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College Fashion Essentials - Wardrobe Items All Girls Must Own

Look out for these college fashion essentials for girls to get through the week in style. This college clothes checklist will ensure you are always on top of your game.

Modern college students tend to get dressed very well, just like any other teenagers in the world. They are keen on looking trendy and stylish. Those times have passed when a student would put on a hoodie and jeans and run to the college. Nowadays, they spend much more time on choosing an outfit for college than before. The fashion industry, of course, has a lot of options to offer to the constantly growing demand of the young generation.

How to dress well in college - Tip on college dressing styles

According to the majority of teenagers, college dressing style should represent their personality and individualism, and also suit their active lifestyle the most. With an excellent dressing sense, comes commitment and discipline which make the students successful in their academic career. Neatly dressed students are more likely to study better because such outfit represents their seriousness towards education. At the same time, teachers rely more on teenagers who are disciplined and also appropriately dressed. However, modern college fashion isn't as dull and boring as before. The main criterion for dressing up in any college is that a student should look neat, tidy and decent. But, certainly, there are plenty of colleges with quite strict dress codes around the world. Their requirements should be taken into consideration with great importance if you are fond of casual floral dresses, skinny jeans or colourful trainers.

College Fashion Must-Haves in your wardrobe

The wardrobe of a modern college student cannot go without comfortable and trendy sneakers, Funky T-shirts, jackets, sweaters, skirts, tops and, of course, jeans. Every year fashion changes and if you are really fond of dressing up well, it is better to be prepared beforehand. It is easy to find out what is trendy today and what is going to be trendy tomorrow. There are plenty of fashion blogs, news, articles, and magazines on the Internet. Anyway, college outfits should be trendy, versatile, and comfortable.

Ripped jeans outfit ideas to wear every day.

Comfortable ripped jeans outfit are the most favourite clothes among teenagers. Jeans can be easily combined with anything possible: T-shirts, shirts, club jackets, bombardiers, flip flops, trainers, sandals, high heels, sweaters, sunglasses, backpacks etc. Ripped jeans can be skinny or baggy, with high or low waist and, of course, of absolutely different colours. However, the classic and most popular colour is blue.

Shirt dress outfit ideas

Slowly, a shirt dress has become an important part of college style. It can really go on very well with different belts, jeans, leggings, and sneakers. Shirt dresses may have elaborated floral prints, short, and long sleeves. They can be of any possible length. It is a very casual garment but an absolute must-have!

  1. Jeans outfit is an essential denim garment

    Jeans - Bewakoof blog

    Jeans are the world most popular clothes among men and women. Strong and durable denim material never lost its popularity since it was invented in 1873. Both fancy and casual garments made out of it are loved and worn by everyone. Now, not many people remember that jeans actually were invented by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis in the USA during Gold Rush. Made of pure cotton this material became extremely popular due to its quality and durability. The first ever denim garment was a pair of strong jeans with few pockets and copper rivets. Nowadays, there is a huge variety of denim clothes, especially for college students.

  2. Denim skirt outfit to save the day

    Denim skirt - Bewakoof Blog

    This list of must-haves cannot go without mentioning denim skirt outfits of various lengths with classic pockets. If you are a college student, it is definitely better to go for a decent length. Such skirts are extremely durable and versatile at any time of the year. Maxi skirts are not very common among young girls but pencil type skirts are really awesome and trendy. There are dozens of ways to wear a denim skirt. Frankly speaking, it can be combined with almost everything. So it is definitely a must-have for every college girl.

  3. Shirt dress for casual dressing style for college girls.

    Shirt dress - Bewakoof Blog

    The best way to bring a variety to your casual wardrobe is to grab a nice shirt dress in the mall. This garment won't make a hole in your pockets but it will make you look stunning and trendy. Appeared in the West in the 1950’s, this dress immediately became popular due to its casual fit and resemblance to a men’s shirt. Nowadays, nobody knows that this garment was first introduced by world-famous Christian Dior.

  4. How to wear dungarees the right way

    Dungarees - Bewakoof blog

    One may not come across indigo colour dungaree in the college very often because it is really casual. However, it is quite common among school and college students. They love it for its comfy fit, durability, pockets and low price. Classic dungarees are made of strong denim and are of blue or black colour. Though modern dungarees are not bulky and heavy like before: they are made of modern materials of peach, orange, red, olive, and other bright colours. Any teenager student would definitely love a pair of dungaree because they can be combined with a casual T-shirt and any trainers. If you don’t know how to wear dungarees, you can grab fresh ideas from any fashion blog.

  5. What is a shift dress and how to rock the look.

    Shift dress - bewakoof blog

    If you are not a fan of casual jeans and dungarees, a trendy shift dress outfit was definitely created for you! The garment first appeared in the 1920’s but suddenly became extremely popular in the 1960’s. Of course, the patterns and fabrics were constantly changing but an A-type loose silhouette has never changed. College girls adore this dress for its trendiness, versatility, and comfort. Combining it with different accessories like a fashionable statement necklace, bracelets, bangles, and earrings, it is really easy to attend classes in the morning and go partying in the evening in the same dress. There is a huge variety of colours and fabrics on the market.

  6. Scarf style for college fashion

    Scarf - bewakoof blog

    This garment is a must-have in a wardrobe of any college student. A scarf is actually just an elongated piece of fabrics. The first known scarves appeared in Ancient Rome where they were mostly used to remove sweat rather than protecting from cold. From the first sight, a scarf doesn't seem to be very important but it really makes a difference when it comes to a trendy look. Woolen, cashmere, silk, linen or chiffon scarves won't stay idle in your wardrobe. This garment perfectly goes with all types jackets, down vests, and knitted cardigans. College students will appreciate its durability, versatility, and affordability.

  7. Tank top and shorts for trendy fashion

    tank top - bewakoof blog

    A trendy tank top is an essential and universal basic garment in the wardrobe of any college student. First appeared in the 1920’s, it was actually a plain sleeveless shirt with a low neck.

    There is a great variety of colours and fabrics when it comes to a tank top. However, the same garment can be named differently as it may slightly vary in fit and style: mariner, singlet, sleeveless T-shirt, vest, athletic shirt, camisole, and even wife-beater. It is extremely comfy and versatile. Made of cotton blended with elastane casual tank tops can go well with jeans, denim skirts, and trainers. Tanks made of more sophisticated and expensive fabrics, decorated with lace can suit high heels and pencil skirts.

Modern college fashion is no more restricted to an old-style uniform. Students are free to wear various jeans, T-shirts, jackets, dresses, sneakers and other trendy garments which help them express their personality the best.

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