Bewakoof Diaries|5th Apr, 18

This is what happened when we asked your favorite brands to wish us a happy birthday on Twitter!

Read on to find out exactly how things got witty on Twitter for our 6th Birthday, and all the brands who joined in on the fun.

For our 6th Birthday, since we promised you an E-party, we decided to put our favorite brands on the guest list too! The more the merrier, right? So we got into a little chat with these brands on Twitter, and the result is not just an e-treat but also a treat to your funny bones! April Fool’s Day deserves an excellent dose of entertainment!

For starters, we couldn’t contain our excitement once the birthday fever set in! So when we tweeted TVF about this..

Chumbak joined in and won our hearts with the cutest birthday wish! Or should we call it a paw-fect wish?

We were all set for the party! Even Marvel shared our enthusiasm and was up for our Thorrific party instantly!

Disney brought along our favorite characters -- Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Donald. We loved ‘em!

Now, since we were on a budget, we needed some really cool thrifting ideas for decorations! So we called out to Snapdeal to do what they do best.

But the I-Have-Nothing-To-Wear line caused major dilemma before the party, and we had to Fynd help ASAP to pick the accessories!

We reminded PhonePe that it wasn’t an April Fool’s prank, but our birthday for real and they needed to be there!

A good party needs a good menu, and we needed to add tadka to ours! Who better than Chings to give us lip smacking desi chinese?

We ran out of food real quick though, so Box8 came to our rescue! We wanted to box the taste and savor it forever.

We were partying hard, but we wanted to after-party even harder. We ran out of cash. That’s when Mobikwik had our backs.

Our after party plans were all set; we had a chai date with Chaayos!

This brought us to the end, and we had a happy one! We had the best people with us to help us wrap up the party – Faasos!

All’s well that ends well, right?


But things don't always go the way we plan.


These brands gave us major bloopers though, maybe our party fever got a little TOO contagious? :P

So that’s it folks! Our 6th Birthday couldn’t have been better. Their presence along with yours made the party a huge hit. They were also our saviors in disguise because they helped us with all our last minute e-party crisis! We’ll remember this for a long, long time. The party hangover has been a pleasant one. We had a gala time, and hopefully y’all did too!

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