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How To Drape Bengali Saree: Acing The Bengali Saree Look

Learn about the different Bengali saree designs and how to wear Bengali saree step by step. A comprehensive guide on Bengali traditional fashion and the Bengali dressing style. Read along for a few tips on how to drape Bengali saree and acing the Bengali saree look. This is your guide to becoming a Bengali beauty.

A lot has changed in Indian culture over the years as modernization took place. An urbanized lifestyle, developing city landscapes and influence of western culture brought some major changes in the lives of people in India. As a result, Indian fashion has stood at par with the major fashion destinations of world. Amidst all this what remained to hold its grace and yet adapt to the changing time is the Indian saree. Different regions in India have different patterns of saree and here we are going to discuss the elegant Bengali saree design.

Before urbanization stepped in India, the Bengali saree look was much different than what it is now. In the medieval age, the concept of the blouse wasn’t included in traditional Bengali saree style as the women spent most of the time inside their houses. However, with changing times women had to step out of the house and socialize that lead to the first change in Bengali saree design. It was then when the traditional Bengali saree was combined with blouse similar to Parsi style blouse and worn as an ensemble, which then became a popular Bengali saree wearing style.

How to drape Bengali Saree - A Step by Step Guide

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Bengal is a land of cultural literature and art. Its aesthetic values are reflected in the lifestyle of its people. The unique technique of how to drape Bengali saree too reflects its eye for the art of draping. The basic technique of how to wear bengali saree step by step can be cracked-up in six easy steps.      

  • Wrap the saree around your waist.
  • Pleat the saree and tuck it like a Nivi  saree style.
  • Take the remaining saree and form pleats to cover the upper body.
  • Place the folded pleats on your left shoulder.
  • Take the tip of the pallu to the front from under the right hand.
  • Knott the tip and throw it over your right shoulder.

Yes! Adorning a Bengali saree look is that easy. One can tie a bunch of keys or a challa at the tip, the way you usually see Bengali women in traditional saree. We hope this answered all your queries about ‘how to wear saree step by step’.

How to ace the Bengali dressing style

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Bengali fashion comes from the sweetest state of India that has its own identity. In earlier times, the Bengali saree design was different from the one we see now. The traditional bengali atpoure saree was shorter in length and was worn without a blouse or a petticoat. With changing times bengali saree wearing style too underwent changes. An heirloom, a collectible, a rarity, the Bengali saree style has got all of it. Once you ace the technique of how to drape bengali saree the second most important thing is to know some of the famous types of traditional Bengali saree.

Although as soon as someone mentions Bengali women, a scene coming to mind is that of Devdas where a lady is in a Lal Paar saree, a big round red bindi on the forehead, a pair of shakha pola bangles in hand and a beautiful alta pattern on her palms and feet. Contrasting to this image bengali dressing style is not limited to these few traditional styles but has got more to its handloom and heirloom culture. The handloom textile industry of Bengal not only forms an important part of its cultural history but also contributes to its economy.

Various Bengali Saree Designs for every saree-loving fashionista

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Weaving and hand embroidery work is majorly done by women and thus makes a significant contribution in making rural women self-employed. Here are a few uncanny types of traditional Bengali saree.

Kantha Saree

The running embroidery, known as Kantha was initially practiced in small clothes. The scavenged parts of sarees and dhotis were stitched together and were camouflaged with kantha embroidery. Kantha embroidered silk and cotton sarees carry a balanced compilation of traditional and contemporary appeal.

Jamdani Saree

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Woven with extreme intricacy and hard-work, Jamdani saree is one of the most exquisite types of saree. In the making of jamdani saree, the cotton fabric is woven with zari fabric whilst the pattern on pallu adds to its beauty. The famous mango motif called as kolkaa is the most popular one amongst all other motifs.

Bhaluchari Saree

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Originated from Bhaluchar of the Murshidabad district, Bhaluchari is one of the most prestigious traditional Bengali sarees. It is made out of Tussar or pure silk. It comes with an all-over floral pattern. But what makes Bhaluchari saree different from the others is the pallu with Indian mythological scenes weaved on it.

Garad Saree

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You may have seen Bengali women in traditional sareein white and red colors at the time of Durga Puja. It is the famous garad saree. It is made out of made out of soft and crisp cotton. Garad saree comes in white color with a red border, the delicate floral pattern spread all over enhances its feminine appeal. During festivals, you will find every Bengali beauty in saree and most prominently in a Garad saree.  

The Bengali dressing style is full of bright colors, bold patterns and a lot of accessories. Talking about colors Bengali saree makeupis bright and focusedon the red bindi, lipstick in a shade of red and a lot of kajal. This helps the Bengali beauties to accentuate their bold features and enhance their enchanting appearance.

Bengali women are highly experimental when it comes to their style quotient which is why bengali dressing style is an epitome of poise and creativity. Bengali fashion is incomplete without accessories. If there is anyone who knows how to wear a bengali saree and completely change its appeal with accessories, it is surely a bengali woman. Be it seven stranded sapta lahiri neckpiece, golden kaan, ornaments made of silver or a pair of shakha pola, each of the ornaments create a completely different appearance adding to the glory of a Bengali saree design.

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