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5 Awesome Ways You Can Style Your Pajamas

Rebecca Stead once said, “Pajamas are good for the soul.” and every millennial felt it to the bones. From instagram bios to facebook captions, with this quote many made a statement revoking the age old belief that pajamas were nothing more than a piece of bedtime clothing.

Pajamas for years have divided people into two schools of thought - the patrons who believe pajamas are a state of mind & way of life and the other group that doesn’t deem them fit to be worn outside the confinement of the four walls of a bedroom.

We obviously love a good pajama and we know you do too, you found your way to this article after all!

Styling a pajama may not be as easy as styling a casual pair of jeans, especially if you’re new to this trend but it definitely is easier than climbing Mt. Everest (pardon us for our dry humor :P). To help you slay your pajamas like a boss, the Pajama Pros back at the Bewakoof HQ have put together 5 amazing ways you can style your pajamas. Read on and get ready to drop jaws!

But First, Let’s Find You The Best Pair Of Pajamas.

  1. The Print Parade

    Printed pajamas are all the rage this season and if you’re the kind of girl that can rock anything from pizza and fries to mickey and marvel on your pajamas then you should definitely join the print parade. There’s a special kind of charm to printed pajamas as they’re more of a style and social statement than just a piece of clothing.

    While picking a pair of printed pajamas, you should totally pick one that suits your style and is more your taste. From your favorite sitcom character to favorite cartoon character, music and art, your pajama should talk about you. We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again, stay true to your vibe and the tribe will follow you!
  2. The Playful Plains

    Plain pajamas come highly recommended by the Pajama Pros. It’s important to have solids of all kinds - from solid t-shirts to solid bottoms, in your wardrobe at all times as they’re easy to style and result in an effortlessly cool look.
    The same is the story with plain pajamas, plain pajamas are easily passable as acceptable casual wear. Finding one in a color that suits you and a fabric that suits your body type is however important.

    We suggest bright colors for a cute slumber party and darker hues for an outdoor walk by the beach or a late night jog in the park. When speaking of fabric, cotton or a hybrid of cotton or silk are always the best choice. Avoid flimsy fabrics since they don’t fit well on flesh, highlight chubby areas and give an unkempt appearance.
  3. The Pocket Bae-sic

    Pockets are more important to women than diamonds, although an exaggeration it is not untrue. If you’re the kind of girl who likes to keep it minimal and only needs about 2 or 3 essentials on the go then you know how much of a godsend pajamas with pockets are - your mobile phone, keys and a lip balm in your pockets and you’re ready to roll.
    Pockets are not just a utility must-have but they also give casual pajamas a more crisp look around the waist and crotch that makes them look a little more presentable than your common pajamas.

Now that you know what you need to be looking for in order to find yourself the perfect pair of pajamas, let’s give you a low-down on the 5 most popular ways of styling pajamas. We don’t intend to limit your creativity to only these looks, these are only meant to serve as a basic guide for beginners, if you enjoy experimenting and are all about doing your own thing, more power to you. Slay like an og mami!

Do Your Pajamas 5 Ways & more.

If your idea of pajamas is limited to your plush nightwear pjs then these 5 looks will leave you shook! From boho to airport ready we’ve got you covered on all turfs.

So wait no more, let’s get started! Read, replicate and mix, match, add accents & create your own look.

  1. Boho Babe

    Baho Babe - Pyjamas Style | Bewakoof
    Source - staticflickr

    Whoever said pajamas are boring, probably never saw the variety of artsy, bohemian beauties that are available in the market. From massive mandala designs to intricate leaf patterns the boho pajamas are a true piece of art, more times than you’d imagine they are actually made out of hand painted cotton fabric.

    They are extremely light on the skin, airy and look stylish af. They’re pretty easy to style too. Keep it classic and true to their inherent boho vibes. Pair them with solid t-shirts, earthy sandals or heels and accessorize with minimal jewellery or gypsie statement pieces like junk chokers and dream catcher earrings.

    Style highlight: Tie a naughty t-shirt knot right above your waist to accentuate your natural curves and give your outfit a playful touch.

    Where to wear: This look is perfect for a lowkey lunch date with your boo. It’s carefree and classy in the right amount.
  2. Nerdy Cute

    Nerdy Cute Pyjamas style at Bewakoof
    Source - minervacrafts

    Animals and birds on pajama sets is a trend that first made its debut circa 2016 and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Investing in a cute set with minimal print is worth every dime, since these sets are far more stylish than your casual pajamas.

    Such a set is usually far more comfortable than a traditional set since it’s made of soft sweater wool. Onesies are another type of pajamas that fit this style and make for the most comfortable women’s pajamas. Especially if you identify as a nerd and geeky cute is your go to fashion personality then this is the only way you should be doing pajamas.

    Style highlight: Take your nerdy cuteness for a homerun with classic round frame glasses or cat-eye glasses.

    Where to wear: To the next slumber party with your besties or the next overnight group study session.
  3. Street Chic

    Street Chic Pyjamas style at Bewakoof
    Source - huffingtonpost

    Take your Pajamas to the street in true Celebrity style. Take cue from the likes of Hadid and Jenner Sisters. Often spotted sporting comfortable and effortlessly cool looks, Gigi surely knows how to work pajamas. Striped co-ords are a major fashion favorite, often starring on NYFW ramps and Mumbai streets alike.

    From jail-road black and white to fresh colors like mint, blue and yellow - experiment with these pajama sets and slay your street chic look. Why just stripes you ask? Well stripes make your frame look longer and slimmer, creating a much crisper silhouette that’s A++ on the fashion front.

    Style highlight: Accentuate your frame even further, add some more height by pairing your pajama set with tall stilettos.

    Where to wear: To a casual business catchup, a sunday brunch or a luncheon with your boss babes or just anywhere because tbh do you even need a reason to wear such a bangin’ outfit?!
  4. Oriental Flower Queen

    Oriental Flower Queen Pyjamas style at Bewakoof
    Source - pinimg

    If pretty things are where your heart is, an oriental floral art inspired pajama set is what you’ll absolutely adore. Feminine to the max, such sets look absolutely gorgeous, especially on petite girls like Aliya Bhatt and Rihanna. Rich shades like red, royal blue, light blue and maroon are recommended if you’re going for the moon princess look.

    The delicate flower details on such sets are so intricately crafted that you’ll be floored by their beauty.

    Style highlight: Keep it minimal. Let your pajamas be the star, style with classic open toe heels and fine bracelets, earrings and thin-long chains. Nothing too over the top.

    Where to wear: To a quaint dinner with your loved ones. Mid-night theatre to watch the classics. Save this look for intimate gatherings with friends and family.
  5. Airport Angel

    Ariport Angel Pyjamas style for Women at Bewakoof
    Source - tosshub

    Pajamas are a popular choice when it comes to airport looks, not just for celebrities but for us mango people too and we’re not complaining and we never will. Infact, if you ever happen to run into one of us at the airport we bet you’ll find us slaying a pair of Bewakoof pajamas and hoodies.

    Since flights can be super tiring and can suck all the life out of you, pick happy and colorful pieces, just like Kiara Advani in this picture. Bright colors don’t just make you look lively but also make you feel energetic and happy. Opt for a pajama set with zipper hoodies so that you can zip up or down as and when the temperature changes.

    Style highlight: Keep it completely comfortable and casual. Replace your heels with a pair of quirky runners and keep sunglasses handy incase you need to hide those sleep deprived puffy eyes.

    Where to wear: Flying back and forth from your dream or dreaded destinations. Work or vacation, no matter the cause of flying - keep it comfy and stylish with a cool set of best womens pajamas.

So these are the 5 highly recommended and easy ways of styling your pajamas. We hope you’ve taken notes and will definitely give these a try.

Don’t go by the book completely, customise the outfit by adding your favorite go-to pieces. Accessorise or go plain but do it your own way and don’t worry what naysayers have to say because what they say doesn’t matter but what you enjoy does.

Wear pajamas your way and slay!

Hope you enjoyed this read and could take some valuable inputs. Stick around for more, we’ll be back with a fresh new piece pretty soon. Until then, keep winging it!

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