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10 Different Types Of Sunglasses One Should Own This Season

The best way to throw shade isn’t through words or passive aggressive captions - but to do it quite literally, in the best pair of shades you can get your hands on!

Sunglasses are and have always been among the must-have accessories. No matter the season or trend, they’re always there just a glance away, waiting to give your look a stylish update! So why not give into them full-fledged already?

What we mean is this - just as we spend hours putting together the right clothing items, why don’t we also spend a little more time on what is not just a statement piece but also functional?

We stick to just one pair of sunglasses no matter the occasion, but let’s change that now! Today, we’re going to be exploring different types of sunglasses, their best face-shape matches and of course - why they actually matter! Ladies AND gentlemen; this article is for both!

Why Sunglasses Are A Must-Have!

There is one thing we all know about sunglasses already, and it is the fact that they are one of the most stylish additions to our look! But their use goes far beyond that, and it’s essential to understand why exactly we need a lot of types of sunglasses.

A) They protect your eyes.

Aren’t we all familiar with the harmfulness of UV rays emitted by the largest star in our solar system? While we apply sunscreen to our faces to tackle its ill aftereffects, it does nothing for our eyes which are possibly the most sensitive parts of our body.

The only thing that can prevent your eyes from getting affected are sunglasses - and the really good quality ones. So, if you’re looking to buy a pair, refrain from cutting down costs by a lot because that will also cut down on the quality.

B) They prevent dirt.

Picture this - you’re walking down the road, and it’s windy. Suddenly, without warning, a speck of dirt enters your eyes and most definitely - stings. You find yourself vigorously rubbing them in a futile attempt to remove them, and now, you have a rather red-looking eye.

All of this could have been prevented if you’d only worn sunglasses! Consider that to be your lesson for the next day and all the days to come. If it’s windy, don’t forget the shades!

C) They prevent headaches on sunny days.

Are you a fan of the summer season? We are too! But sometimes, amid all the warmth, there can also be extreme brightness, courtesy of the sun!

It might get a little too much to handle after a point, so a lot of types of sunglasses can be your shield from the bright rays that fall upon you and bring about a headache right while you’re getting on with your day.

D) They aid recovery.

If you’ve recently got a surgical procedure done in or around your eyes, tons of care and prevention from direct light is what your doctor may have suggested.

But while you’re going about your every day, it is easy to lose track and slow down the recovery of your eyes, especially during mundane activities like driving, street shopping, etc.

This is where a quality pair of sunglasses comes into the picture and speeds up the healing process!

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, let’s move on to the actual selection part! Here are the types of various sunglasses for men and women, and the face shapes they look the best on.

We’re sure you will find the perfect match, cause we did!

Types Of Sunglasses For Men

Men’s sunglasses tend to be more versatile than women’s, so you ought to exploit this fact completely! All of yours will be considered as investment pieces, as you’re bound to reach for them more than once, and way beyond just a single occasion.

Below are the types of sunglasses we think will be best.

1) Aviators

Aviators - Types of Sunglasses for Men | Bewakoof Blog
Source: Cosmopolitan

With a sort of triangle shape, defined by smooth curves on all sides, aviators are a popular sunglasses type that were initially launched by Bausch & Lomb and are now aced by many trusted brands.

Their most peculiar feature is the bar on the browline, just above the bridge of one’s nose. They exude a vintage appeal and are popular among men of all ages.

We especially love that they always have a luxe, metallic frame that makes you look like a million bucks!

Best for Aviators look really great on all face shapes like rounded rectangle, rectangle, round, square, inverted triangle, heart, diamond, triangle, and oval.

2) Wayfarers

Chances are, you already own these types of sunglasses if you’re a 90s kid because Wayfarers saw a resurgence in the 2000s, and they are still everywhere whether it’s the runway or the street.

Characterized by their similarity to the atypical square-shaped sunnies and differentiated by the curve at the bottom, Wayfarers are sleek yet ‘cool’.

Buy yourself a pair of Wayfarers if you haven’t already, but before you hit the checkout button, make sure you identify with one of the below face shapes.

Best for: Wayfarers effortlessly suit rounded rectangle faces, squared ones, inverted triangle ones and oval ones. They are one of the top accessories to own!

The best brands to watch out for are Ray-Ban, Warby Parker, Polaroid Eyewear and of course - Carrera.

3) Clubmaster

Leaning towards the circle-y side, these types of sunglasses are a statement by themselves! They’re funky, street style, and instantly establish you as that ‘cool guy’!

There should be nothing holding you back from trying them out. Did we mention that they’re also super retro?

Clubmaster sunglasses have a semi-rim and the lenses are usually tinted with colors like blue, green, etc. They also have an extra bridge that is aligned with your eyebrows.

These types of sunglasses are also very popular with men, specifically Hugo Boss, as they are much different from the ordinary variations you usually see.

Best for: Clubmaster sunglasses can be worn by men with face shapes like rounded rectangle, rectangle, square, triangle and oval.

4) Round

Just like the name suggests, these types of goggles go full circle - literally. They’re also fully rimmed. How can you not like them? The arm is also really sleek, and so is the frame.

You can find them in metallic hues as well as solids, and if prints are your thing then you’re sure to find those too! Round sunglasses are a daytime favorite, and you can also buy clear ones for that Harry Potter feel.

Our favorite round sunnies are from trusted brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Fastrack and Carrera!

Best for: If your face shape is rounded rectangle, rectangle, square, inverted triangle, or diamond, be rest assured that round sunglasses will be a great choice for you!

5) Rectangular

Rectangular - Types of Sunglasses for Men | Bewakoof Blog
Source: ZARA

A renowned name in the streetwear game, rectangular sunglasses are easily topping our wishlist right now.

Whether you like oversized lenses or narrow, sleek ones, rectangular sunglasses are equally amazing no matter the size, design or print.

Be careful though - you don’t want to pick up rectangular sunglasses if you already have a very chiselled face as rectangular sunglasses tend to add more definition.

With full rims and edges that are exactly equal, these types of sunglasses will stand out for sure!

Best for: Flaunt these freely if you’re a round, oval, or heart-shaped face type! They’ll work wonders for you.

Types Of Sunglasses For Women

Do you know the best part about being a woman? We literally never run out of options. It’s true - no matter how many times we say we have nothing to wear, the fact remains that we do have tons to wear.

If it applies to clothing, it also applies to accessories, and therefore, it holds right for sunglasses as well. We can get away with wearing the funkiest or the coolest sunnies, and stylishly.

So why not add to that collection? Ditch your standard frames for a while and make these types of sunglasses your own NOW.

1) Cat Eye

Cat Eye - Types Of Sunglasses For Women | Bewakoof Blog
Source: Cosmique Studio

Let your inner feline come out and play in cat eye sunglasses! A runway turned street favorite, cat eye sunglasses are no ordinary thing.

The upper edges are winged or more technically - upswept and are very popular among the gals! To add to their charm and make them even more descriptive, you can choose frames with animal prints on them.

Cat eye sunglasses are also a retro favorite, if that’s your thing. You can count on them to add a touch of glam to your outfit while also saving your eyes from harmful rays!

Best for: When you’re online shopping in India, look no further than cat eye sunglasses if you have a heart-shaped, oval-shaped, or inverted triangle-shaped face.

2) Oversized

Oversized - Types Of Sunglasses For Women | Bewakoof Blog

Oversized types of sunglasses aren’t limited to any particular shape but definitely have large lenses that tend to cover up half of your face. When you wanna go incognito, these are the sunnies you need!

Usually, oversized sunnies are made of top quality plastic or acetate which gives them a sturdier feel. You can find ones in all shapes and designs, from funky to subtle.

Oversized sunglasses were a huge trend in the 70s too and we think their fanbase has followed them all the way into 2021.

Best for: You don’t really need a particular face shape for oversized glasses, so experiment away! Check out ones from Marks & Spencers for a budget buy, or Versace for a luxe one.

3) Butterfly Sunglasses

Butterfly Sunglasses - Types Of Sunglasses For Women | Bewakoof Blog

These types of sunglasses are shaped like a butterfly’s wings when they are open, and so have a criss-cross nose bridge. Fancying them yet? We have been too, since forever really!

Closely resembling cat-eye sunglasses, butterfly shades are far more fun and funky!

They’re also much more dramatic and bring together your love for oversized sunnies and over the top designs into one pair. Isn’t that amazing?

Best for: Once again, face shape doesn’t come into the picture, although you might want to pay attention to how they look on you and if they just seem out of place at best.

4) Hexagonal

Hexagonal - Types Of Sunglasses For Women | Bewakoof Blog
Source: Cosmique Studio

The perfect concoction of round and square sunnies, these types of sunglasses are so IN right now. We know that just because something is trending doesn’t mean you add it to the cart straight away, but hear us out.

Hexagonal sunglasses, thanks to their literal shape, add more definition to your face. The edges are crisp yet softened, which doesn’t make them a very harsh choice of sunnies for you.

Also, they cut down on the chubbiness (only visually) so if you’ve been wanting a break from a babyface, you should add these to your collection.

Best for: Hexagonal sunglasses look great on oval, rounded and diamond face shapes.

5) Sporty

Sporty - Types Of Sunglasses For Women | Bewakoof Blog

That athleisure has been trending since the beginning of the pandemic is not surprising to anyone anymore, but only a few of us adapted to it full-fledgedly. Know what’s that one item missing from so many of our wardrobes?

A sporty pair of sunnies. (Yes, they rank really high on the list of different types of goggles.) With a frame that wraps around your temples perfectly and tinted lenses, usually, in metallic tones, sporty sunglasses are the most protective and the coolest of the lot!

They’re also made with amazing quality materials so you can either play an outdoor sport wearing them, or just flaunt them to serve looks!

Best for: Sporty sunglasses are apt for every face shape so go crazy with ‘em! Look for them on shopping apps and collections from brands like Nike, Oakley, Goodr Running, etc.

That brings us to the end of the sunglasses fix, but your journey of exploring them as much as you can has just started. We know you’re going to create some killer looks with sunglasses as the prime highlight!

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