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The Longline T-shirt - A little trend that goes a long way!

From pop stars to celebrities this trend has fast become a fast fashion favorite, and if you're looking to jump on the style street with the longline trend, we've got you covered! Read all about it here.

This time on trend alert, let’s pick up controversy’s favorite - the Longline T-shirt! While some have labelled it as edgy and fashion forward, the others think of it as unflattering and over-hyped. Styling (who is the target) Longline is a relatively new term in fashion. It describes clothing garments that are longer in length than what would be considered a regular cut or length. So basically in most cases they are not just longer with also oversized, while it is not necessary that both of those features need to be present together. It totally depends on your personal style.

This 90’s trend that surged with other sister trends like Bomber Jackets and T-shirt Dresses. Moving on to the trend itself, a lot of celebrities have sworn by it. From Kanye West to Justin Bieber who catapulted the trend to fame, but at the same others while not sporting the Longline T-shirt by itself, but have used it in layering or gone with other longline styles like Bomber Jackets or Trench Coats. Our very own inspiration for launching the Longline Collection was that when the oversized trend boomed, people were buying t-shirt in larger sizes than they normally wear. So we realized that people really want to experiment and that is how it came to be. So what do you say? Should we give you a roadmap of how to rock the trend without looking like hobo.

Let us begin with 5 simple rules:

  1. When in doubt keep it simple: Like with everything else in fashion too, doing too much at once is a major faux pas. So it is important that when you start out this style, you start slow and simple. We suggest that you don’t go with highly experimental look the first time. Start at the bottom, with a oversized or simply Longline T-shirt, in a colour that looks flattering on you, and wear it with regular fit Bottom-Wear, you can go for good ol’ pair of Jeans or Chinos, don’t go for slim fit, and finish it with a pair of sneakers, since this is strictly casual look, it is very important to pair it so while creating the look.

  2. Only one at a time: Ever heard the saying “Too many cooks spoil the broth”, The same way more than one piece of the longline trend and it will ruin your ensemble for good. This is especially important if you’re using this trend to create a layered look. Like, wear a Longline T-shirt and team it up with Bomber jacket and Denim, this will look good. But if you were a Longline T-Shirt with Drop Crotch Loose Pants then you’ll turn heads for all the wrong reasons. (oversized and longline)

    Longline T-Shirt 2 - Bewakoof

  3. Learn from the best: While once upon a time it wasn’t possible to easily access or understand trends, no such issues remain today, you’re a click away from finding out everything about anything. So if you see a new trend and like it enough to want to give it go. Check out what are the do’s and the dont ’s, through blogs and lookbooks, find inspiration from the best of the best about styling and then choose one that you think works best for you. Why take a faux pas fall when you can learn from the best!

  4. Confidence is the most important accessory: While this is one cliche that is always harped upon, it will do you good to remember it. Because if you are not sure that you’re rocking the look, it will show in your attitude and your poise. And no matter how fabulous or trendy clothes you don, if you don’t have a “I am sexy and I know it” thing going on you’ll never be able to pull it off like it is meant to be. This trend forms an essential part of the streetwear style (urban youth and contemporary subculture), it is meant to be carried with the same swag. That is one of the reasons it so popular among the hip-hop and pop culture crowd. So go on, step out and own it!

  5. This is strictly casual look! While you might see examples of looks, wherein people have donned this look in a seemingly work like environment, with longline trenches and shirts but it is at the best a smart casual look. Which means you can wear it for dates, and meetings that are to take place in a cafe or on the coveted Casual Friday but definitely not regular office wear. Classic cuts should be preferred when dressing up, as opposed to this more contemporary, fashion-forward silhouette.

    Now that you know the trend enough, time to break the ice and try on one of these looks!  


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