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T-Shirts To Crack You Up During These Tough Times

When times get tough, the laughs keep us going! Here's a curation of some of our funniest t-shirts that’ll put a smile on your faces. Are you as bored as we’re as this lockdown is never-ending & you’re finding fewer ways to pass-time apart from listening to the breaking news flashing every 10 mins! Switch that depressing news channel off & read on!

  1. Jaane Ka Nai Half Sleeve T-Shirt

    Although it’s like an early summer vacation for all students, their love-hate relationship with books is never-ending!

  2. Sapno Ki Biryani Half Sleeve T-Shirt

    When Biryani is Bae & you're the kind who’ll go to any lengths to get a spoonful. No elaichi, please!

  3. Late Half Sleeve T-Shirt

    Are you the one who keeps all your friends waiting and secretly hopes the plan gets canceled? This T-shirt is made for you because you’ve no shame admitting it as well!

  4. Sharam Aati Nahi Half Sleeve T-Shirt

    Both are inversely proportional to each other, don’t you think? When everyone sleeps for ⅓ of their life why be ashamed of it? :P

  5. With Stupid Half Sleeve T-Shirt

    You need to be wearing this to the right place, at the right time! This T-shirt requires some effort to make it completely resourceful. Stand next to your bestie or your boss (at your own risk). ;)

  6. Chugli Mat Kar Half Sleeve T-Shirt

    We always have that one friend from the group who can’t live without sharing gossip! Social distance yourself from gossip-mongers. Call them out with this savage T-shirt.

  7. Pehli Fursat Mein Nikal Half Sleeve T-Shirt

    Bhau ne bola matlab bola! Seedhi baat no bakwaas! The trend that will stay on as it’s relevance is low-key applied on almost anything!

  8. Surprise I'm Drunk Half Sleeve T-Shirt (Hidden Message)

    A Tee for the daaru parties be it a night out or a casual drinking session during happy hours! But be careful as you might get so drunk that you’re not able to fold it up to make a statement.

  9. 90's Music Board Half Sleeve T-Shirt

    When legendary songs by Kumar Sanu & Alka Yagnik are replaced (rebooted) by skimpy item numbers with Badshah rapping in the background. We only have 1 question - who asked for it?

  10. Bulati Nahi Hai Half Sleeve T-Shirt

    A parody on the trend itself!

    Honestly, some of us are forever waiting for a reply from our crush. That feeling of getting a reply is priceless though. This t-shirt brings out that perfect emotion.

  11. Nap Time Happy Hour Boyfriend T-Shirt

    Some people binge-drink during happy hours, we binge on sleep! We’re so in love with those small naps specially during day time that we can sacrifice anything to get them & also we won’t shy away from mentioning ‘sleeping’ as a hobby in our CV. ;)

  12. Te-quila Boyfriend T-Shirt

    Shots Shots Shots - till the checkbox starts getting blurry! Is it even an option? Love for tequila exceeds all. Please don’t let us get started

                                                                                           Writer - Tees Maar Khan

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