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The Retro Style Lives On! Fashion Inspo For Women

The glorious retro style has given women so many outfit ideas through the decades! Retro style Indian dresses worn by Bollywood actors continue to  inspire us, and we’re sure that the retro style is here to stay!

The glorious decade of retro fashion, the 1940s to 1990s has been the famous era giving some of the serious goals in retro style Indian dresses and fashion. When anyone makes the mention of this era, you inevitably connect to the retro style.

The plunging bellbottoms, tight-fitted crop tops, the sleek retro style saree, the bouncy retro style hairstyle, the retro fashion style is back with a bang. No, we are certainly not complaining but we are excited to share the grace it portrays. Notice any youthful individual around, and they must be wearing something from the retro style Indian dresses you probably wore eras ago. That’s the power of retro style. It comes back with the same power and grace for everyone to flaunt like a pro. From the high-waist denim shorts to the chokers, the beloved retro style dresses are back to grow all over again.

The major truth is that fashion is recurring and the hungry customers are present in each era to pose the by-gone trend of retro style with a fresh style again. We are going to take a trip back to the retro style era, which was all about positive feels. Join us to take a closer look at the retro style, which incorporates the retro hair style, retro style Indian dresses donned by Bollywood celebs and the inspiration it throws.

What Is Retro Style?

What Is Retro Style - Bewakoof Blog
Source - IMDb

Did you also follow the retro style blindly but never thought what is retro style? Then you should know how to love the fashion more. The retro style refers to the new things, which display a characteristic to showcase the modernity of the popular retro styles of the 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s, and 50s. Know about the different Indian retro style dresses for women, the Bollywood retro style put on by our legends flaunting the Bollywood retro style saree draping paired with the retro hair style and rocking the retro style dressing. We are sure you would want to replicate the retro style clothing all over again.

Retro Style Dresses- It’s the time to ‘Retro’!

Retro Style Dresses - Bewakoof Blog
Source - PinkVilla

The comeback of the Indian retro style dresses for women is taking the fashion by storm. Bringing back the late sixties and seventies, everyone swears by the retro style Indian dresses which has become the key to make a fashion statement with Bollywood retro style.

From Sonam Kapoor to Alia Bhatt, we have been witnessing the B-Town actresses donning the Bollywood retro style dresses 1970 and rocking the retro style dresses with the same glamor. Be it the front tie knot crop blouses, the tight skirts, the polka-prints or the bell sleeves with bellbottom trousers, every outfit piece from the retro dressing style showcases the right curves of the women.

Are you someone who duplicates the B-Town style blindly without any doubt because you believe it has to be in the trend then? You must give a read about the different Bollywood retro style clothing that is a must have to convert your wardrobe with trending retro styles along with having tips on how to wear retro style saree with retro style hair.

Bollywood Retro Style Dresses 1970- Taking fashion notes from a glorious era!

As they say ‘old is gold’, the retro style dressing has returned. Here are some of the Bollywood retro style dresses 1970, which are repeated with the same pomp and show.

1. Floor Length Anarkali:

The first time we saw the floor-length Anarkali retro style clothing was in Mughal-e-Azam. The ideal outfits from the retro style dressing suit all body types and make you look slim and elegant.

Floor Length Anarkali: - Bewakoof Blog
Source - VintageSareeBlouse

2. Flared Pants:

Before we all thought that flared pants or denim are a big no, it came back with a boom and we all saw Deepika Padukone flaunting it in the film Cocktail. Neetu Singh introduced these in retro style fashion then and they look like as a classy pair from the retro style to accentuate the curves rightly.

Flared Pants - Bewakoof Blog
Source - IBTimes

3. Polka Dots Love:

Polka Dots are like another name for Dimple Kapadia’s retro style fashion of the 70s. As one of the main elements of the retro style dresses, they are and they will live as one of the most beautiful parts of the retro style dresses Bollywood.

Polka Dots Love - Bewakoof Blog
Source - Telegraph India

4. High Neck Blouses:

Almost all the actresses flaunted this trend as a core part of Bollywood retro style dresses 1970. Once again, it has come back and we can see our Bollywood actresses like Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, and Priyanka Chopra exhibiting the high neck blouses with timeless retro style saree.

High Neck Blouses - Bewakoof Blog
Source - Inuth

5. Palazzo style Jumpsuit:

Are you also in love with jumpsuits in palazzo style? Do you know who brought such retro style clothing in trend? It was Zeenat Aman in the song ‘ Chura Liya Hai Tumne’. Yet again, it is a popular retro fashion style among the young crowd.

Palazzo style Jumpsuit - Bewakoof Blog
Source - Shopify

6. Lehenga with Long Choli:

The long choli with retro saree style dress has made a comeback which was first sported by Leena Chandavarkar in the song ‘Jaane Kyun Log Mohabbat’. 

Lehenga with Long Choli - Bewakoof Blog
Source - Looksgud

Retro Style Saree- Drape it the Bollywood way!

Retro Style Saree - Bewakoof Blog
Source - Times Of India

While the retro style has suddenly become the buzzword, the retro style saree draping is the ‘it’ thing. With blonde bobs, highlighted cheekbones, floral design retro style saree, there is one actress who has donned it all and rocked in all is no one but Kangana Ranaut.

To channelize similar retro style clothes, opt from the gorgeous floral chiffon saree or georgette embroidered saree. Add-ons like frills, high-neck collars, and puff sleeves will give a true retro style saree feel. Women during 70s surely knew how to swan the neck with dropping neck or off/cold-shoulder blouses and accentuate it with heavy choker sets.

You can keep the focus on the choker with deep neckline blouses and flaunt the retro style saree draping like a pro. If you believe in the power of sheer fabric, choosing it at the neckline or at the back of the blouse will escape you from the worry of how to wear retro style saree?

Retro Style Hairstyle- Sleek and Chic!

Retro Style Hairstyle - Bewakoof Blog
Source - TimepassIndia

Adding glamour to your retro dressing style means having the vintage bouncy blowouts hairstyles. The hairstyle like waves, which were a hit, then, is a hit now too. There are some of the retro style hairstyles, which add the perfect contemporary panache, look.

Scarf tie look with a bang in front for the beach days, loose waves on one side for the celebrity retro style hairstyle appearance, fluffy crown and a sleek side ponytail for hassle-free retro style hair, the pixie retro style hairstyles for the chic glance and the double bun for voluminous retro style hairstyle Indian appearance are some of the retro hair style to rock all kinds of occasion.

We are sure, like us, you must be also smitten by these retro style clothing. Pick and make yourself a part of the trend by replicating the retro style and creating a new retro style meaning. Don’t forget to attack your mother’s wardrobe to grab some beautiful retro style saree and retro style Indian dresses. Skip the beat of the people around you and be called as the elegant retro style fashionista from the past.

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