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Season Style Guide: Summer Staples For The Heat!

Update your summer wardrobe with these must-haves. We bet you’ll never run out of style inspiration for summer fashion with these essential elements.

Days are becoming humid in some parts of the country, whereas in others everyone is complaining about scorching heat but the approaching summer season is surely taking its toll on everyone. As you sweat it out, the search for appropriate clothes in your wardrobe begins. The transition from winter to summer is the most reflective in your closet as you start burying your jackets deep down and start looking for light coloured tops, t-shirts which helps to minimize perspiration and maximize flexibility.

But not all our summer clothes pursuits can be about casual wear which allow you to breathe in them and neither can you always ditch those dark colours but there can be a way out. Mix and match works best to incorporate the dark hues well into your essential summer clothes. The summer season can be the time to experiment with brighter colours such as pops of yellow, pink, blues and a little beige and white to tone it in the pastel shades. Florals is the staple pattern ruling summer fashion trends every year, but experimenting with denims is also a great option. But if the fashion magazines or the style guides are confusing you with recent trends ladies, we have it sorted for you in simpler ways to keep you in vogue. Check it out, girl squad!

1. Motifs and Patterns

There could be a ruling pattern that takes over the fashion scene each season but florals, denims, bright patterns are always on the top of the summer fashion tips and therefore can be a safer option for you to choose. But, if you believe in experimenting, you can incorporate the fall-back upon patterns on an eccentric clothing or pair it with something unusual. If you thought you cannot wear checkered print in the hot season, you could be wrong as a light-coloured checkered print crop-shirt can be a your staple summer clothes, if you’re heading for a movie date. Even boxer shorts with cute motifs when paired with a nice plain t-shirt is a laid back look that you can pull off this season on a day out to run errands.

2. Keeping it Casual

Keep It Casual - Bewakoof Blog

We all love our t-shirts and they never go out of our wardrobes, irrespective of the season. During winters, they add up to the layers of clothing on us, and during summers, they work as the perfect outfit letting you breathe and not sweat. Classic logo t-shirts can replace those frilly tops and formals shirts as you could easily slip a blazer over your t-shirt if you were heading for a formal meeting. Tank tops paired with the right pair of denims can work in your favour if you’re out for a lunch with your friends.

3. One-pieces or Two-pieces? Both!

One Piece

Whether you thought of bikinis or dresses, we will talk about both as they are major staple summer clothes for your wardrobe. A short cute skater dress can do it’s trick as much a one-piece bikini can work for a pool-side or pool party, respectively. You could alternatively check out coordinates that have been in vogue for the past few years and do not seem to be out of the summer fashion scene, anytime soon. A two-piece can be your rescue if you’re chilling with your girlfriends at the beach in Goa or abroad!

4. Prim up with Playsuits and Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits - Bewakoof Blog

Style yourself this summer season to play with your attires as you can easily strut into your office in a jumpsuit with a blazer and you can look effortlessly stylish and sophisticated. Jumpsuits are not a difficult outfit to carry and are a slip-on which helps you stay comfortable in your skin without having to experiment a lot with your summer look and outfit. Whereas, you could use playsuits to fill the gap, if you want to go for an event. Playsuits are the perfect combination of sexy legs and yet are an elegant attire to attend an event in. Pair it with the right accessories and you’re good to rock that event!

5. Be dressy with Denims

Dressy With Denims - Bewakoof Blog

Denims are the saviour during the summer heat and we know, even you can vouch for it. Whether denims in the form of trousers, shorts or dresses are a perfect attire for the heat. It helps you stay pleasant and you can still push it from a day to evening outfit if you pair the right accessories and with the right lipstick and footwear. You can also pair a crop-top with denim shorts and to complete the look, pull off a sleeveless shrug and you’re good to attend a concert, woman!

6. Smart Shift Dresses

Shift Dresses - Bewakoof Blog

Cotton clothing is usually the go-to during the summer season and to incorporate it in a ruling trend can be a wise decision. Shift dresses are a great way to let your body breathe during the heat, rather than profusely sweating and end up stinking. Shift dresses are short, sleeveless or quarter-sleeved dresses that hangs from the shoulders which are suitable for all body-types and sizes. You can either purchase a patterned shift dress or pair a plain shift dress with bright lipstick and bright footwear to get you summer ready!

7. Snug Sliders

Snug Sliders - Bewakoof Blog

The new shoe-on-the-block are these new category of footwear called ‘sliders’ which are nonchalantly easy to carry and has an easy-breezy vibe. Equally comfortable, women if you’ve seen men wearing sliders all around you and wished to have an equally comfy pair of footwear for yourselves to tone down your footwear choices, Bewakoof latest collection of sliders for women can be for you to check out.

8. When vests and shorts come together!

Tops & Shorts - Bewakoof Blog

Cute vests and even cuter shorts are a choice you’d love to make in the summers. Put them together, and you’ll have a look that never goes out of your wardrobe. You’ll find this combination to be really comfortable and fulfilling all your basic wear needs!

It is always better to follow the KISS rule during summers and we mean it, when we say keep it simple and short, ladies! So, as you get that sunscreen out of your wardrobe, bring out all those outfits that fall in the above categories because you now have the guide to style them aptly for the season. No need to go the conventional summer styling when you can still experiment to look your fashionable best.

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