you have a big collection of comic books? Are you always giving superhero movie references? Then my friend, this collection is for you. You can build your own collection of Marvel or DC themed phone covers from our catalogue that is packed with funky graphics. From Superman, Venom, and many more, you’ll find all your cherished characters in our vast collection. Here are some eaamples of superhero back covers: Batman Vintage Vivo S1 Mobile Cover, Avengers Doodle Vivo S1 Mobile Cover and more.

For the Ones With the WIT: Are you the funny one in your group? Always making sarcastic remarks like Chandler? The one who’s packed with puns and sharp wit? We’ve got you ‘covered’ with our Vivo S1 cases with our signature quotes and pop-culture references. Highly quoted and topical, packed with punchlines and humour that’s sharp, witty, and often dark. So all you masters of wit, don’t miss out on these. 

For the Travel Enthusiasts: Are you the friend who’s always initiating the travel plans? Always daydreaming of the mountains and beaches far away? The one with Wanderlust written in their Instagram Bio? Don’t worry. We have something in store for you as well. Our travel cases are aesthetically pleasing, with attention to detail. Our vibrant collection will satiate your lust for that perfect travel phone case. 

For the Cartoon Crazies: Are you someone who can’t stop adoring cartoon characters? Are you obsessed with their stories? Then you’ll love our cases varying from Giant Minnie Vivo S1 Mobile Cover to Tom and Jerry, Pokemon, and more. They’ll bring your favorite cartoon characters to life, allowing you to sport the same. 

For the Science Devotees: Do you love tech, maths, and astrophysics? Always up for a discussion regarding the big bang? Then we have some riveting science-themed designs for you. It’s time you highlight your inner geekiness without any shame.

For the Magical Ones: Are you still waiting for your letter from Hogwarts? Can’t stop rewatching the Harry Potter movies? And remember all the conversations of the trio by heart? We’ve got you sorted.


Amplifies Your Personality 


One of the key reasons why you should go for our collection of Vivo S1 covers is because they’ll amplify your personality. They won’t just be a protective layering for your phone, but an extension of your personality that you can showcase to the ones around you. Bewakoof is known for its legendary quirk, and the same gets showcased in our mobile covers. Our covers could also act as a conversation starter at social gatherings. They’ll act as a style statement too. 


With the latest trends, both local and global, we believe in creating the kind of Mobile Accessories that’ll make you stand out in a crowd. We offer functionality, value for money, flattering prints and quality material, amongst other things. Our covers are evergreen that’ll protect you Vivo S1 from dents, scratches, or wearing off the prints. So pick any, and flaunt your quirky personality to the world.