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These 20 Things Should Definitely be in your Travel Checklist.

Have you finally completed the impossible mission of getting all your friends ready for Goa? Are your Bunny dreams to visit every corner of the World just about to begin? It is a good thing then, that we are here with an ultimate travel checklist that will tell you what all to put in your backpack along with your dreams.

Planning for a getaway can be difficult but reaching your destination and finding things missing is more frustrating. Some forget their brushes, some their slippers and some might even forget their child (KEVIN!). So before you get the show on the road, take a little journey with us and see if your travel packing list has everything.

This ultimate travel checklist will cover the essentials and give you some excellent packing trips to make your holiday hassle-free and memorable.

What to Pack?

Packing for travel is not just a mundane task but a reflection of your personality. Being a minimalist packer or 5 outfits for one-day kind of traveler, we all have our take on what makes it to the travel packing list. Here are some essentials that should make the cut.

Pro Tip - Always do your homework and familiarize yourself with the place you are visiting to pack smartly. Know the kind of food you will get, the weather patterns, and other details for your travel checklist to be perfect.

1. Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable Shoes | Travel Checklist - Bewakoof Blog
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A pair of walking shoes are a must when you are collecting things to pack for a trip. You never know when you’ll have to walk long distances or stand in a queue for different attractions. Alongside your fancy pairs, do not forget to find a little space for comfortable shoes in your bag. Pack sliders for casual and comfortable wear at your place of lodging. Online shopping apps have some great choices for your comfort requirements.

2. Phone Accessories

Phone Accessories | Travel Checklist - Bewakoof Blog
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We know you won’t forget your phone but along with it, don’t forget your chargers, power banks and earphones. Your journey can get extremely long without some good songs (we all have heard the Spotify Ad a gazillion times). Keep your phone accessories handy and remember that chargers are not allowed in the plane cargo. Always keep your power bank charged and on your person while going out to explore.

3. First Aid Box

First Aid Box | Travel Checklist - Bewakoof Blog
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Don’t forget to pack in some essential medicines prescribed to you. You might find it difficult to get the same medicines to the place you are traveling. Keep some of them handy if you are prone to travel sickness and also keep some bandaids for emergencies. Your holiday is a time for fun but you shouldn't get careless with your health and include all your medical requirements in your travel checklist. Carry an EpiPen in case you have allergies.

Pro Tip - Before eating ensure you are aware of all the ingredients of the dish to avoid any allergic reaction.

4. Clothes (DUH!)

Clothes | Travel Checklist - Bewakoof Blog
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Before you roll your eyes at us, we are going to highlight some helpful tips for your clothes bag. Keep a light windcheater with you as a precaution wherever you travel. Always keep a pair of socks in the bag. Keep extra clothes for beach days and for places that have high rainfall. Keep a hat to look chic while strutting in your vacay destination. Pack a couple of party outfits to hit all the clubs. Joggers and t-shirts are essential things to pack for traveling to be comfortable. According to the weather, pack jeans or shorts for your trip. Try to pack layers in your travel bag as they are more convenient and prepare you for any kind of surprise weather. Choose a bag for packing clothes which has several compartments and can accommodate everything perfectly.

5. Water Bottle

Water Bottle | Travel Checklist - Bewakoof Blog
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Bottled water can be pretty expensive in different countries, so you should always carry your water bottle and refill it from public taps. Using your own water bottle is also more hygienic and safe while traveling.

6. Toiletries and Cosmetics

Toiletries and Cosmetics | Travel Checklist - Bewakoof Blog
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Always go prepared with your kit of essentials. Your Travel Checklist should have toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorants, and soaps. In the same kit, you can pack your skincare amenities like creams, moisturizers, lip balms, and the like. Do not forget to pack your sunscreen with at least 50 SPF. Sunscreens are important to mitigate any rashes and burns on your skin.

8. Torch

Torch | Travel Checklist - Bewakoof Blog
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It might seem unnecessary to carry a torch but it will come in handy if you plan to go on a trek or camp out. People with an adventurous spirit should always have a torch in their travel checklist to keep safe. Don’t just rely on your phone for light because while going on treks, the battery life is important in case of emergencies. Be prepared and be cautious on your vacation trips.

9. Camera

Capture the beauty of your destination with a camera. Though the latest smartphones are just as good, carrying a camera might add more charm to your photography. While keeping your camera, ensure that you pack a battery and chargers for it to be useful throughout the trip.

10. Handbag

Handbag | Travel Checklist - Bewakoof Blog
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Always carry a handbag or a shoulder bag when traveling to keep all your essentials safe in one place. Carry a spacious bag which you can take along while exploring the place. Using a compartmentalized bag is even more astute so you don't have to rummage for your sunglasses, credit cards, and whatnot.

11. Book

If you are a reader, we know you’ll pack your books before your clothes. Keep a book in your handbag for reading while traveling or lounging around. A good book should keep you company in a foreign place. Pick up a light read or even a guide book about the place you are visiting.

12. Snacks

Snacks | Travel Checklist - Bewakoof Blog
Source: We Heart It

Having snacks in your travel checklist is extremely important especially for picky eaters. Keep with you some nicknacks for eating throughout the day. Packaged or compressed food is also a good option for people who have strict dietary needs. If you want to enjoy your trip, you need to take care of your stomach. So make a list of your favorite biscuits and chocolates and pack away!

13. Money Pouches

Money Pouches | Travel Checklist - Bewakoof Blog
Source: Tripsavvy

Strap on your money belt and keep your bucks safe. Having a money pouch keeps you accountable for your expenditure and also keeps it organized. Don’t shove your money in jeans pockets and forget all about them until you are already back from the trip.

14. Airplane Travel Checklist

Airplane Travel Checklist | Travel Checklist - Bewakoof Blog
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If you are traveling via a plane, you need to prepare for a comfortable journey. Pack your neck pillow, eye masks, and earplugs to travel in peace. Keep a pack of gum to chew if you face discomfort due to pressure differences.

15. Travel Apps

Travel Apps | Travel Checklist - Bewakoof Blog
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If you are traveling to a different country, make sure you have apps to help you navigate the place. Download travel guides, language translators, and also their public transportation apps.

16. Journal and a Pen

Journal and a Pen | Travel Checklist - Bewakoof Blog
Source: Abbey Sy

Carry a journal to forever save your travel memories. Fill it with pictures, moments, and beauty. A journal is a good way to look back on your vacation and relive those days, Don’t forget to keep a pen along and write away in your dear diary.

17. Wipes

Wipes | Travel Checklist - Bewakoof Blog

These little wet tissues are a godsend! Do not forget to pack wipes for your trip. They are a quick solution to get rid of any makeup smudges, dirt stains, or even just to clean your face and feel fresh. If you are lazy, you can skip your bath and just clean up with a few wipes. (shh... don’t tell anyone we said this).

18. Tampons / Pads / Cups

Sanitary Pads | Travel Checklist - Bewakoof Blog
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Don’t let your unexpected period ruin your vacation. Include your personal hygiene products in your travel checklist to be on the safer side. Do not experiment with products or medicines that meddle with your cycle without expert advice, just go with the flow (sorry but not sorry).

19. Technicals on the Trip

Technicals on the Trip | Travel Checklist - Bewakoof Blog
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Make sure you carry laptops, I-pads, or e-readers carefully on your travels. Pack chargers and other attachments with your devices to avoid any confusion during the trip. Your travel packing list is incomplete without all the wires that you can fold using cables to keep from any wear and tear.

20. Comfy Jammies

Comfy Jammies | Travel Checklist - Bewakoof Blog
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Don’t forget to pack a set of pajamas for your vacation. You must get good sleep at night to be able to explore the next day. Your comfortable pajamas will help you rest properly and you can wake up energized.

Last Minute Travel Checklist

Last Minute Travel Checklist | Travel Checklist - Bewakoof Blog
Source: Sonic Charters

In the rush to leave for your holiday, you might leave some things behind. Before stepping in the car, make sure you have everything you need. Here is a list of things that you can forget but shouldn’t. Do a mental tick to your checklist and make your holiday as stress-free as possible.

1. Your Passports and other Identification Papers.

Don’t be like Joey and forget your passport and IDs safely tucked in the drawer. Keep them handy in your backpack. Also, keep your insurance papers and your student ID card for special prices.

2. Exchanged Currency

That exchanged currency won’t spend itself! Take all of your money safely for all your shopping sprees.

3. Keys

Pack in your house keys and put them in a place where you won’t forget about them after coming back from the trip.

4. Itinerary

If you have made a road map of all the places you want to visit, make sure you have packed it as well.

5. Spectacle Case and Contact Lenses

Don’t leave behind your vision correctors on your nightstand. Also, keep the saline solution with your contact lenses case.

6. Wrap Arounds

Keep a thin scarf or shawl whenever you are traveling to protect yourself against wind or sun

7. Travel Adapters

If you are planning to travel abroad, take adapters that fit in the sockets of different countries.

8. Your Tickets and Coupons

Organize all your travel tickets either in a physical file or a separate folder on your phone to avoid any chaos.


Sorry for screaming but you mustn't step out without your mask, sanitizer, and other preventive gear against the CoronaVirus. Be a responsible traveler and take care of the people around you.

Some Traveling Packing Tips

We have collected some trip tips that will make your journey as peaceful as possible. The curated list will help you get your act together and just chill! You have procrastinated enough, pack now thank us later!

  1. If you are flying, get details of the airlines and pack accordingly. Book tickets carefully after reading all the details. Don’t exceed the baggage allowance and divide your stuff carefully between carry-on and cargo.
  2. While planning a road trip, map out all the petrol pumps on the way so you don’t have to struggle later in the middle of the highway.
  3. Pack everything systematically and neatly to avoid any hassles after you have landed.
  4. Be prepared for delays or unexpected adventures and just have fun. Be flexible on your travels and discard the itinerary once in a while.
  5. Learn some common phrases if you are visiting a foreign country. It will help you bond with the locals and have an authentic experience.
  6. Traveling by local transport is always cheaper. Try to figure out routes and enable google maps offline use so you don’t get stuck in an alley with no ally!
  7. Browse for ticket prices in incognito mode for cheaper tickets.
  8. Roll your clothes while packing for travel. It saves you space and helps you carry more stuff. T-Shirts and sliders can easily be contorted into the small space of your bag. Log on to your favorite online shopping app and start carting comfortable wear for your travels.
  9. Don’t get your money exchanged at the airport, their prices are different and you’ll be ripped off. Instead, withdraw money from the ATM from your card in case you need some extra cash.
  10. Your Travel checklist has done its job, you have everything you will need. Take a deep breath and enjoy your vacation!
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