Bewakoof Diaries|9th Jan, 17

Throwback 2016

We've reached yet another milestone, with your constant love and unwavering support. On our 5th birthday, let us introduce you the teams & faces that make-up the Bewakoof Brigade!

Hey! We’ve missed you guys, and want to catch you up on what we’ve been upto. 2016 was such an incredible experience. And the sheer love that we’ve received from you all has been priceless. We can’t tell you how psyched all of us get, whenever we see someone sporting one of our products-the other days we saw someone, wearing the “Alco-holiday” hoodie and it was sheer elation, we were very tempted to turn it into our Snapchat feed but damn the traffic! On that note Thank you. Why? Because last year we reached the milestone of having sold 1.5 million products, which means basically three Bewakoof products are sold every minute; who knows, perhaps some of you have full carts right now. All we want to say is keep the love coming.

Next coming to moving towards our goal of redefining everyday fashion, with our colossal range and edgy style. We decided to channel some of that innovation and inspiration into getting a new identity for ourselves. With a new Bewakoof logo and evolved values - Simple. Personal. Timeless. 

Whoever said we were above the “New year, new me” trend? However, despite the new appearance, we’ve managed to retain the same ol’ madness. Don’t believe us? Maybe you would if you walked in on us playing CS or Fifa after hours, or perhaps if you knew that we have a tradition of a Thursday treat, wherein we succumb to our foodie selves and gorge on loads of delicious and tantalizing street food.

And although we couldn’t catch up too often here(fixing that is one of our new year resolutions, yes we have those too) Nevertheless, 2016 was a revolutionary year for our social media engagement, and no we are not exaggerating-We just happen to have really awesome fans, take a look at the stats love machines!

Since Bewakoofs were on the rise on the streets, we decided to up our game as well, and now we boast of 300 members who are a part of the Bewakoof Brigade, take that Spartans!

Since we are boasting already, let us introduce you to all the new friends we made in 2016-Marvel, Star Wars and some of the Bollywood Biggies are amongst them, take a look at the list, and rejoice with us!

We might have skipped the chit-chat here, but we did run into some of you at the most hip and crazy events of the year, whether it was the NH7 Weekender, Comic Con or EDC, and just by the way, we are also gonna see you real soon at the Sula Fest 2017, don’t forget to drop in and say hi! On that note, thank you for all the time you did visit us-with over 15 million desktop and mobile website visits,  over 7 lac app downloads and 71 million screen views, we couldn’t be happier.

We have solemnly sworn to stand out with our eccentric fashion sense, and this year on that line we launched some insane products that went out like hot cakes-from the chic T-shirt dresses, elegant crop shirts and uber comfy jeans, oh and the bewitching basics-Longline T-shirts, Full-sleeve T-shirts and crop tops, just to make sure you are always spoilt for choice.

Bewakoof also mushroomed into other categories in 2016-and many more fabulous ones are on their way this year, so stay tuned, but speaking of last year, we launched a terrific range of quirky, funny and cool mobile covers that have been all the rage, incorporating some of our most loved designs into prints, for over 165 devices. We just wanted to make sure that there was enough to cater to all of your whims.

Just in case you were wondering where this magic happens? At our new warehouse which is sprawled over 1.3 lac sq ft, which also has an in-house chef who prepares delectable meals for all our staff members, cause first we eat! We’ve been bestowed with so much last year and we are sincerely grateful for the same. To express our gratitude, we have undertaken efforts to give back to the environment. With our rainwater harvesting initiative at the warehouse-Recycle, Reduce and Reuse all the way.

All of the above and a lot more got us evidently noticed and acknowledged last year, and we were written about quite a lot. Here’s a mention of all those who spoke of us, and here’s hoping that the list grows longer with each passing year.

And while they were noticing us, we were noticing you, more specifically what you loved most, most definitely because we want to certainly bring you a lot more of that, but also to give you a total flashback collection of the bestsellers of 2016. 

Wondering, how we do all of that and still have that zing in our voice and the zest in our performance? The secret lies in our rather radical de-stress routines, for instance one of our Data Scientists is a certified para-glider and scuba diver, our Digital Marketeer just got back from the Chadar Trek, and some good old pictionary nights, to take us back to the drawing class days! And for those who are not all that out there, we have a very effective and universally acknowledged therapy-a cute and frisky bundle of love, our very own office pet, called Junior - Paws and Kisses!!!

All that and much more has rejuvenated us with new purpose and conviction this year, and here’s hoping for a fantastic 2017 with you all!

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