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How To Tie A Scarf- Scarf Styles For Women That Are Awesome!

Winter or no winter, Scarfs are a wardrobe essential! Scarfs can take your OOTD from drab to glam in a jiffy. Learn how to tie a scarf in different ways and amp up your style game!

“Sweater weather is better with a cozy scarf wrapped around your neck!

Remember a scarf is never just a winter gear, it is an outstanding fashion accessory that should never be underestimated.

“Gurl this little piece a cloth can take you from fine to Dayum Fine in a minute!”

women scarf bewakoof blog
Source- sandipointe

There are many scarf styles that you can tie your cool neck gear in. Unfortunately scarfs don’t get the kind of love they deserve. We are making it our motto to change that! We promise by the end of this piece you’ll be a convert.

We’re sure you’ve not been living under a rock and know how to tie a scarf around your neck, at least in the most basic style possible! Even if for some extraterrestrial reason you don’t know how to wear a scarf, worry not...your girl here has got you covered!

Welcome to Scarfs 101: Different Ways To Wear A Scarf- A Masterclass!

We couldn’t stress any harder on how important it is to own an elegant scarf! They can make or break an outfit.

Still not convinced? Here is a curation of 9 elegant ways to tie a scarf that might be the deal sealer here!

Bada bing Bada boom! Get ready to learn how to tie a scarf in a variety of scarf styles step by step!

1. Simply Stylish With A Toss!

toos women scarf bewakoof blog
Source- newwomanindia

Dressing like a fashionista is not possible everyday. We get it! The simplest of all scarf styles, The Toss can save the day.

The Toss Scarf style is a simple answer to all the worries this dreadful question, How to wear a scarf is causing you. There’s nothing grand about this particular style! Hence it’s really easy to create.

How to-

Step 1. Take your scarf, fold it in a way that it forms an inverted U. Put the scarf around your neck so that the curve (U) sits right at your nape. You’ll be left with two longer sections that’ll hang from the sides of your neck.

Step 2. Take the section hanging on the right and throw it back, over the left section.

The Final Look: Adjust it to your liking. You’ll be left with the left section hanging in the front and the right section hanging over at the back.

Style Fact- The toss is a saviour on lazy days. It is the perfect addition to a sweater or T-shirt dress.  For bulkier and heavier scarfs like the muffler, the toss works really well.

2. Going Back To The Basics With a Basic Loop!

Women Scarf - Bewakoof Blog
Source- staticflickr

Just like the toss this scarf style is a quick way to glam up your casual outfit in seconds.

The Basic Loop is just an extension of the Toss. It’s wonderful how just pulling one end to the front can make such a difference. It is a great way of keeping yourself warm as it envelopes your neck and covers your chest too.

basic women scarf bewakoof blog

How to-

Step 1. Take you scarf, fold it in a way that it forms an inverted U. Put the scarf around your neck so that the curve (U) sits right at your nape. You’ll be left with two longer sections that’ll hang from the sides of your neck.

Step 2. Take the section hanging on the right and wrap it around your neck bringing it forward from over the left section so that it hangs on the right again.

The Final Look: You’ll be left with a soft loop coiled around your neck and a hang on either side.

Style Fact- The Basic Loop is super fetching with an unbuttoned coat.

3. Front Tie- The Perfect Illusion!

front tie women scarf - Bewakoof Blog
Source- daisysullivant

Although the name has a formal vibe to it there’s nothing stern or complicated about this scarf style. Trust us it’s much easier than it sounds. This front-tie is all about right looping. It is also sometimes referred to as the ‘loop through’ since that’s basically what it is. When done properly it falls a lot like how a formal tie would.

front tie women scarf bewakoof blog

How to-

Step 1. Like most scarf wearing styles, this one too requires for the scarf to be folded in a way that it forms an inverted ‘U’ initially.

Step 2. However unlike the 1st two styles, for this one you place the ‘U’ on one side of your neck and let both the ends hang on the other side. Pull the ends through the ‘U’ thereby creating a loop around your neck.

The Final Look: The ends would hang out of the ‘U’ loop that you’d created, with one end hanging longer than the other, thus resembling a tie.

Style Fact: The front tie is the perfect addition to your formal business attire and for a semi-casual look.

4. Infinite Glam With The Faux Infinity!

Women scarf - Bewakoof B log
Source- shopify

The faux infinity scarf style is one of the fancier ways to wear a scarf.  This one has a little more personality than the 3 preceding styles. It personifies glamor and elegance. It is more of a style accessory than a cold-wind beater, However since this style can also be achieved with thicker fabrics, it works for cold winters too.

 women scarf bewakoof blog

How to-

Step 1. The standard ‘U’ fold which we’re sure you know by now.

Step 2. Tie the two ends of the scarf in simple small knot. You should now have a scarf ring before you.

Step 3. Fold the ‘scarf ring’ in such a way that it resembles an 8. Align the rings together and wear it around your neck.

The Final Look- you’ll have yourself a loose and cozy ring wrap around your neck, which would cover your chest. The final look somewhat resembles a reverse drape.

Style Fact: It looks bombastic with basic t-shirts.

5. Nice And Neat Neckerchief!

Women Scarf - Bewakoof Blog
Source- justthedesign

This is a Parisian favourite and is often referred to as a french knot. Neckerchief is the epitome of panache and elegance. In order to achieve a perfectly neat neckerchief knot you have to use a small scarf. Quirky, printed scarves will make your neckerchief the best neck accessory you need.

How to-

Step 1. Use a Square shaped scarf.

Step 2. Fold in a way that two of its diagonally opposite ends come together and form a triangle.

Step 3. Fold the top pointed end inwards so that you get a compact rectangular belt. Secure the belt around your neck with a knot.

Final Look- Adjust the kerchief. The knot should rest at the side of your neck. There you have a parisian knot to complete your chic look.

Style Fact: The neckerchief scarf style is best when done with silk scarves and bandanas.Looks good with T-shirts and sweaters.

6. School Girl Chic with the Girl Scout Knot!

knot  women scarf bewakoof blog
Source- everyonceinastyle

If you think middle school is the last of girl scout knots one should be seeing, then you’re highly mistaken sister! This gem from your childhood should be your new best friend. It’s an easy way of channeling the ever refreshing schoolgirl vibes and you should certainly be revisiting it soon!

 women scarf bewakoof blog

How To-

Step 1. The basic ‘U’ fold.

Step 2. Tie a clean bunny knot right in the middle. Take the left ear and pull it from under the right ear and pull it back around through a loop that is formed, this will give you a second knot.

You can  leave it at the first knot for a basic look but the second knot will give you the classic girl scout look that you want to achieve.

The Final Look- A prim and proper knot that sits right at your chest.

Style Fact: The Girl Scout scarf style is great for shedding down a couple of years. It certainly makes one look much younger than they are.

7.  Bouncy Bow-Tie For The Pretty Ladies!

bow & Tie women scarf - Bewakoof Blog
Source- glamour

The bow-tie scarf style is perfect for adding a bit of a delicate charm to your outfit. This supremely feminine style makes a rich addition to formal pant suits and button down shirts.

 women scarf bewakoof blog

How to-

Step 1. Take two scarves with similar prints.

Step 2. Tie one end of each together as shown in the image.

Step 3. Place the know at the nape of your neck in such a way that one end of each falls from either side of the neck. Following the bunny ear loop knot, tie a the scarves into a bow.

Final Look-  Adjust the bow to the centre of your collar. There you have a bouncy bow-tie.

Style Fact- Works best with georgette, silk or any other flexible material. Thin silk scarves are popularly used to achieve the bow-tie.

8. Buckle Up For A Style Ride With The Belted Drape!

women scarf - Bewakoof Blog
Source- glamour

We’ve been saving the Belted Drape for last because this absolute beauty deserves full attention. Wanna cover up a boring outfit? The belted drape will help you do just that, but in style!

This one’s our personal favourite because it doesn’t just keep you warm, it also looks super fancy and is one of the easiest of the scarf styles.

How to-

Step 1. You need a long flowy scarf for this one. Open your scarf, wrap it around your shoulder, let the two ends hang in the front covering your chest.

Step 2. Buckle it up in position with a belt to go with your outfit.

The Final Look- Cozy and snuggly wrap, embellished with a trendy belt.

Style Fact- Bulkier the scarf, thinner the belt and vice-versa. Simple scarves call for quirky belts and quirky print scarves work best with delicate belts. Balance is key!

Now that you know how to wear a scarf in all the fetching scarf styles that will make for a classy winter look it’s about time you put this knowledge to good use.

“Happy winter and Happy Scarf-ing to you!”

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