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8 Casual Outfits For Men to Wear on Their First Date | A Complete Style Guide

You’ve not-so-secretly crushed on this girl for a while now, and with a little push from your mates, you finally gathered the courage to ask her to go out with you! To your surprise, she said YES! So, what’s next?

Well, if you really want to win her heart, this is the time to prep and plan your big date, one that can either be conventional or defy the norms of first dates! If you know her well, you’ll know what her interests are, and you can use them as cues to ideate the perfect first date. If not, just go with your instincts and keep it simple.

Once you have a rough idea about what you’re gonna do and where you’re gonna take the girl of your dreams, the next part is all about impressing her beyond measure! Women love a guy who puts in that extra effort, not just in terms of gestures but also the way he presents himself to her. Make it look like you care about her opinion in an outfit that blows her mind, or at least keeps her eyes hooked. 

Here, we’ve listed our go-to pieces and casual outfits for men that are absolutely date-worthy. Start taking notes! 

1) Woo Her In A White Shirt

White Shirt for Men - casual outfits for men | Bewakoof Blog
Source: Pinterest

Take it from us - no woman in the world is immune to the charms of this sharp classic! 

White shirts for men are what dresses are to women; they’re staples without the sliver of a doubt, and can instantly establish you as the fashion guru if done right. They also make you look super suave, and aren’t just meant for the boardroom. Give them a fashionable spin with these style tips!

White Shirts Style for Men - casual outfits for men | Bewakoof Blog
Source: Blog Gossip Boy
  • To keep things easy and effortless, the two things you need are a white shirt and a pair of distressed jeans. Just don’t go too far with the rips, and prefer skinny jeans instead of baggy. Finish with white or black sneakers.
  • While ripped jeans are great for casual outfits for men, clean black skinny jeans scream perfection for men of all ages! Pair them with a sharp white shirt and some classic sneakers, and you’re good to go.
  • Bring together two unbeatable classics, and we’re talking about a denim jacket layered over a white shirt. We’re practically drooling just thinking about this #OOTD!

2) Step Into Print Paradise

Prints for Men - casual outfits for men | Bewakoof Blog
Source: Moda Para Homens

There’s no bad time for prints if you know how to nail them according to the occasion.

For your first date, we suggest keeping it subtle yet statement-making. This means no loud or oversized motifs in pop colors, but just the opposite. Whether it’s a shirt, a t-shirt, or a jacket that is adorned with standout patterns, as long you know how to style them with the right pairings, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Allow us to aid you with some date outfit ideas!

Prints Style for Men - casual outfits for men | Bewakoof Blog
Source: Theunstitchd
  • A sharp, put-together way to flaunt prints has got to be with a half-sleeved shirt tucked into a pair of chinos and finished with brogues or Oxfords! Give it a shot; it won’t disappoint.
  • Taking her to the beach? This is where prints will be your best friend! Don a half-sleeved t-shirt underneath a casual, printed shirt. Pull up a pair of shorts and finish with Converse! Don’t forget the shades.
  • Alternatively, if you’re heading to a music festival or outdoor gig with your potential girlfriend, take it easy with a printed shirt and loose shorts along with your comfiest pair of sneakers for one of the best casual outfits for men!

3) Black For The Win

Black Outfits for Men - casual outfits for men | Bewakoof Blog
Source: Fashion Activation

Ask any man his favorite color and he’ll tell you it’s black, for sure! This shouldn’t be a surprise to any of you, since black is always in.

It’s a classic shade for your wardrobe and it leaves a lasting impression wherever you go. If bright colors confuse you, then let black be your go-to. You can style it however you want - with hints of other shades or keeping things monotone.

Black Outfits Style for Men - casual outfits for men | Bewakoof Blog
Source: Beatrice Gibson
  • For the ultimate street-style inspired #OOTD that also works well for a date, all you need is a casual tee, a pair of black skinny jeans, boots, and a light-washed denim jacket!
  • Leather jackets have never not worked their magic on women, so don it over a black tee, straight black jeans and sneakers - also in black.
  • A timeless outfit will be one that involves a well-fitted sweater, skinny chinos, dress shoes, statement watch and a pair of shades. This will not just ensure you look like someone right out of a movie, also give off the idea that you know what you’re doing with your wardrobe when it comes to casual outfits for men.

4) Say ‘Yes’ To Polo T-Shirts

Polo T Shirts for Men - casual outfits for men | Bewakoof Blog
Source: Theunstitchd

Here’s a t-shirt that’s gained a bit of a reputation over the years for being solely a sports favorite, but only the fashion-forward men know that it is not confined to the playing fields anymore.

The polo t-shirt has been reinvented into an item that can fit into everyday mens outfits seamlessly! It is among the list of wardrobe staples now, and we don’t see that changing simply because their cool-guy appeal is sure not to fade off. Read below for tips on how to style it!

Polo T Shirts Style for Men - casual outfits for men | Bewakoof Blog
Source: Macho Moda
  • The addition of a beanie to any look makes men irresistible, as it has that boyish appeal without the whole teenage vibe going on. Wear it with a polo tee and a pair of dad jeans.
  • To keep things simple, team your polo t-shirt with ankle-length skinny jeans. Then, just add a pair of sharp loafers before you step out and stun.
  • Take inspiration from the English on how to ace the polo tee! Straight cut wool pants and the polo tucked into them are a very sleek outfit idea, along with dress shoes or Oxfords to complete. 

5) Blue Suit Combinations For A Dapper Look

Blue Suit for Men - casual outfits for men | Bewakoof Blog
Source: Pinterest


Now, we know we promised you casual outfits for men but semi-casual ones for a date fit the description too.

We think a sharp blue suit will fetch you those extra brownie points from your special lady, and also make sure there’s a second and a third date. Blue suits just like blue shirts are an essential part of your wardrobe, especially as an adult. So even if you don’t want to invest in one just for a date, invest in it for other events! 

Style it in three easy ways -

Blue Suit Style for Men - casual outfits for men | Bewakoof Blog
Source: Pinterest
  • Combine cool with dressy in a hoodie topped off with a blue suit! You can either wear a contrasting color underneath, like yellow or go with neutral tones.
  • Give in to a pastel blue tone if a striking one isn’t for you. Pair it with a white t-shirt and finish with white sneakers too!
  • You can also opt for just the blazer and trade the pants for jeans. Put together a t-shirt or a plain shirt and a pair of loafers or sneakers.

6) Look Dreamy In Denim For Men

Denim for Men - casual outfits for men | Bewakoof Blog
Source: Macho Moda

There’s no one way to ‘denim’ and the proof of that is in the denim shirt hanging in your closet, or your favorite jeans that you’ve worn to death. 

The best part about denim is that it’s more than just a fabric - it’s a style statement. It allows you to pair it with pretty much anything on your mind and leaves room for a lot of experimentation. For your big date, why not turn to this wardrobe classic to turn up the charm? We think it’ll do wonders, even if it is highly understated!

Here’s how.

Denim Style for Men - casual outfits for men | Bewakoof Blog
Source: Macho Moda
  • Combine a baseball cap with a denim jacket layered over a t-shirt and flaunt this combination with neutral-hued shorts. Don’t forget the chunky-soled sneakers.
  • Denim on denim doesn’t just have to be in blue when it comes to casual outfits for men! Pair black skinny jeans with a blue denim shirt - and tuck it in. Ensure the shirt is slim fit and that the jeans are snug too. Stay cool with shades!
  • While we’re still on the denim shirt, why not try pairing it with beige chinos and a pair of white sneakers? Leave this one untucked. 

7) Layer Like Like A Pro In A Jacket

Jacket for Men - casual outfits for men | Bewakoof Blog
Source: Gentleman Within| Men’s Style

When it comes to putting an outfit together, most men only look at the basics, i.e. the t-shirt, the jeans, and the shoes. But layering is an important aspect of dressing up too. 

The ladies like it on themselves as well as the men they choose to go out with because it goes to show that you actually put some thought into it and didn’t just go with the first two things you could get your hands on. 

There are a ton of jackets for men to layer with, and here are 3 of our favorites along with tips and tricks! Bear in mind that while layering is genius, it isn’t convenient for humid weather. After all, you don’t want to be drenched in sweat by the time you finish your meal.

Jacket Style for Men - casual outfits for men | Bewakoof Blog
Source: Pinterest
  • Some of you may think that a cardigan is not technically a jacket, but who cares about the technical bits anyway, as long as it helps you achieve your layering goals? Wear it over a loose tee, joggers and white sneakers for a standout appeal.
  • The best part about winter is sweaters and long coats, so if it’s chilly where you live, don’t give these two a miss. Wear them together as a part of casual outfits for men and finish off with skinny jeans and boots.
  • Suede jackets are forever winners, and they are easy to style too. Flaunt one over a basic t-shirt, ripped jeans and your preferred sneakers.

8) Keep It Simple With A T-Shirt

T-Shirts for Men - casual outfits for men | Bewakoof Blog
Source: Pinterest

When nothing in your closet seems apt for a first date, and you don’t have enough time to browse through online shopping sites, let a well-fitted t-shirt come to your rescue!

Apart from giving off an effortless vibe, it will also let your date know that you can choose the most simple pieces and make them look dressy! It’s a major win, trust us. T-shirts are extremely easy to style too, so you really have nothing to fear here. They’ll make for the most no-brainer casual outfits for men.

T-Shirts Style for Men - casual outfits for men | Bewakoof Blog
Source: Mens Fashion- Lifestyle By Ps
  • Pick out a lively, printed t-shirt and slip into a classic pair of denim pants! You can add a pendant or a bracelet for maximum effect. This one’s the most boyish look we can think of!
  • Bomber jackets and t-shirts go together like bread & butter! Make sure you give this combination a real shot. Sneakers should be your footwear choice for this one.
  • Here’s one of the sleekest date outfits; a slim-fit t-shirt tucked into skinny chinos, along with casual but NOT chunky sneakers. 


Keep These Tips In Mind While Choosing First Date Outfits 

  • Don’t push it too much - only wear what seems effortless but still put-together. It’s better no to overdo things! 
  • Always keep the venue of your date in mind before deciding on an outfit!
  • Make your look as welcoming as possible, and refrain from making it overbearing with colors like neons or metallic hues for date night outfits. 
  • Keep your body type in mind. It’s essential in acing your look!
  • If you’re on the clumsier side, or if the date’s in the monsoon and in the outdoors, you’ll be better off staying away from whites or lighter shades.
  • Stay away from fabrics that trap moisture!
  • Always add at least one accessory no matter which one of the mens outfit ideas you choose. It could be something as cliche as a watch!

So these were the things that you need to keep in mind while choosing casual outfits for men on their first date. We hope you’re ready for your date now, so go ahead and experiment with the first date outfits guys love and which surely are adored by the women too. Also, check out Bewakoof’s online shopping app for on-the-go access to the trendiest looks and shop bestselling t-shirts. shirts & more.

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