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How To Wear Off Shoulder Top - Tips And Other Outfit Ideas

Read on to know how to wear off shoulder top to discover how to style off shoulder tops, dresses, kurtis and gowns  for any and every occasion!

The off shoulder style has managed to make its way into every other fashion. Everywhere you look, you will see women with bare shoulders in an off shoulder blouse, off shoulder top or an off shoulder dress. In fact, the off shoulder top is the most common among the off shoulder style; we see it frequently on the runway and on celebrities.

From Kareena Kapoor Khan to Kendall Jenner – every famous celebrity is seen wearing these off shoulder styles. The off shoulder style is more commonly known as the cold shoulder in 2018, but we all know fashion repeats itself every few years. In 2002, Yves Saint Laurent created off the shoulder tops which were in fashion then, so it’s no surprise that the cold shoulder style is back again. Now that we know the history of the off shoulder, let’s talk about how to wear off shoulder top.

How to wear off shoulder top? A detailed style guide

How to Wear Off Shoulder Top - Bewakoof Blog
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If you’re wondering what to wear under off shoulder top, here’s what you need to know. The first thing you need to wear with an off shoulder top is an off shoulder bra. The off shoulder bra is a must-have for every single girl, because you never know when you might want to show off those shoulders. The bra for off shoulder tops must be well fitted and strapless, because, let’s be honest, visible bra straps ruin the look of the off shoulder top!

If you don’t have the right strapless bra for off shoulder top, you could make do with your regular bra. So, how to wear off the shoulder tops with bra? Just remove the bra straps from your shoulders and tuck them into your bra, and you’ve got yourself a makeshift off strapless bra. However, it is best to buy a proper strapless bra for all your off shoulder needs. After all, the better the bra the better the fit. Think of a strapless bra as a onetime investment – make sure you buy which fits perfectly.

A detailed guide on how to wear off shoulder top:

  • Wear a well fitted strapless bra. If the bra is not well fitted, it could keep slipping down which can be very uncomfortable.
  • Wear the off shoulder top like a normal top at first.
  • Then, pull the sides of the off shoulder top down till they are just below your shoulder.
  • And there you have it, a good looking and most importantly well fitted around the shoulder off shoulder top.

Off shoulder outfit ideas to keep you in trend

Off shoulder outfit ideas - Bewakoof Blog
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The off shoulder style is found on tops, dresses, blouses and even crop tops. The great thing about the off shoulder look is that it is super versatile. Going for brunch with the girls? Wear an off shoulder maxi dress.

Going for your first date? You could wear off shoulder top and skirt. Going out for your friend’s bachelorette? Pair one of your favourite off shoulder crop top and skirt. Going out for a movie? How about an off shoulder t shirt with denim shorts?

Off the shoulder tops are very versatile. They are available in almost every colour, every pattern and every material. So it doesn’t matter if you have to attend a formal event or go out looking super casual, you can always wear an off shoulder top! The occasions you could wear an off shoulder top or off shoulder dress to are uncountable – this style looks good everywhere!

1. Off shoulder dresses- perfect for your summer wardrobe!

Off shoulder dresses - Bewakoof Blog
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The off shoulder dress can be found in any store, in any city and on any clothing website. The off shoulder dress is by the far sexiest yet most casual summer dress that exists. Off shoulder dresses can be worn for a casual lunch, a dinner date, a Saturday night out or even for a day brunch. Also, if you’re looking for the perfect baby shower outfit, we definitely recommend an off shoulder dress – preferably a maxi style. Avoid wearing an off shoulder dresses for formal occasions. An off shoulder cocktail dress is the perfect outfit to wear on your own birthday or anniversary celebration!

(A) Off shoulder cocktail dress - Cocktail queen!

Off shoulder cocktail dress - Bewakoof Bog
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Instead of wearing a simple gown or a basic maxi dress for a formal dinner or get-together, you could wear an off shoulder cocktail dress. In fact, an off shoulder cocktail dress will also look great at a youngsters sangeet or party. The one tip you need to know for accessorising an off shoulder cocktail dress – less is more! Instead of going all out with jewellery, it’s best to wear big earrings or one statement choker necklace. That way, your dress will not be overpowered.

(B) Off shoulder wedding dress - Look fab on your big day!

Off shoulder wedding dress - Bewakoof Blog
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The off shoulder wedding dress has become a very common wedding outfit for Christian women. You know, the white off shoulder dress with the veil and flowers? Now, many Indian brides have started wearing an off shoulder wedding dress for their sangeet and cocktail functions. Usually, the Indian off shoulder wedding dress is made from sequins and bling.

(C) Off shoulder maxi dress  - taking casual wear to a whole new level!

Off shoulder maxi dress - Bewakoof Blog
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We love the off shoulder maxi dress look for a casual summer day. If you’re trying to dress up yet give off a casual vibe, we recommend pairing your off shoulder maxi dress with a statement necklace for the perfect look. This off shoulder dress would look great for brunch and tea parties! In fact, you can even wear an off shoulder maxi for birthday parties, dinner dates, movies and a casual coffee with the girls. How much you want to dress up or dress down is totally up to you! If you want to accentuate your waist in your off shoulder maxi dress, let a thin belt do it’s magic.

2. Off shoulder blouse- give a modern twist to your wardrobe!

Off shoulder blouse - Bewakoof Blog
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As mentioned before, the off shoulder blouse first made it appearance in the early 2000’s. The main difference between the off shoulder blouse then and now is the number of shoulders showing; initially the off shoulder top was just one side off shoulder.

If you’ve got some of these one side off shoulder tops in your closet, now is the time to take them out! If you were too young to be on trend in the early 2000’s, ask your mum for some of her one side off shoulder tops – they will totally be in fashion right now.

(A) Off-shoulder saree blouse- look fancy!

Off-shoulder saree blouse - Bewakoof Blog
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Now, the off shoulder blouse look has made its way into Indian and ethnic clothes too! The off shoulder saree blouse is a very common sight at weddings and other formal functions. In fact, the off shoulder blouse saree look is very commonly seen on the runway too!

While the off shoulder blouse design might change, the concept of showing off those well toned shoulders doesn’t. If you’ve got a wedding coming up and you need new clothes, we recommend buying an off shoulder blouse for saree! Since the off shoulder saree blouse look is so in fashion, your outfit will definitely be on point. In fact, some of these off shoulder blouse designs can be paired with lehengas, palazzos and dhoti pants too. Basically, for your next wedding outfit go for the off shoulder blouse look! For runway observations, an off shoulder blouse paired with dhoti pants and a sheer cape will look really good. You could even wear this off the shoulder blouse with palazzos for a casual yet chic look for a mehendi function.

3. Off shoulder top - your casual companion!

Off shoulder top -Bewakoof Blog
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The off shoulder top is probably one of the most frequently bought and worn tops in the market today. Every girl, no matter what shape or size, will look stunning in an off shoulder top. The off shoulder top can be long, short, loose or snug and it will always be on fleek. If you look at Instagram pictures of girls on the beach, you will notice that most of these girls are wearing off shoulder tops. In fact, the off shoulder style has even found its way to bikini tops!

Not just off shoulder tops, people now wear off shoulder bikini tops. When the style reaches the bikini, we know this style is here to stay! Here are some of the most commonly worn off shoulder tops and ideas on how to wear off shoulder top to stay in trend!

(A) Off shoulder crop top for a day out with friends

Off shoulder crop top - Bewakoof Blog
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Of all the off the shoulder tops for women available in the market, the off shoulder crop top has to be the hottest! The off shoulder crop top can be paired with shorts, jeans, skirts or palazzos and it will always look just as good. If you’re the kind of girl who has a thin waist with slightly heavy arms, an off the shoulder crop top is perfect for you – you can hide your arms and show off your waist. We recommend crop off shoulder tops with jeans for a casual look.

Pro tip: The crop top off shoulder looks is always great for music festivals and concerts – pair your favourite off shoulder crop top with denim shorts and sneakers for the ultimate concert look! A white off shoulder top would look great for a day festival.

(B) Off shoulder t shirt for a night out the club

Off shoulder t shirt - Bewakoof Blog
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The off shoulder t shirt is usually worn casually for lunch or a day at the mall. If you want to wear this off shoulder top at night, we recommend pairing a black off shoulder top with skinny jeans or leather pants for the best look. After that, it is all about how you accessorize it.

Pro tip: A red off shoulder top can be paired with skinny black pants and heels to create the perfect dinner date outfit. Your date won’t be able to take his eyes off you!

(C) Off shoulder shirt - the one for any occasion

Off shoulder shirt - Bewakoof Blog
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You might know how to wear off shoulder tops, but have you ever considered an off shoulder shirt? We’ve seen Kareena Kapoor Khan and Sonam Kapoor rocking these off shoulder shirts, so we know they look great. An off shoulder shirt is great for women who are thin but have a little fat on their belly.

Pro tip: Pair this shirt with skinny jeans or pants. If you want to accentuate your waist then use a belt. If you want to draw attention away from your waist, accessorize it with a choker.

4. Off shoulder gowns for elaborate parties!

Off shoulder gowns - Bewakoof Blog
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Off shoulder gowns are great for formal and semi-formal events. You can wear off shoulder gowns for your anniversary, for a friend’s birthday or even for a date night. Even if you’re going for an event at the club, off shoulder gowns will look really good. The great thing about off shoulder gowns is that you can buy gowns which suit your body type and accentuate your figure.

If you have good legs, you can buy an off shoulder gown with a flit. If your waist is thin, you can buy a fitted off shoulder gown. The best accessories you can pair with off shoulder gowns are big earrings – that way no attention is drawn away from your shoulder and neckline.

5. Off shoulder kurti to glam up your traditional wear!

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You know all about how to wear off shoulder tops, but have you ever considered an off shoulder kurti? Cold shoulder kurtis as well as semi off shoulder and off shoulder kurtis are very much in style these days. You can wear an off shoulder kurti for mehendi and formal lunches. In fact, this diwali, you could dress up a little with an off shoulder kurti.

The off shoulder is a style that is truly in fashion at the moment. A few tweaks with the right accessories could lead you to truly rocking the look.

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