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5 Top Accessories To Own Right Now

As millennials, we spend a lot of our time perfecting our wardrobe, our desks, and well, our lives. Our outfits need to be on-point for the gram, our makeup needs to align with the current ins and outs, our routine should be up-to-date, and everything needs to be check-marked on our to-do lists. One other thing that is deserving of our time and love is the accessories we choose to buy!

Yes, these 'style elevators' as we like to call them are just as important as the other mundane elements of our lives. After all, what's the point of mulling over them if those flat-lays and 'aesthetic' pictures of 'details' don't garner heart reactions from our followers? Surely, a little (or a lot) extra appreciation goes a long way - and who wouldn't want to pave the way for it?

Why accessorizing is important.

If you think fashion is limited only to clothing, we say - think again! What you wear is essential, but how you take it a notch higher and make your style personal to you is what matters the most! A lot of us have already mastered the art of accessorising. But for the ones who are just getting started, read below for more reasons that support our statements! We promise you'll be going gaga over accessories soon enough.

  • You can create various versions of the same look!

    We won't lie - we love a retail therapy session where the only word that doesn't seem to leave our minds is splurge! But on days when our bank balance isn't in favour of a good old shopping spree, or we need a new look STAT; accessories are the ones that come to our rescue. Whether it's a leather belt that saves the day and makes our outfit feel brand new or a pair of shoes that were long since forgotten - you cannot deny the power of accessories to amp up your style immediately.
  • It is unique to your style.

    Let's put it this way - if you were to go to a party and spot someone wearing the same dress as you, your first reaction would be one of absolute horror! But there's something that'll set you apart from the rest - your accessorising game. The kind of earrings, shoes, or the bag you choose to pair up with your look will be different from the others, even the person in identical clothing! Find accessories that fit your image and tastes, and make them all about you.
  • It brings even the most basic looks to life!

    Feeling lazy about dressing up but still want to look presentable? Yeah, we've been there too. But the right accessories can help you go beyond the literal meaning of the line "I woke up like this…!" The best part? You don't even have to do too much! Things as simple as a bag, or an item of jewelry can elevate your style game instantly.
  • It goes beyond what's on your body.

    Let's bust another myth here, shall we? When we say 'accessories', we don't just mean what you wear with your outfit, but also what you carry! Is monsoon hitting hard in your city? Let your umbrella be an awe-worthy accessory! Want to take notes but stylishly? Carry a diary that looks like it was made just for you! Too hot to wear a jacket but need an extra element? Just let your favorite one hang over your arm. Tired of the scarf you're wearing but still want to flaunt it? Tie it around your handbag! Just don't forget to have fun - anything can be a well-placed accessory if you see it that way.

On that note, let's move on to the accessories that are topping the trend charts this season! No matter how different each of our styles is, we love being a part of something that is doing the rounds on social media, don't we? If we could all agree to one thing, it would be that our wardrobes deserve a timely treat with something new. So, here's a lowdown on the 5 accessories everyone (including us) is loving right now.

1) Trendsetting Travel Bags - for your next vacay!

It is no secret that the pandemic has rained all over our holiday plans for the year. But while we're staying home safe & secure, who's to say that we can't shop for travel bags and save them for whenever it's okay to tour again? Besides, it might even make you feel hopeful about the whole thing blowing over soon, so you don't have to keep posting throwback pictures on your feed. Get away from the dull black trolley or duffel that is collecting dust in your closet and add some colour to your future travel plans!

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you introduce your shopping cart to a new travel bag:

  • Where you’re headed.

    Often, a lot of different holiday types demand a bag that is suited just to them. If you usually go on adventure trips, you'll need something sturdy, lightweight, and spacious. If you like visiting party-places though, you'll just need something roomy and statement-making!
  • The quality of the bag!

    Now, none of us wants to deal with the mess that a broken wheel or handle can make, especially when we're trying to relax and unwind. It is also not ideal if we have to carry, not glide our luggage up the staircase.
  • The weight.

    With airport restrictions on how much you can carry, letting your bag tip the scales is a situation that you don't want to be in, especially if you're a keen shopper.
    Trendsetting Travel Bags
    Source - Pinterest

2) Socks - because your feet deserve to be happy!

One might think that socks are a no-brainer, right? That all you have to do is absentmindedly add a pair to your cart after you have purchased the rest of your 'essentials'! Well, that's not how it should work. Socks, just like shoes, are a crucial part of the footwear. Great socks need to keep you comfy all day long, absorb excess moisture, have the right fabric blend, be slip-proof, AND keep you fashionable. Whether you like ankle socks that hide 'neath your shoes or prefer fuller ones that peek out of the heel; do right by them by picking quirky or aesthetic styles that go with your personality! It's all in the details; that's where you find your most stylish self. You can also choose to mix it up and take it to another level by having socks of all sizes, colours, and fabrics in your drawer.

Here's how you can style your socks:

  • It seems like fishnet socks are making their way into peoples' closet pretty quickly. What was once limited to stockings can now be worn as a shorter, more versatile version. Flaunt the fishnets with your heels - closed AND open-toed.
  • Ever heard of the ultimate winners called football socks? The ones that go right up your knee and look comfortable as hell? Yes, we're drooling over them too. Slip them on under your ankle or knee-high boots to make a lasting impression!
  • Found an artsy new pair of socks you just can't wait to try on? Why wait for the 'perfect' pairing! Just put them on with your sneakers, and you'll be on the road to stellar style.
    Source - lovealwaystate

3) Personal diary - make it 'personal'.

Remember that little diary you had as a kid and a teenager where you'd jot down the cool and the uncool bits of your day, only to be snuck upon by your siblings? Well, now that we're all grown up, most of our diary entries consist of daily task lists, academic notes, or even bored doodles. If we don't have time for another 'Dear Diary…', at least we can make the covers interesting enough, right?

Personal diaries deserve to be HIGHLY personalized. Just spend a little time over what you wish to carry around everywhere you go, and we assure you that you'll never step foot on the 'boring' way again.

Here are a few tips to ensure you buy the best diary for yourself!

  • Whether it's a strategy for world peace that keeps you up at night or ideas that are a well-kept secret in your head; your diary should reflect the kind of person you are, without giving away the contents. By the way, if the two examples we mentioned are you, Bewakoof Notebooks are what you need.
  • Blank pages, dotted pages, squared pages, or ruled pages; figure out what you like and need! After all, they're a canvas for your imagination.
  • Size matters! Maybe not so much in other things, but it does when it comes to notebooks. If you wish to fit it in a sling bag, then go for tinier versions, but if tote bags are your calling, then bigger sizes shouldn't be a problem at all.
    Personal diary
    Source - Bewakoof

4) Flip Flop Chappals - to show off your laidback style!

Yes - we all love the clicking of heels or stomping of shoes as we walk, but we're also too familiar with the weirdly satisfying sound of our flip flops flipping and flopping! They are seasonless and a convenient footwear choice for more than one occasion. From beaches to market streets, home to grocery stores; they do it all, and they do it well. Cute and quirky flip flops are all the rage now - mainly because they aren't just simple but also reflect your personality.

Everyone's crazy about adorable motifs on their slippers, and even mismatched ones are rising to fame. Our favourites are the Bewakoof Sliders that enable us to find something for every mood and interest.

Here's how you can style your flip flop chappals:

  • Neutral tones do well when combined with an element of colour, so let that addition be a pair of flip flops in a bright hue.
  • Flip flops look exceptionally good with a pair of denim! From mom jeans to boyfriend denim, even the skinny fits - don't hold back from stepping out in this pairing.
  • Style them with your favorite sundress - and then, take them both out on a walk in the outdoors. Add hoops to finish off your look.
  • If you feel like you're running out of inspiration to style your flip flops to perfection, shorts are always a great pairing! Take our word on this.
    Flip Flop Chappals
    Source - crossroadstrading

5) Mini Backpacks for Girls - compact, convenient & cool!

Have you been stocking up on tees with quotes or sayings to describe who you are with a quirky twist? It might be time to add backpacks to your expressive wardrobe and kill two birds with one stone (no, NOT literally.) Let mini backpacks be your best friend when you're heading out and have a lot of stuff to carry. The coolness of these stays unbeaten! Everyone from bloggers to celebrities is giving into the backpack craze and you should too. Be one with your fanbase with superhero-themed designs from Marvel, DC, etc. We're all hearts for our Bewakoof backpacks! You can also pick the ones that describe who you are without you having to say anything at all.

Here's how you can style your mini backpacks:

  • Go the old-school way with a plaid shirt and a backpack of your choice. The best ones for this are plain stunners or minimally designed pieces, so be sure to keep that in mind.
  • Denim on denim - and a backpack to go with! Doesn't that sound like the perfect #OOTD? Stay fuss-free throughout the day in this convenient pairing.
  • Who said dresses only look good with sling bags, handbags and totes? Your backpack with a dress is a winning combination too!
    Mini Backpacks for Girls
    Source - Bewakoof

So now that we've listed out the best accessory trends for you, it's time to go and experiment to your heart's content. Have fun, and stay stylish.

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