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Come and see what it's like to #FightLikeAGirl, Bewakoof’s latest campaign!

You've heard it before, we like to think of things differently, come on and join us for a journey of seven stories, that change the meaning of #FightLikeAGirl for you! is all set to launch its latest campaign #FightLikeAGirl, to celebrate the modern woman! The new year that is upon us calls for new beginnings and we decided to go with a new perspective on an issue that has been close to all our hearts.

Over the course of a week, we will showcase seven women with seven unique life journeys of  Liliya a Yoga Instructor & Entrepreneur, Merenla a multitasking Designer, Actor, Standup comic, Aisha a budding Actor, Hasleen juggling smoothly between being Model & an Entrepreneur or Kimberley a very fit and skilled Footballer, Neha an amazing Banker & a Plus-size model and last but not the least Althea an aspiring Designer & Entrepreneur.

These women that lead seemingly ordinary life with extraordinary courage.Through these articles, we hope to give a voice to their everyday struggles simply to survive and be who they are.

With seven stories that will attempt to break the stereotypes about them by showing their defiance and efforts in the face of regressive attitude and the double standards that the society holds them too. Read them describe getting past the presumptions and judgements that are passed against them each day, and how they overcome it fighting like a girl.

We invite you all to be a part of this journey, of these everyday women who could be your sister, your mother, your significant other. We are giving you a chance to see the world from their shoes, to laugh their laughs, cry their tears and most of all to give a new meaning to the phrase - Fight Like A Girl!

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