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How To Wear A Blazer : 4 Black Blazer Combinations You’ll Love!

Our style post on black blazer combinations is an extended fashion tutorial on how to wear a blazer. The blazer style is very popular among men and black is such a timeless colour! Try formal and casual ensembles to perfect your blazer style!

A stylish black blazer for men is an essential piece of clothing as it can be combined with all outfits to get the perfect look every time. It is an elegant, ageless and flexible option which can boost any attire by making it look chic. A black blazer for men style can never go wrong when combined with complimenting shirts, trousers or jeans. The money spent on mens black blazer will always be worth if you are upgrading your wardrobe or trying this look for the first time…trust us, you will not be disappointed. However, we would surely want to know how to wear blazer and hence will share few general rules to making the best out of any ensemble when combined with your timeless formal black blazer or experimenting the popular casual blazer look.

Before discussing the black blazers combination, a common rule for buying any piece of clothing is to focus on the quality as a fine fabric adds a level of sophistication to the attire.  Also, a good quality black blazer for mens  can elevate your chances of making yourself stand out in a good way in a group as it projects confidence and panache. Blazer style men in a mature manner and display class also.

It is normal to get overwhelmed with the plethora of choices while buying blazers. Hence, it’s important to know exactly how to wear blazer. This article can help you decide what kind of look you might want to opt for the next outing. Double-breasted, double button blazers are the most common among blazers. You can also search the look online under Black blazer mens section or can select the pre-arranged looks under Blazer outfits mens category on apparel websites.

How to Wear Black blazer Combinations with Shirts

It might be possible that not everyone is aware of the bits and pieces about adding that extra panache to the simple daily routine using their pre-owned set of clothes. Worry not, we are here to discuss how to wear blazer, and stand out in the crowd using popular black blazer combinations with shirts. Below you can find an elaborate list of instructions to help you suit up in a classy and stylish manner –

Black Blazer with Black Shirt- Rock the all-black ensemble!

Black Blazer With Black Shirt - Bewakoof Blog

If you’re are the one who likes to go an extra mile while getting dressed, you might easily get bored wearing simple and safe black blazer shirt combinations. For adventurous guys who like to experiment with what they wear, black shirt black blazer look is a great way to raise the temperature of the room. Black shirt with blazer can be either of the same shade or you can choose a different shade to add a little variation.

However, there is a catch. It is known to not exude the same elegance for some people, so you have to be your own judge while choosing the black blazer style. Generally, you can take a chance with no tie look, but if you absolutely have to wear a tie, then stick to the theme and pair this look with a black tie to avoid looking like you are trying too hard.

Black Blazer with Blue Shirt- Fit into the timeless blue-black combo

Black Blazer With Blue Shirt - Bewakoof Blog

Among Blazer shirt combinations, it is popular to pair it with blue shirt. You can choose from various shades of the blue available. To spend as less as possible, on your wardrobe, invest in a quality black blazer and a few shirts which can be paired up easily. Black blazer with shirt for men is a common go-to attire and hence, the blazer look can be either solid or patterned. If you are buying for the first time, we will recommend sticking to a solid black blazer which will pair perfectly with every item in your wardrobe. Solid Shirt and blazer combinations can offer more flexibility as compared to matching two different patterns. If you like to wear patterns, then try to match a solid print with a pattern which is again easier than pairing two patterns, as it require

To bolster your black blazer style, a light blue shirt can be chosen as an alternative to the classic white shirt to give a spirited impression. Dark blue options including navy or indigo will also work as a cheerful addition to your black blazer and blue shirt outfit.

Black Blazer with White Shirt- Settle for a crisp and suave look

Black Blazer With White Shirt - Bewakoof Blog

A good contrast in case of blazer and shirt combinations goes a long way.  White shirts for black blazer are undisputedly the best blazer combination.  We cannot emphasise enough that you can never go wrong with a black blazer and a white shirt. If you are adding accessories to this black blazer combinations such as tie or pocket square, then try to keep it simple. Wrong coloured accessories may spoil these timeless white shirts with blazer attire.

Black Blazer Combinations with Jeans- Perfect lowers to go with your Blazer!

Black Blazer With Jeans - Bewakoof Blog

Pairing black blazer with jeans is an easy and carefree task as it is suitable for daytime meetings as well as evening gatherings. Black blazer outfit can easily transition from being a professional attire to a party time look. As a bonus, this can be your go-to comfortable look for any occasion without stressing much about going wrong.

A blazer jeans outfit is acceptable for all possible events. The black blazer and jeans combination exudes class and is very practical for a busy daily wear.  Black blazer with blue jeans is a popular classic choice as a casual or semi-formal attire. Jeans are comfortable and practical in contrast to formal-looking structured and smart blazers. This black blazer for men with jeans and t-shirt smart and casual combination is sure to save you in the rush. Also, this look can easily be transformed into work attire by combining blazer with shirt and jeans or trouser.  Jeans shirt blazer ensemble might not work at a professional meeting hence it’s better to include a black trouser in your wardrobe for such occasions.

Black blazer with jeans combination can have many variations based on your preferences.  With a simple Black blazer with blue jeans men can dress to impress. You can also combine black blazer with black jeans to sport a slightly different look. You can refer to blazer on jeans images on the internet to get a better idea, however, let us assure you are ready to try blazers with jeans combination on your own even if you follow the simple suggestions mentioned in this article.

Fashion Tips While Sporting Jeans and blazer outfits

  • Pay attention to the details and fit so that you can win the black blazer style – Always try to get your blazer tailored if it is not already a perfect fit for your shape. Fitting is important so that it does not look like you are wearing a too big or too small size. You are supposed to feel comfortable while moving your hands and sitting and that is how you can determine whether your blazer is tailored to your measurements.

  • When in doubt, just go with a classic black blazer and solid white shirt combination. Black blazer for men with jeans and t-shirt is the casual fix to your spontaneous outings!  A solid white round neck T-shirt will be perfect for a more casual event.

  • Trouser and Jeans can be chosen as per the nature of the company. The black blazer with jeans goes well in casual gathering. However, at a formal event, a trouser can add a more class.

  • Never completely button up your blazer till the last button. Only fasten the top button if you have to.
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