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10 Types of Ear Piercings & Body Piercings One Needs to Know

Body art and body piercings have been popular through the ages for their limitless potential in self-expression. An edgy and cool way to make a style statement, body piercings are the way to go for you if you would like to try a permanent form of body art but are not quite ready for a tattoo yet.

Or maybe you love body art, already have a bunch of tattoos, and are looking to expand even further.

Body piercings, while less flamboyant and out-there as a form of body art, are still invasive in nature & require great care and expertise to perform successfully. Although you may be flooded with advice in this regard, there are some cardinal rules one must keep in mind when considering any kind of piercing:

Do not do this at home. No matter how many ‘how to’s you see online, never do this on yourself, by yourself at home. Body piercings, by nature, can attract a host of complications and be a minefield of infections if done improperly. Unless you are an experienced and licensed professional, do not try anybody piercing at home.

Get your body piercing done by an experienced, licensed professional who maintains proper standards of hygiene and uses the correct tools.

Always go in with some amount of research of your own, so that you can make better choices and judgments in the course of this process. While body piercings are a very subtle form of body art, they are still permanent & require you to stay informed if you are considering it.

If your piercing site has any rash, mole or lumps; or if you have any kind of pre-existing medical conditions, it is very important to discuss it with the piercer, no matter how irrelevant you may think it is.

For any kind of body art, a clear statement of consent from the piercee to the piercer is vital. It is your body and you have the right to say no if you change your mind or feel like you are not ready for this. State your consent clearly, so that the piercer may understand when to back off.

If you have any kind of reaction after the piercing, it is very important to see a doctor or physician right away.

The piercing artist must be wearing gloves at all times, mark the spot of your piercing with a fresh marker (which is discarded once used on you), should be using a freshly sterilized piercing needle and completely sanitized equipment (one-use non-reusable ones are preferable), and should be ready to answer any or all questions you may have for them.

Do not get too many piercings in one area in one go. Take it slow, and build your piercings over time if that’s what you want.

Body piercings come in many different formats. There are types of ear piercings, facial piercings, oral piercings, torso piercings and surface piercings. If you are considering getting one of your own, we’ve made a list of our top 10 favourite styles and types of piercings that is sure to pique your interest.

1) Industrial Piercing:

A very trendy and fashion-forward type of piercing, industrial piercing is a two-hole piercing worn along the upper edge of the ear. This kind of piercing is sometimes also referred to as a ‘scaffold’ piercing and its signature jewellery is a bar-shaped accessory that connects the two holes.

Industrial Piercing - Types of ear piercings | Bewakoof Blog
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Style with: Edgy but sweet, this type of piercing is great with easy-glam looks. A stand out star on its own, this kind of piercing can go extremely well with a simple slip dress and a pair of chic heels. Keep your make-up in the glistening, soft-glam category.

2) Conch Piercing:

Conch piercings are one of the most attractive types of ear piercings. Named after a shell or a ‘conch’, these types of piercings are done in the center part of your ear. Since this is the ear area with the most space, conch earrings are one of the most customizable styles that open room for experimentation.

Conch earrings come in 2 types - inner and outer. A hole is punched at the center of the ear for the ‘inner’ kind of conch piercing and is often accessorized with a tiny stud. For an ‘outer’ conch piercing, the hole is punctured to allow a hoop or ring to pass through it and go around the outer edge of the ear’s cartilage. Since the conch piercing takes place on a thicker part of the ear, it can be a bit painful and take longer to heal.

Conch Piercing - Types of ear piercings | Bewakoof Blog
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Style with: This is a type of piercing that is just made for summer. Rock your swimwear and go bold with your casual outfits with this kind of piercing.

3) Daith Piercing:

One of the more badass sounding ear-piercing names - a ‘daith’ piercing is one of the edgier and more painful types of ear piercings to get. A Daith piercing is done on the inner cartilage on the inner part of your ear - at the center. Ultra attractive and a stand-out look, this is a type of piercing that is sure to turn heads and grab attention.

Although there is no hard scientific evidence to prove it, this style of piercing has been known to alleviate migraines and migraine symptoms. A cool-girl style of ear piercing, a daith piercing is a statement on its own. Popular with celebrities like Zoe Kravitz and Rihanna, a daith piercing is a good choice for anyone who would like to stay ahead of the fashion curve.

Daith Piercing - Types of ear piercings | Bewakoof Blog
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Style with: In true cool-girl style, wear your daith piercing with a biker or puffer jacket to show off your swag. Great with edgier outfits in even the more hippie and 70s kind of space, this is a great option to go for if you like to go for outfits that are on the retro side of things.

4) Lobe Piercing:

Out of all the types of ear piercings, this one is 100% the most common and well known. A lobe piercing is done on the soft and fleshy lobe area of the ear. This is a kind of piercing that is most commonly done in the early years of life, with parental consent and supervision. It is very common in countries like India, for parents to get a lobe piercing done after a baby has finished a minimum of one year of life.

Popular in every aspect, most of the ear accessories available in every offline and online shopping store cater to this style of piercing. If left unattended, it is common for this piercing to heal itself up quickly, as it is placed on one of the fleshiest parts of the ear. This placement also makes a lobe piercing one of the virtually painless types.

Lobe Piercing - Types of ear piercings | Bewakoof Blog
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Style with: Well - just about anything. This is a versatile placement for an ear piercing and it needs no introduction in the world of style and fashion.

5) Helix Piercing:

One of the more spunkier types of ear piercings, a helix piercing is also a kind of cartilage piercing and it features at the curl on the outside of the upper edge of the ear. Usually done with a small needle, this type of piercing is lower on the pain scale as it features on a more fleshy part of the ear’s edge. Apart from the lobe piercing, this is one of the more common types of ear piercings.

Helix Piercing - Types of ear piercings | Bewakoof Blog
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Style with: A very feminine look, this kind of piercing is great with dresses and is also versatile enough to look cute with hoodies and more smart casual looks.

6) Navel/Belly Button Piercing:

A part of many rebellious teenage excursions, getting a navel piercing is almost a rite of passage when it comes to types of piercings that feature on the body. Being an area that is exposed to a lot of bacteria and bodily fluids, this kind of piercing needs a lot of after-care and maintenance of proper hygiene.

One of the least known facts about belly button piercings is that it is not actually the navel that gets pierced. The piercing happens on the fat and cartilage just above the belly button and that is actually where the jewellery sits. Although this is one of the more risky types of piercings, minimal pain is involved in the actual process of getting pierced. Your navel shape plays a role, however, in determining whether your body will or will not reject the piercing. Having a few extra folds around the belly button is considered to be more favorable.

Navel/Belly Button Piercing - Types of ear piercings | Bewakoof Blog
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Style with: Obviously a great option if you live near a beach and are often donning beachwear, this is the kind of piercing that demands to be seen. Awesome with swimwear, crop-tops and even the Indian sari, a navel piercing can elevate these garments in a game-changing manner.

7) Erl/Bridge Piercing:

A kind of facial nose piercing, an ear/bridge piercing adds an element of edgy glamor to your face. Not a very common style of piercing, this one is sure to make you stand out uniquely. However, it is also one of the types of piercings that require expertise and loads of aftercare. Subtle yet eye-catching, the healing time for this kind of piercing is typically 8 to 10 weeks.

A bridge piercing, features as a horizontal bar across the bridge of the nose. The risk of rejection as well as migration is higher with this style as not many people have a lot of flesh on the bridge of their nose. If you are someone who wears glasses and would like to get this kind of piercing, make sure that your placement is high enough on the bridge of your nose to fit your eyewear comfortably.

Erl/Bridge Piercing - Types of ear piercings | Bewakoof Blog
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Style with: Go athleisure with this look to exude an extremely modern and futuristic vibe. All black outfits with black t-shirts, military boots, leather jackets, and dark joggers or denims, make this style a complete aesthetic. Check out our catalogue of athleisure inspired casual wear to get your athleisure ducks in a row.

8) Nostril Piercing:

One of the most common types of piercings, second only to lobe types of ear piercings, a nostril piercing takes the cake when it comes to style and defining facial features. Especially popular in India since ancient times, many traditional Indian jewelry options like the nath are centered around this type of piercing.

Pierced through the soft cartilage of the nasal passage, a nostril piercing is relatively less painful to get. It is important to study the shape of your nose to ensure a flattering placement. Even a slight migration can make this piercing look very different.

Nostril Piercing - Types of ear piercings | Bewakoof Blog
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Style with: If you are thinking of getting this piercing so that you can fashion stunning and OTT Indian jewelry on special days, get yourself a chic, minimal and simple nose ring to maintain your piercing otherwise, in daily life.

9) Eyebrow Piercing:

A type of surface piercing, one should not get this one done in an impulse mode. Eyebrow piercings can go notoriously wrong and it is very important to understand the anatomy and shape of your face to determine its design, its placement and its jewellery. Sported at one time or the other by the likes of Beyonce and Jennifer Lawrence, this piercing is a serious style statement.

Eyebrow Piercing - Types of ear piercings | Bewakoof Blog
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Style with: Every eyebrow piercing style needs an equally edgy and complementary hairstyle. Figure out what works for you and your piercing and style your hair accordingly.

10) Medusa/ Philtrum Piercing:

One of the most striking types of piercings, a medusa piercing is placed at the indenture above the center of your lips, right in the cupid’s bow. Striking, edgy and very delicate looking, this facial piercing is a little painful and requires a lot of healing and aftercare.

Medusa/ Philtrum Piercing - Types of ear piercings | Bewakoof Blog
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Style with: Go glam with your lipstick to truly make this piercing pop. Keep the eyes neutral and face flushed to balance it out.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our countdown of some of our fave types of ear and body piercings. It takes some serious guts to try some of these, but the stunning style inspirations and the eye-catching

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